My Term Goals In Life

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My main goal in life is to own a successful company. This is my main goal in life because I want to be able to be the boss, not have one. I want to be able to do what I want not what someone else wants. My short term goals this year were to pass every quarter with B+ and up. I didn’t achieve these goals sadly; it was mainly being lazy. It was no one’s fault but mine. The shop I ended up getting was Engineering. It wasn’t my first choice but I’m happy I got into it. Everyone in there is really nice and the shop Is what I enjoy doing. My goals for next year are to pass all my classes with B+’s and up. I won’t take honors but I just don’t think I can keep up. Another goal is to have my job because I would like to have my own source of income. …show more content…
I also want a Siberian husky and a golden retriever. Maybe a Pomeranian because they are adorable. By this time, I would like to have created a very successful business so I don’t have to be stressed about money and also give my family a good life. I want to be able to go on cruises and vacations.
The reason I want these things and the reason they are my goals is because I dream of things like this. I don’t want my kids to go through what I went and what I’m still going through. I want a business where we are always improving and we are for the people and what the people want. Ether this company be a website, an app for iOS and android devices or even an engineering company I successful. In 30-35 years I would hope to have settled down and made friends with great people and also be the best person I
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So my short term ones are easy I just need to focus and that’s it. My long term goals on the other half, I need to remember the end result. I will need help from friends and family. These aren’t goals I can achieve on my own. Money can very easily help me achieve long term goals. Without money I won’t be able to do anything at all because I need a start somehow. For me to get to these goals I will have to learn to be more open minded because if not I will never improve. I always have to be improving because if you get comfortable were you are, you’re actually falling behind and I need to learn to understand this. I am also going to need to be with motivators not people who don’t believe because I need positive vibes because I need to know people want me to do

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