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  • Film Review : Magic Mike

    Magic Mike XXL This film which is a follow up to the prequel titled “Magic Mike” has been a recipient of mixed reviews by critics. The controversies are as a result of its explicit nature of the kind of life portrayed by the film through its characterization of both men and women. Some critics might claim that the film objectifies men while promoting body standards which are not realistic, however, in a different view, the men in the film are not just about their bodies but rather their personality

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  • Film Review : The Making Of A Film

    The making of a film is assuredly a collaborative event. However, in order for a film to run smoothly, and have consistency, there is one person who must account for all the areas of the film. The director must mange his actors and crew in a way that everyone understands the vision and direction the film. The director in a sense, “owns” the process and is responsible for a well made film. A film is the manifestation of a personality, tone and feel of the director. Therefore, if a director must

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  • Movie Review : ' The Film '

    The director could be considered the author of a film they make. The French denoted the term auteur for “Hollywood directors who they felt had created a distinctive approach to filmmaking while working within the Hollywood studio system” (33). Americans started picking up the term as well, and then famous directors with certain styles started being known as auteurs. The director’s style crosses over into their films. These are directors like Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson, Spike Lee, David Fincher

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  • Film Review : The Corporation

    Film overview The Corporation is a documentary film that provides knowledge regarding corporations and how they came to be acknowledged as persons according to the United States Supreme Court. The Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1 reads: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens

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  • Film Review : The Poniente

    Film Review: The Poniente What does it take to grow a tomato plant? For most people, perhaps a handful of seeds, a bag of fertilizer, and the occasionally trimming and watering would be sufficient enough to harvest the fruits in a few months’ time. Yet, as the film The Poniente has showed, the real cost behind these seemly average household items, are often beyond our imaginations. The Poniente tells the story of a single mother, Lucia, who tried to lead the family business in a rural costal town

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  • Breaking Dawn : Film Review

    in the film Breaking Dawn –part 1. Reviews have been pouring in from critics and viewers, both having very different opinions about the film. Many of critics reviewed that the film Breaking Dawn-part 1 spent too much money on make-up and the way the characters looked and not enough on the special effects of the film. Critics have focused too much on this aspect of the film and by doing so; have left out the major criteria that should be taken into consideration when critiquing a film. A film review

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  • Movie Review : Film Review

    From Here to Eternity Film Review A romantic classic, From Here to Eternity was a drama released in 1953 that focused on the life of an army men prior to the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The film was directed by Fred Zinnemann and produced by Columbia Pictures. From Here to Eternity is based on the days prior to Pearl Harbor and the day of, in Hawaii. One of the main characters, Prewitt played by Montgomery Clift, was a private who was abused by the army for not joining the units boxing team, but choosing

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  • Film Review : ' Purple Rain '

    “Purple Rain” is a movie about Prince and his singing career. The film was originally created to show off Princes musical talents to the world. The film uses a plethora of aesthetics to create meaning. The use of cinematography, editing, mise-en-scene, and narration all play a vital role in this. Without these vital aspects of the movie the audience would not be able to gain an understanding of what the movie actually means. Cinematography creates the way that the audience perceives the mise-en-scene

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  • Film Review : Thai Shutter

    the new millennium, it looked like Hollywood had a difficulty of making a new original movie. They has been keeping making sequels and remake old movies. To be more specific of this topic, Hollywood loves to remake Asian Horror films. They bought countless of Asian horror films, and turned them in to Hollywood style, such as the first Thai turned Hollywood, Shutter. Thai Shutter is one of the most successful Thai movie of all time. American Shutter, on another hand, didn’t leave a memorable foot print

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  • Review Of ' The Film ' Of The Rings '

    Nowadays, the film industry has become one of the most lucrative businesses. Production companies tend to create the perfect strategies to maximize profit while minimizing expenses; as in result, sometimes creativity is left behind if the cost is too high. Making a sequel of a successful movie often times seems to be the right choice in terms of investments, not only because the public has previous knowledge of the original film; therefore a reintroduction of the plot is not necessary, also the supply

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  • Film Review : The Misrepresentation Of Films

    Misrepresentation in Films For most avid readers, the news that their favorite novel or series will be made into a film sends readers into a frenzy. At the same time, there is an underlying fear that the director or filmmakers will “ruin” the book. This is because as opposed to reading the novel itself, films based on novels provide an inferior experience of the overall story due to misrepresentation. This misrepresentation occurs when filmmakers decide to change the way that a chapter or scene is

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  • Film Review of Gladiator Essay

    Film Review of Gladiator Gladiator was set near the end of the twentieth century when the Roman Empire was at its peak. Maximus played a character who was the general of a large Roman army. 'Gladiator' starts with an introduction to the film where the audience see him brushing his hand slowly and calmly across and field of wheat. This does give the audience a sense of what he assumes is peaceful and tranquil. The screen does tell us a bit about Maximus and his

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  • Film Review Of ' A Given Shot '

    creating a film? The writer decides the characters and how they will react in different situations and their personalities. They also decide the setting of the movie and why a particular scene should be shot there. He also coordinates with the director and producer to accomplish the “what” in a given shot. A film director is responsible for developing a creative vision, which leads film to success. He is responsible for changing the scripts into wonderful shots. The responsibility of film director

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  • Martin Luther : A Film Review

    Martin Luther: A Film Review The film Luther is a story about Martin Luther, a monk who reformed Christianity to a level that he never imagined. Luther made the basis of Protestantism but it came at a cost -- millions of lives and the fall of an empire. He felt conflicted with himself but also with the power of the Roman Catholic Church and Emperor of Germany, Charles V. At the beginning of Luther 's journey to the basis of the new religion, Protestantism, Luther had religious doubts especially towards

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  • Film Review : The Titanic

    The Titanic is known as on of the most remarkable films that is filled with romance and emotion. This film was based on a real event that made headlines in the new york times. This tradegy was unexpected. New York Times says, “The phrase “TITANIC SINKS” was part of the headline for the Boston Daily Globe, the London Herald, the Baltimore American, the Globe (of Toronto), and, of course, The New York Times after the historic wreck of 1912 [Here’s what the article (sans headline) looked like in The

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  • Film Review : Spider Man

    Peter vows to hunt down the perpetrator, and in doing so discovers that he is partly to blame for the accident. It is this realization that sets Peter Parker on the path to becoming the Spiderman that millions today know and love. The Spider-Man films explore a plethora of philosophical topics, and an important question to discuss is whether Peter’s great power truly does come with great responsibility, as Uncle Ben in his last words to Peter insists; and if so, to what extent is he held responsible

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  • Movie Review : Film Movies

    Everybody has a predilection on what genre(s) of films are the most appealing, but regardless of their preference, you can find them all cramming into a theater, trying to find the best seat to watch the newest movie. Despite popular belief, movie genres such as comedy, adventure and action, horror, and romance movies can tell you about the audience that it lures in. First and foremost, there 's the comedy genre, which is one of the oldest genre of films. Going to movie theaters and sharing laughs with

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  • Film Review : Kung Fury

    make up the thirty-one minute film Kung Fury. The film Kung Fury has a crazy plot, B-rated quality, and an abundance of all things that makes up the eighties. Kung Fury has taken the internet by storm especially for those like myself who love the perfect train wreck that was the eighties. David Sandberg, the director of the film and Kung Fury himself, said in an interview that the film was a love letter to the eighties. Despite Kung Fury’s obvious silliness the film is extremely self-aware of what

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  • Film Review : ' Romeo And Juliet '

    One of the most well known classic love stories in history, Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare and the modern film remake made by Baz Luhrmann tells the story of two young lovers who, because of the everlasting rivalry between their two families can’t express their love sufficiently for it to be known. The story consists among the constant struggles Romeo and Juliet have with family friends and eachother. The play upholds the feeling of love only through barriers and that ludicrous

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  • Kill A Mockingbird : Film Review

    Film Review To Kill a Mockingbird is probably one of the most argumentative and political movies that I know. To Kill a Mockingbird is also one of my favorite classical movies and is the reason why I picked to review the concepts of this film. In addition, I read the book To Kill a Mockingbird in high school before watching the movie. Reading the book did not give me the full picture of racism then what the film gave me. I did knew it was about racism, but after watching the film, it gave me better

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  • Film Review : The Witch

    For the better part of a year, The Witch was receiving universal praise on the indie circuit – thanks to positive reviews coming from Sundance and the Toronto film festival. As such, the momentum granted the film a wide theatrical release – when normally, such a low-budget production would find itself skipping straight to streaming, on-demand markets. And, perhaps that would have been best for everyone… In The Witch, written and directed by newcomer, Robert Eggers, Anya Tyalor-Joy stars as Thomasin

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  • Film Review : The Black Swan

    Abstract The purpose of this assignment was to analyze the film The Black Swan and the main character, Nina. As a group, we used the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V to find a proper diagnosis. We chose Borderline Personality Disorder as the diagnosis. In the film, we see how Nina transforms from an innocent and calm White Swan to a seductive and wild Black Swan as the film progressed. As a group we will examine the disorder as well as the symptoms presented to find

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  • Film Review: Mindwalk

    Film Review: Mindwalk If a good movie is one that makes you think, Mindwalk must be superb. However, I haven't even read the book it was based on and I can say that the book must have been better. The actors are laughable, and the physicists' accent changes with each new scene. Furthermore, the transitions to each scene are as smooth as sandpaper. The purpose of this movie wasn't, and with good reason, to be glamorous though. As many of our "Hollywood" movies are. The fast action, sex, blood

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  • Movie Review : Film Review

    movie review, I will be discussing the comparisons between Tora, Tora, Tora and Das Boot. Both movies based during World War II, from the perspective of our enemies on both war fronts. Seeing the events of each movie unfold from the German and Japanese perspective help one understand why and how certain out comes took place. Tora, Tora, Tora focuses on the events and plans set out by the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7th, 1941. What is unique to this particular film, is that

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  • Film Review : Billy Elliot

    A good film will show a concept rather than tell it, however, this simple, universal concept is a lot more intricate than it seems. In order to successfully convey a theme through the use of audiovisual techniques outside of dialogue a filmmaker must consider things such as sound, production design, acting, editing, and cinematography. Billy Elliot, directed by Stephen Daldry, is a great example of a film that expertly employs such audiovisual techniques. At face value, one can instantly get the

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  • The Wizard Of Oz : Film Review

    The introduction of computer graphics and extensive use of technology into the film making process has led to the loss of film making as an art form. The Wizard of Oz is considered one of the best visual movies ever made and yet it was made with only limited technology and the creativity of the movie makers. The movie made in 1939 by MGM Studios was a film interpretation of the 1900 published book written by L. Frank Baum, and for the most part directed by Victor Fleming. Dorothy a lonely, curious

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  • Movie Review : Horror Films

    Horror films have dramatically increased in popularity each year. Producers come out with a new horror film in theaters at least every two months, and the results are satisfying to the audience. Almost every horror film tries to come up with something more intense and dreadful. The Babadook was released in 2014 and is still quite mindboggling. Many people do not understand that not all horror films are full of murders and blood. The Babadook is a movie that tests the classifications of being a horror

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  • Film Review : The Dark Knight

    crime fighting adventures against villains, specifically, the Joker. There are a lot of different points in this movie that prove it really is an outstanding piece of art. Rotten Tomatoes, a website that gives a percentage rating based off of positive review ratings, gave The Dark Knight a 94 percent. There are a lot of things done well, like an interesting plot, well developed characters, thrilling scenes, and excellent actresses and actors. While there are a lot of things that were done right in the

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  • Film Review : The Magic Of Editing

    obvious shortly after the film beings, the crazily large man eating shark remains mostly unseen throughout the film. Unfortunately, the technology was not available to construct a large realistic shark, so rather than come off looking absurdly unrealistic, the choice was made to leave the image of the shark up to the editors, who were left with horrible raw footage of a floating barge, and transformed it into something the viewers were genuinely afraid of. The editors of this film had more creative license

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  • Film Review Of Film ' Pariah '

    Recently released film Pariah (2011) delves into the journey of exploring sexuality. From intimacy, sexual identity, sensuality, and sexual behavior this biopic shares a coming of age stories of self-discovery and human connection. Written and directed by Dee Rees, Pariah is a 2011 American art drama film. In 2011 it premiered at Sundance Film Festival and was awarded the Excellence in Cinematography Award. These works not only give Blacks who are living outside of the heterosexual normative a form

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  • The Uninvited : Film Review

    The Uninvited is a 2009 American Psychological horror film that features a broken family who has gone through a recent loss; it specifically follows the youngest daughter Anna. The film begins with Anna, a young teen being released from a psychiatric hospital after residing there for ten months. She was initially admitted due to her suicide attempt after her terminally ill mother died in a mysterious boathouse fire. Although she admits to having no memory of the event, Anna frequently has nightmares

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  • Film Review : ' The Conjuring '

    The purpose of a film trailer is to attract and entice the audience by showcasing extracts from the film without revealing the major storyline or spoiling the films plot. ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘The Conjuring’ are both major American supernatural horror films both grossing over $190 million each, however the way the trailers for each are depicted is very different. ‘Paranormal Activity’ is a 2007 American found footage supernatural horror film written, co-produced, photographed, edited, and directed

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  • Review Of ' Adaptation ' The Film Industry '

    Name of Student: Name of Institution: Course: Supervisor: Date: Article Critique: Adaptation in the Film Industry From the very outset, it is worth noting that the article’s central theme is the aspect or practice of adaptation. This is a very interesting phenomenon given the controversy that has been generated in some countries in recent times about different forms of adaptation. For instance, some forms of adaptation (such as appropriation) have been he subject

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  • Review Of ' The Film ' About Bullying '

    Sum Q Assignment 8 The film about bullying paints a vivid picture where everybody can observe how bullies use physical aggression and verbal aggression to harass and torment their victims. The ugliness of this documentary is powerful and appalling since it displays the brutality and consequences of bullying. Watching the documentary was emotionally painful because the victims were constantly abused and neglected. Unfortunately, being harassed and tormented repeatedly will eventually cause some kids

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  • Film Review : Film Production

    Over time film has truly evolved and progressed in more ways than one. Since 1930 the art of the film has truly developed including evolving genres and ever changing production techniques. Since the creation of motion pictures in 1890 the presence of film has always been apart of society. Although motion pictures started off with no audio and color, directors were able to still get different ideas across to the audience. Throughout time many different effects were created in order to illustrate

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  • Film Review : ' Pulp Fiction '

    shot they all do the same thing but just different ways. One of the most famous shots in history is so highly recognized, because of the shot angles that were implemented in the scene by Quinten Tarantino in his famous 1994 film “Pulp Fiction”. The historic scene from the film was of course the scene where Samuel L Jackson is standing across from someone in a chair screaming at him. What makes the scene seem so amazing is the angle Tarantino used was unbelievable, he shot an over the shoulder shot

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  • Globalization Is Good Film Review

    Globalization is Good Film Review – Krystle Carr The documentary “Globalisation is Good” by Johan Norberg, demonstrations the flaws in the anti-globalization theology. It illustrates the positive impacts and negative consequences of the lack of globalizations in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Kenya. The documentary is based on the findings in Norberg’s book “In Defense of Global Capitalism,” and his belief that globalized capitalism can end poverty as it has in Europe and the United States. In order

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  • Film Review : My Film

    Film in our world today is something we use to portray our imagination. We use films to put ourselves in dangerous and thrilling scenarios that we would never really want to be in. Why do people like to watch horror movies if they get scared? People like feeling like they are actually in the movie entering that dark, creepy room with the squeaky floorboards and the terrifying silhouettes. My major happens to be Film Making and Television Production and I chose this career because I enjoy the process

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  • Film Review : ' Amistad '

    Film Review: Amistad 1.) The film start by displaying an African man on a ship in the middle of a storm in the ocean. During this time, the African man is very freight, and he is picking through the wooden ship floor. As he is doing this, he manages to get nail pulled out from the wooden floor and he uses it to unchain himself and others and they all get wooden paddles, axes, machetes, swords and whatever they can find to try and take over the ship. They manage to kill several white sailors aboard

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  • Film Review : Marie Antoinette

    Sofia Coppola’s 2006 film Marie Antoinette has been at the center of movie critic controversy since its release. It has been regarded as stylistically beautiful and fun to watch, while also accused of being devoid of any historical significance. While the film nods its head to popular culture, it does follow the life of the Austrian Archduchess turned French Queen Marie Antoinette. The film opens as Marie Antoinette begins her journey to France to meet her future husband, Louis Auguste (Louis XVI);

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  • The Fall Of Berlin Film Review

    The films The Fall of Berlin (film 1) and Downfall (film 2) both present different depictions of Adolf Hitler in his final days during the Battle of Berlin. The first film provides a contrast between Hitler and Stalin throughout Germanys’ war with the Soviet Union. The Fall of Berlin was truly a propaganda film to promote Stalin as a leader and celebrate the Soviet Union’s victory against Germany. The film portrays Hitler as an explosive, demanding and unreasonable dictator who acts more as a child

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  • Movie Review : Film Stars

    human being. This is a very true statement in my mind. Actors, whether on stage or in film, are as human as they come, despite the masses’ attempts to put them on a pedestal. However, I find this more applicable to movie stars than theater artists. Personally, when I see a film, I can ogle or sexualize the actors on the screen far easier than on the stage because, as passage eight says, it is a one way connection. Film is more pornographic than living, breathing actors on stage. Whether it be their characters

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  • Film Review : The Film ' The Vanishing '

    American crowd. In the remake of the film the director really conveys what type of film Americans desire. The remake contains more action, and less dialogue. It reveals what us Americans really like to see in our films. Suspense, fights, drama, and a hero at the end of it. A vast change that was made in the remake of The Vanishing was the extended ending. The reason being is due to the fact that there was a hero at the very end of the remake, which the original film did not contain. Some critics might

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  • Film Review : The Movie ' Film '

    little about non-western films. I honestly didn’t even know where to begin looking for such a film. Luckily for me, Hulu has a section entitled “international films”. I browsed through the list quickly and was immediately drawn to a film called House (1977). The description was very vague. Seven school girls visit an aunt in the countryside and encounter a haunted house. I’m a sucker for horror films. I’m an even bigger sucker for really awful and cheesy horror films. I optimistically pressed

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  • Movie Review : ' The Film '

    Her was chosen the best film of 2013 at the National Board of Review; it earned a total of five Academic Awards. He should be proud of it. This movie is about Theodore, who falls in love with a computer software. It 's called operating system (OS) with a sweet female voice and personality, named Samantha. They have a date together, and go to the beach, they do really have fun. However, at the end of the movie, Samantha has disappeared. The interesting thing about this film is how the system develops

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  • A Film Review of Shrek Essay

    A Film Review of Shrek Shrek is an animated film, created by DreamWorksâ„¢ and brought to life by state of the art 3d animation. Shrek is made in all ways to reverse fairytale tradition and is a very unconventional fairytale. There are many parts of the film and characteristics of the main characters that make the irregularity of this fairytale funny and effective. Although the fairy tale is an unconventional one its opens like a traditional fairytale film. There is

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  • Film Review : ' Samson And Delilah '

    Film Review: Samson and Delilah Yolngu Boy Bran Nue Dae Racism is a major topic in society and has been an issue for our entire existence on this earth. The debatable act of discrimination in Australia, presents itself mainly through the behaviour used towards our native Aboriginal people. The three films, Samson and Delilah, Bran Nue Dae and Yolngu Boy show the themes of homelessness, substance abuse and racism related to the discrimination against the indigenous population. Directors Warwick

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  • Film Review : Film Editors

    A film editor organizes the various shots obtained by the director into sequence in order to tell the director and writer’s story. In early film, editors would work with raw film combining the many shots into sequences resulting in motion pictures. Today’s editors have the advantage of digital film and editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Editing does not end at sequencing the shots. The editor must add the sound to the sequences of shots. The editor will add recorded dialogue, and accompanying

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  • The Breakfast Club : Film Review

    There are several films that help society understand certain sociological issues in the world. The Breakfast Club, being one of those films, touches on issues such as social stigma, conformity, informal social control and obedience. The movie touches on these issues in many ways, with several scenes that can be used as great examples. Social Stigma (1) is brought up several times throughout the movie. Social stigma is a label used to devalue members of certain social groups. These people are

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  • Review Of ' The Film '

    The film showed how most first generation students navigate their way through the college application process while expressing some of the benefits and disadvantages first generation students encounter. Who were featured in the film? Donte is a smart young man who ran into trouble when he was younger; as a result, he changed his life around. Donte later spent much of his time picking his GPA up and playing football in pursuit of a college education. Jess goes to a small school and works in her mom’s

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