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  • The Importance Of Websites

    Websites are very important today. Without the internet we would not be able to do anything, not even get into a website. A website helps us with things we need, for example, work from school, how to find something we need or to buy stuff that we need, because today we use the internet to buy stuff instead of going to the store. If websites do not exist, we wouldn 't be able to do what we do today, find information about what we like, because we have to use a website for everything that we search. I have found enough information useful about my topic, in several web pages, because all of them talk about how to create/update a website. To update a website you need to know the tags, attributes,styles, etc., that the website has to have in order for you to update it. How to create/update a website is what I choose to do my Senior Project about. I choose the topic of how to create/update a website, because I 'm interested in computers and technology, and I would like to know more about it. My expectations for this Senior Project, are finding enough information about how to create/update a website, and then when I find it, create/update the website, and see the results. The web page that I found more useful to do my Senior Project, it’s called W3Schools, but the other web pages are also helpful. This web page provides you with “online editor, you edit and test each example yourself ” ( This way you have an idea of how to do it. The purpose of a web browser…

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  • The Importance Of Websites

    Websites are a key element to every business in today’s market. It is a company’s domain where they provide information to people who surf the web looking for a product or service. In order to entice users to the site and have them return to it you must be extremely creative and update the site continuously. Companies design websites to communicate with users by providing useful information and creating awareness on products and services. Millions of internet users surf the web on a daily basis…

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  • The Importance Of Website

    the electronic based commerce. 2.2 Interactive design To create a website is not promptly and easy thing. The crucial element of good website is its design. According to psychologists, if customer doesn’t spent at least 30 minutes in the website, then the website is not well appealing and does not designed well. Therefore, most Information Technology specialists and managers put all of their effort and resources to make an attractive website. The design of the website contains well visible…

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  • Samsung Website Analysis

    No website is made instantly available for the people to use, it takes months to debug and finalize it. Larger companies such as Apple must test their websites extensively to ensure that their website is user-friendly and offers easy navigation throughout the site. Apple, one of the largest technology companies, must provide a site that is attractive and eye-catching. Does Apple’s website prove to be an organized and well created website compared to its’ competitors, such as Samsung? Many…

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  • The Importance Of Health Websites In Nursing

    to access sound information from the credible sites. There are many health websites, which meet the credibility standards. The centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) is a credible website which is an important constituent of the Department of Health and Human Services. The CDC website,, is an easy accessible website which provide health information to the public on any health subjects. The mission of CDC includes protect the Americans from health, safety and security…

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  • Public Health Website Analysis

    However, couple of websites will be examined on their thought on public health. Firstly, public health is the act of promoting and protecting the people in a community most especially where they work, live, learn and play without treating it according to American public health association APHA. This clearly differentiated the role of a medical doctor as treating sickness or providing healing to a sick person through the use of medicine. Whereas public health uses preventive method such as…

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  • Principles Of Designing A Successful Website

    have different needs, there are some principles that are universal to all websites. To create a successful site, it’s important to make sure that it’s useful, relevant to your business and has visual appeal. Whether you are redesigning your current website or building one from scratch, make sure to be aware of today’s best practices for designing a successful website. Design your website experience to suit your audience You should have a visually appealing website, but you should also bear in…

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  • The Importance Of Public Social Websites

    The internet has helped in various ways. Helping me keep in touch with family who live in other states, cities whom I haven’t seen for a very long time. Public Social Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have contributed to our daily lives immensely. In today’s generation the internet is basically a part of a person’s everyday life whether we like it or not. Public social websites ought not to be considered dangerous because, people keep in touch, are aware of surroundings,…

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  • Mayo Clinic Website Analysis

    Website #1: Mayo Clinic Brief Review of Contents/Summary Mayo Clinic’s website provides a user-friendly and accessible interface for those seeking answers concerning their mental health (Mayo). In addition to holding a large array of information, information is presented in a variety of modes (Mayo). For instance, the dashboard on the main page houses several dropdown menus directing one to a surplus of links such as, “Patient Care” and “Health Info,” ‘Education, “and “Departments and…

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  • Ministry Of Justice Website Summary

    (Written by James R; not part of the actual report) The website assigned to our group was a ‘government department’ website, so we have chosen to the the Ministry of Justice website. This document is a summary of what our group has currently and collectively thought about the Ministry of Justice website. The writing in this summary report is not considered final, and is under discussion and refinement by the group. Topics covered in the report include the target audience and website appeal to…

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