Personal Life Goals

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The main reason why I think that HACC is the best choice for me is because of the cost. The rates per credit are around $250 and that is for in-state residents. The total cost for a commuter would be around $13,750 for a student who is full time, which means they are taking 12 credits per term (Stager). This price of $13,750 includes the price of books, supplies, food, and transportation and it is an average price for all HACC students ( I think that I could easily cut some of the cost by trying to buy my books online for a cheaper price or even eating at home to save a lot of money. Lastly, most people who apply to HACC receive some type of financial aid. In fact, about 85 percent receive some form of financial aid (Stager).
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My goals consist of graduating college, making myself happy, and becoming happily married and raising a successful family. The first goal that I have is that I want to graduate college so that I can have a successful job when I leave college because I have to start paying off college debt as soon as I can. The other life goal that I have is to start a family, and it would be beneficial if I got some of my loans paid off before I got married so that there would not be as much debt for my family. I do not want my children to worry about money.
My college goals do work with my life goals because I want to be able to graduate college and have a successful job right away. If I were not to graduate college I would not be making any of my life goals, so in order for me to do well on my goals in life I need to get a college degree.
My career goals will work with my life goals. Accountants make a decent amount of money and they are a steady job. If I were to be making enough money right out of college to start to pay off some of my student loans that would make me happy. That is how the two goals would come together. The way that the goals would not work is if I take on an extreme amount of money without having a steady job which would cause me to run into debt which could effect the way I raise my family. So I believe that I would have to find a steady job in order to be living a successful and happy

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