My Goal in Life Essay

  • My Life That Have Influenced My Academic Work And Goals At High School

    Deal.Session1.Journal I have had several experiences in my life that have influenced my academic work and goals at Colorado Christian University, however the most significant one would have to be my daughter’s high school graduation.Having my daughter my junior year of high school was a very humbling experience in its own right. Most people would look at it as a brick wall, preventing you from obtaining the goals you’ve set for yourself or reaching that level of “success” that we all strive for.

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  • My Goal At The Health Goals

    Lessons Learned During my five-week period, I did not work quite as hard as I wanted to. I did not push myself to the best of my ability. With that being said, I failed at the goals I had set for myself five weeks ago. I am going to explain the aspects of my goals that I failed at to those who have been following me since the beginning, by showing the various aspects that affected my behavior during this activity. There was various reason as to why I failed at the health goals I set for myself five

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  • My Goals For My Life

    What is a goal? Many people question themselves what their goals are and what they want to succeed in life. Goals are the future you wish to endure and accomplish. They effect people in a way that makes them determined and confident. You set goals in life to live up to your own expectations and be proud. Everyone has them either big or small. Also, they can be a part of your dreams. Dreams that you could’ve had as a child and they develop as you grow older. Goals are a huge part of my life. I’ve had

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  • Graduation Speech : My Goals

    Goals are something I set for myself on a daily basis. They have helped me accomplish many things I saw as being impossible. For example, applying to the honors program is something I had in mind for a long time until I finally made the decision to go ahead with the process. One of my academic short term goals is to receive my associate’s degree by May 2017 with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. It is very important for me to be successful in college because I believe that it is what establishes how you will

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  • Life Goals Essay

    it were 2012 today, then I would agree to God that life was an amazing experience. Like many other boys, I love to swim, play basketball, crack jokes, rap, play tag, hide n seek, watch TV, play games on the computer, get tired and fall asleep. However, when I was growing up as a kid, I learned very quickly in my life that life has a duty for each individual. What was my role? I did not know what it was until the age of 14. In order to enjoy life to its maximum, I rather excel myself and live for

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  • My Goals And Aspirations Are A Part Of Everyone 's Life

    Goals and aspirations are a part of everyone’s life. Without them we wouldn’t know what to work for, to strive for or to try and make a mark on this world. Some of my goals in the past were to graduate high school with above a 3.5 GPA and to get straight A’s, both I achieved. To me my education and career are important to me because I will be the first in my family to graduate college with my BS and possibly go on to graduate school. I would also love to get more involved in my new community. With

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  • The Most Important Goal Of My Life

    The most important goal I want to achieve in my life is to get married and be a happy family. Ever since I was a little girl I always tried to imagine my wedding and my perfect life after marriage. There is this part of me that can 't wait for me to be settled and have someone close to me that cares about me. But there is another part that has this fear of giving up my independence and not being truly loved. From a young age, my parents would say, “This is your temporary home, your real home is

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  • My Life My Goal Is A Person And My Future

    My entire life my goal has been to become an ER doctor. I absolutely love to learn especially when it comes to science or music and I have many extracurricular activities that help keep me occupied. I plan on attending an elite four year university and then completing my time at medical school. I want to participate in this program for many reasons that all will benefit me as a person and my future. Throughout my life my family and I have endured many obstacles and challenges that we did not let

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  • My Career Goals And Goals

    Outlining My Profession-Diagnostic Medical Sonography Have you ever gone into the doctor’s office or the hospital for a simple sonogram and wondered wow that’s really cool? Have you ever been so fascinated with the entire experience that you wanted to research and find out more information? Or, maybe you weren’t fascinated at all because you didn’t understand the process and what was going on. Well, I have been on both sides of the fence and the more information that I can find the more fascinated

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  • My Life Goals And Aspirations

    never have to work a day in your life” is a philosophy many strive to follow. This quote from Confucius is something we always heard growing up, especially in high school. In high school is when everyone says that you need to decide what your life goals and aspirations should be. If you asked what I wanted to be my freshman year of high school I said a pediatric nurse, my sophomore year I said an accountant, my junior year I decided I wanted to be a teacher, and then my senior year I decided that all

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  • My Goals Or No Goals

    Here 's my 'goals or no goals ' story. When I had a job, I thought it sucked, but looking back there is one thing that made it worthwhile. I didn 't have to think. I went in, followed my schedule for the day, and then went home. It was easy. The owners or CEOs were the ones who focused on the goals for the company. I just focused on getting through the day. Setting Goals Or No Goals When I decided to run my own online business, it was different. I made up the rules. I decided what my schedule

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  • The Goals Of Life And With Those Goals

    Everyone has their goals in life and with those goals, there are pathways. College, thankfully, is one pathway used to fulfill one’s visions. Before I was even born, my parents had created a new trail solely for me. This trail took me on a journey filled with motivation, anxiety, and gratitude that ended up taking me to college. Ever since I was a little girl, my parents had motivated me to get straight A’s on every report card that I should bring home. I, being the youngest of the family, never

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  • My Goals And Objectives For Life After College

    I am currently on my fifth semesters, which means I would be graduating very soon and yet, I am still nervous about life after college. Of course, I have my goals and objectives I want to achieve. I grew up in a Chinese household where my parent immigrated from China with hopes of a better life and for their children to achieve the American Dream. This add a lot of pressure on my siblings and I because my parent would work long hours and expect us to excel in our classes. As a child, I wasn’t

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  • Explanation of My Life Goal Essay

    Gerardo Alvaro Avid 10/2nd Period Mrs.Tanner My Explanation of Life Goals High school is like the first half of a football game. It may carry excitement and struggles but the final score has yet to be determined. High school is a little rock that we must not trip on, in order to succeed in life. Some people may say it is the “final preparation before entering the real world”, but I say the real world has already begun

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  • My Goal : My Goals

    For three weeks, my self-change goal was to run everyday for 30 minutes. The reason I chose this goal was to form a habit of consistent exercise in my life. The main barriers to the successful application of the goal were college classes I attended at night. However, after rearranging my running schedule, the barriers were overcome. During the total course of the project, the first week presented the most difficulty because of my amateur ability to sustain running for long periods of time. After

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  • Personal Statement : My Goals

    Goals are set and met every day. Some people 's goal is to make as money as they can, while others ' prefer to make as much friends as possible, and some people 's goal is just to be happy. My goal in life is pretty simple, I just want to make my mother proud. I want to be able to make it to where all of her sacrifices in life for my sibling and me to be appreciated. I want to look forward 10 years and have her see that she made the right choice by coming to this country. I want to make enough money

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  • My Goals, And Personal Life Goals

    are going in life, it is important to set goals. Goals give you something to work towards. They provide you with motivation to continually improve and work toward achieving the goal you have set. Personally, I try to set goals for myself in various areas of my life. I have noticed that when I set goals for myself I usually work harder, and have a better chance of achieving what I want to accomplish. Some goals I will address in this essay include academic goals, and personal life goals. I tend to

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  • My Short Term Goals

    My short term goal is to receive my Bachelors degree in Business Marketing. My long term goal is to go to law school to obtain my JD, or to go to business school and obtain my MBA. I also look forward to becoming a investor and opening my own small business so my parents can retire. My parents are the driving force in my goals and educational aspirations. Coming from a low income family has taught me to work hard and to be tenacious. I want to not only make them happy, but to ensure I have a better

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  • My Career Goals And Goals

    there is no getting ahead in life. The sought out American dream is to follow the work hard, get ahead belief, which is the most effective way to accomplish objectives in life. A lot of businesses like to know that you work hard because that helps ensures a company’s success, which will help you get ahead and accomplish your goals. This popular belief can be viewed as true because working hard, from a career standpoint, can lead to getting ahead and accomplishing career goals with drive and motivation

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  • My Career Goals And Goals

    me would have been my highest goal and accomplishment. That was two years ago, my current goals and ambitions are to not only attend UCLA but to graduate Nursing school with at least my masters in nursing. I realized settling for third best or even second best was not good enough anymore, in order to excel in college and perform my best in my undergraduates study I need to be determined, focused, and goal oriented. Getting into UCLA and into the nursing school are not just goals to me that seem so

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  • My Goal Has Changed My Life

    My goal has changed several times so far. When I was young, I had a vague dream I wanted to be famous, and when I arrived at puberty, I wanted to be a rich. When I was a rookie having just taken my first step into the real world, I became a computer engineer. I loved my job as a game programmer and I enjoyed my work because I had enjoyed playing online games during my spare time, exactly I like it until now. However I always felt that the work was omitted somthing that is important. After getting

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  • Personal Statement : My Goals

    relates to my goals: And How I Plan to complete it “By creating a personal mission statement, you make one of your personal goals supremely important. This gives you the best possible chance of achieving it, which is essential for some types of goal.” (“” 2015.) My specific Personal Mission Statement that relates to my goals includes staying focused and efficient in my: 1. artwork projects, 2. Studies, 3. and financial & health situation. This is how I plan to complete my personal mission

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  • My Goals For A Teacher

    future and current generations. As a student, my past teachers created goals for me and established what they wanted me to accomplish for them and for my generation. These goals that were once created for me have affected the goals I will one day create for my students. There have been many influences for me to become a teacher from my past and present. My past teachers are one of the greatest influences in my life. These influences that have come into my life are also why I want to become a teacher and

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  • My Goal As A Healthier Life Style

    My goal is probably not one that most people would set for themselves. Most people set their goals in terms of their education, career, and family. My goal is to lead a healthier life style because I’ve gotten tired living with obesity and being unhealthy. At the age of 15, my doctor officially diagnosed me as an obese child. Being overweight did not affect me personally while I was in Elementary and in Middle School. When I moved to be in High school, however, I began to feel social pressure to

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  • My Goals And Goals For School

    As I was making my Ecomap I came to realize that my priorities are not completely met and that I might need to change my routine in order to feel satisfied with the goals I want to accomplish in life. As I look at my elements I see that I am focusing my energy mainly in school, which is acceptable since this will help me fulfill my goals of having a successful career one day. School is a positive energy and it brings me satisfaction when I finish a term with a good grade, but at the same time it

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  • My Goals For My Life

    Essay I have many goals for my life, a few of which include; getting my degree in physics, having a small family, and creating a stable life for my family. There are many ways to accomplish ones goals depending on what your goals are. In order to accomplish my goals I plan on pursuing my degree which will help me to accomplish both getting my degree, and creating a stable life for my family. While pursuing my degree I will need to be focused and driven in order to keep my eye on the big picture

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  • My Personal Life Goals

    trying new things. One of my personal life goals is to experience as much as I can with the time I have on Earth. Keeping life interesting and exciting is a necessity. Being emerged in breathtaking surroundings is the best education I have experienced. This summer I got the chance to go to a sailing camp in the Caribbean. When I signed up, I was not looking for sun bathing on the top of a boat, rather an adventurous challenge. Over the course of two weeks, I cooked all of my meals, learned how to

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  • My First Goal For My Second Goal

    My first goal for this course is to write fast and naturally. Personally, writing in English is a time-consuming and stressful job for me. It takes me more time time than domestic students to write an essay. A lot of times, I sit in front of my computer for hours trying to figure out what I should write for my next sentence. Even though I thought of what to write in Korean, sometimes it takes me awhile to translate it into English. For these reasons, I sincerely want to write my assignments faster

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  • My Personal Goals And Goals

    have accomplished in life. Success to some people is the fact of just achieving wealth, respect, or having fame. Success to me is not all about how much money you make or is not about how much of something you can obtain, but rather obtaining the life in which you are attempting to achieve. Success is not only setting but also accomplishing the goals that I have given myself to live a happy life because it is important for my personal goals, career goals, and for my family goals. When we halt and

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  • My Life And How It Will Influence My Academic Work And Goals At Colorado Hristian University

    proposed topic of this essay was to describe an event or experience in my life and how it will influence my academic work and goals at Colorado hristian University. I thought back over my life experiences, and realized that there was one in particular that I frequently think about, and probably had the most bearing on my lifes work, and upon my desire to pursue a career in the healthcare field. When I was ten years old or so, my grandfather, who was a pastor, was driving us back from church when

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  • My Strengths And Strengths Of My Goals

    When I look upon my top five strengths I can vision various past experiences where I have been able to grow and better develop my strengths. My strengths have always been a significant factor in my life and even more significant recently. I have been able to accomplish many achievements this past year with the help of my strengths. Without my strengths of responsibility, developer, consistency, futuristic, and relator I could not say where I would be today. Growing up in this world I have always

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  • Life And Goals : How Culture, Surroundings, And Family Have Affected My Life Goals

    In reflecting on how culture, surroundings, and family have affected my life and goals, I realize I have gone between polar opposites. Family bonds have both filled superficial needs, while those same needs have broken bonds. I have learned the best way to fill any void was through school. I lived in El Paso, Texas, until I was nine. Most people, including my family, stayed inside behind closed doors and barred windows to hide from demons lurking the streets. Dad used alcohol and drugs, mainly heroin

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  • Personal Statement : My Goals

    At my best, I am driven and determined, working towards a goal. I am passionate about what I study and what I do, and I use that passion to drive my work ethic. My goal has always been to achieve to the best of my ability and to know that I am doing my absolute best in every situation, whatever the domain. I strive to reach my potential and to know that there was nothing more I could have done to improve. As one of my friends described, a large part of my best self is “your drive and ambition to

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  • My Goal : My Goals

    "Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation (pin).” This quote helps me boost my morale when something goes wrong, and I go back to edit my three goals in life I want to achieve the fact is I have been accumulating these goals during the years. My goals are different from other people yet they are important to me, and I will explain the reason why I chose these three goals well writing. My first goal is to finish

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  • Integrating My Behavior Towards My Life Goals

    Optimizing my behavior towards my life’s goals. Improving ourselves is the hardest work I think that we can have in life. As a student, my performance has been very weak when it comes to demonstrate it on scores. I truly believe that I am able to pass successfully my courses, but sadly so far I have failed. There are certain changes that I need to make to ensure greater success in my future terms. My changes would be improvement on dedication skills for my studies; well time management of my activities

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  • Graduation Speech : My Goals

    on any goal the most important part is knowing what you want. You can never get what you want if you don’t know what to aim for, what questions to ask and what resources you need. My goals in life are mostly academic based, but also have lots of personal goals that tie into my academic goals. In two years time I see myself graduating from Santa Monica College with an Associates in Computer Science and an acceptance to UCLA with scholarships to cover my tuition. There are however smaller goals that

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  • My Goals And Milestones For My Life

    course of my life I have set out many goals or milestones for myself that I aim to accomplish. As the time has passed through module after module, leading one of my long terms goal to dwindle down into a short term goal. Walking across the stage as a sign of completing my degree will leave me a different perspective towards my world. Out of the vast majority of my classmates I am one of the eldest. At 52 I will be completing my bachelor’s degree. It’s been 10 years since I completed my associate’s

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  • My Goals And Life Of My Life

    I must have not been the average adolescent. My mother is disabled which forced me to grow up faster than most kids, but it has also given me a passion for serving others. My financial standing has never been perfect, but it made me work harder to earn things others were handed. My parents were incarcerated when I was 14. Somehow in an unusual way it inspired me to strive harder toward my goals and refuse to give up. My past has helped me envision my future, and I am grateful to have learned these

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  • My Life Based On My Goals And Values

    who I am today. At a certain time, each community played an important role in my life; however, I noticed that some communities were more personal, while others focused more on achieving a specific goal. When my goal changed, the community itself became entirely less important. Although it was difficult to realize this at first, I let go and adapted. I continue to keep other communities in my life based on my current goals and values. I truly believe that every community is necessary for personal

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  • My Goals And Life Goals

    wanted is hard. I struggle everyday trying to make enough money for my own education since I am a first generation student in my family with not enough money in our pockets. I want to prove to my family that someday I will walk on stage with my Bachelor’s degree and thank them for all the hardships they went through for me for me to have a better life and a proper education. With my dreams set high, I have my own career and life goals in order for me to graduate with a BS in Computer Science to someday

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  • My Life And How It Will Influence Your Academic Work And Goals At Colorado Christian University

    10, 2015 Describe an event or experience in your life and how it will influence your academic work and goals at Colorado Christian University (CCU). Your essay should be at least 500 words (approximately 2 pages or more double spaced in length). As a child growing up I was blessed with a mother and father who raised me to be loving, kind and to understand the importance of right and wrong. Moreover, my father was very influential very early in my childhood as I would watch him each day study the

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  • My Most Important Life Goals

    Some of my most important life goals are to be a programmer and start my own company and to be leader at my mosque. I have a lot of background experience that will be help me in my first goal. Since freshman year, I began to learn more about computers than just surfing the internet. I started learning to code on websites such as At my old school, where I studied for 9th and 10th grade, a computer science course was available. I took the class in 10th grade but our teacher caught

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  • Capturing Dreams : My Life 's Goals And Ambitions Changed Forever

    Dreams (1) The day I got my first camera was the day my life’s goals and ambitions changed forever. It was the day of my tenth birthday. My family and a few close friends sat around me as I opened my gifts. My mom handed me my last present and she told me that it was for her and my dad. I slowly peeled the wrapping paper off, only to find a picture of a bright red camera plastered on the side of the small box. To my excitement, I quickly tore the box open and pulled out my shiny new toy. At the time

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  • My Goals : My Educational Goals

    and it became my life goal to work towards making people feel better. My educational goals consist of acquiring a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with a concentration in Health Promotion and Policy (HPP). On the other hand, my career goal is to one day be able to open a wellness clinic where I will be able to educate people around me on the importance of taking their health seriously and how to go about doing so. However, I will not be able to achieve both my educational and career goals if I do not

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  • My Goals : The Smart Goals Worksheet

    never heard of SMART Goals before. After watching the video, I sat at my desk and thought about setting a good goal for me. I have to admit, I have never been good at setting goals for myself. It might be because I don’t like to set myself up for failure, or that I tend to stick with things that come easy to me. After multiple attempts of filling out the SMART Goals Worksheet, I decided that I would set a goal that could further my career in law enforcement. I want to get my Bachelor’s Degree in

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  • My Goal Goals And Dreams

    their goals, because everyone has their own dreams. If they wants to wish their dreams come true such as athletes want be win every games they play to enter in the championship, good writers always want to write a book and get publish their own book on top level, intelligent students always want to be a doctors or engineers. No one can achieve their goals and dreams right away, because of the reality. Nowadays we all have so many distances between, who we are and what we want. I do have my own goals

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  • My Plan For My Goals

    will be covering my plan for the next five years and describing what I’m going to do with what I’ve got. I will begin by explaining which values are internally and persistently most important to me as well as describing them in depth. After reviewing my values, I will describe the moral codes and rules that have been introduced to me through my culture and which I try to abide by in order to improve the quality of my personality. Then I will vividly describe what I imagine my life to be like after

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  • My Goals : My Time Management

    most important aspect about my life that I believe needed to be changed in order for me to succeed in accomplishing my goals is my time management. For so many years I’ve struggled with being able to get to places on time. I learned that once I actually started to acknowledge and care about my bad habit was the only way I would be willing to change it. Working on my time management was hard but not nearly impossible. I had to change my outlook on certain things so that my mindset would be prepared

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  • My Goals For My Life

    for life. I learned that no matter what happens in life, it’s important to know why you did it. The reason that drives me and why I want to do something in the future. I really learned to take into consideration my why and start setting goals for myself. My drive to be in education is driven around the moment my parents see what I have accomplished. I have always felt the need to please them and make them proud of their little girl. They have done so much for me over the years and this is my payback

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  • My Career Goal : Career Goals

    't begin a career, for that matter even a relationship, unless you know everything there is to know about it.”-Randeep. My personal career goal was decision that I had to critically think about. They are many career options that you can choose from and it can be hard to narrow it down to the one that best suit to your talent. With that being said, I have decided that my career goal is to be a marketing manager which are responsible for managing marketing, advertising and promotional staff. Most companies

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