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  • Assignment Ranking Of A Website

    PAGE RANKING OF A WEBSITE Page ranking commonly known as PR is basically a ranking system (1-10) determining how much the search engine( specifically Google) trusts any given website quick way to reference what google thinks of your website.[9] 10 means google home page it knows it trust it it gives ita lot of credit 0 means news google doesn’t trust it no weight wont give it traffic either. There are two types of Page Ranking. Tool bar page rank ( commonly known heard and seen on your browser(firefox)

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  • How For Design A Better Website

    How to Design a Better Website to Help Your Organization to Thrive? Web design is an exciting and fascinating thing, however, its experts frequently have to face different issues starting from dealing with tough clients to cope with several disruptions. Sometimes, as a designer, you must be thinking “Oh man if I knew the stuff I know now I could have changed the previous one”. This is a common thing which is mostly experienced by all of us. In addition to this, web designers should keep up with the

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  • Website Design Of A Lead Generation

    remarkable growth in the number of customers accessing internet for research and making online purchases, made online lead management essential for every small business. However, while leads are critical and play a vital role in prospect sales, the website design of a lead generation is essential for lead to sale conversion. Every business needs a potential lead management in order to generate business and convert leads to sales to get brand recognition. In order for any small business to get leads

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  • Essay on Creating a First Website

    Chad Hurd These chapters gave me a great overview of web design in general as well as the Dreamweaver application. I learned that while I really want to jump into creating my very own website, I should plan the ideas I want my website to portray. Things I need to think about while planning my website are the business requirements, user requirements, technical specifications, and design requirements. Planning should include what my ultimate goal with the site is. From a user’s standpoint, I need

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  • Description Of A Web Website

    plays a cruicial role in getting traffic to the website. Importance of URL’s: Access to website: Visitors will be entering your domain name in their browsers to get your site and view the without it, visitors can’t be able to find your website and read your content and make sure your domain is secured because when someone points your domain name to another website, all of your traffic will be redirected to their website. Search engine optimization:

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  • Websites Are Important Today?

    Websites are very important today. Without the internet we would not be able to do anything, not even get into a website. A website helps us with things we need, for example, work from school, how to find something we need or to buy stuff that we need, because today we use the internet to buy stuff instead of going to the store. If websites do not exist, we wouldn 't be able to do what we do today, find information about what we like, because we have to use a website for everything that we search

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  • Is The Website Trustworthy?

    Is the Website Trustworthy? In today’s society, technology is a high-priority factor. The website gives information about social media, technology, businesses, entertainment and more. In this website, there is a review about technology in the educational system. This passage lists eight ways technology is improving education. The author writes about how technology has more advantages for a younger educator including better simulations, models, global learning, and giving more recourses

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  • Evaluation Of Smart On Fhir Website

    Evaluation of SMART on FHIR Introduction According to the website, “the Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects (SHARP) Program is a major collaboration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Texas at Houston, Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic of Medicine, and Massachusetts General Hospital” (ONC, 2014, 2). SHARP program was chosen as one of the awarded grants to evaluate due to its four clearly set goals. Those four goals “focused on achieving

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  • Evaluation Of A Public Website

    Evaluation of a Public Website CHADD.ORG (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) Overall the criteria set for the website CHADD.ORG (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), the national resource on ADHD provides the general public with an understanding on ADHD, which provides information about ADHD. The information provided is for parents, caregiver, adults, and professionals. The purpose of the website is about providing information, which

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  • The Marquardt Beauty Analysis Website

    On the Marquardt Beauty Analysis website, even though there are differences with people that are in the same category, there are familiarities of people group in the same category because as Marquardt, S. (2001) stated, sometimes it helps to understand the people better with respect to their general tendencies of the group. Therefore, the Asian ethnic group was selected for this lab because the image of the subject belongs to that ethnic group. The face-mask criterion confirm with the face that

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  • The Maine Website And The Paris Pass

    Compare the two websites you have selected, which are The Maine Website and The Paris Pass Firstly, I will be talking about the Maine Website. This website does have relevant information regarding places the tourits could visit, the place that will be suitable for tourists and book the place they are considering. It makes it less complex for the tourist and they are will less likely be lost. There are maps available, which they can download, which means they are more secure and wouldn 't need to

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  • Essay on Evaluating a Credible Website

    Evaluating a Website for Credibili Chamberlain College of Nursing NR500 January 8, 2016 Evaluating a Website for Credibility Receiving healthcare information for professional nurses and their patients is an important topic in today’s society. The term “just Google it” is as common as drinking a cup of morning coffee. This paper will evaluate the website This is a government website that provides access to disease management and tools to keep healthy. The website can be found

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  • Evaluation Of A Website On Adhd

    Evaluation of a Website ADHD affect the lives of children without any regard to sex or race. He’s bouncing off of the walls; there’s my little tornado; can’t you ever sit still? These are a few of the things one might hear the parents of an ADHD child say. The website KidsHealth on ADHD, by Nemours, was written with the promise to parents “that with proper treatment, kids with ADHD can learn to successfully live with and manage their symptoms” (ADHD, 2016, p. 1). The website under the parent tab

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  • Evaluating a Website for Credibility

    NR 500 Foundational Concepts and Applications January 17, 2012 Evaluating a Website for Credibility In order to search for the reputable scholarly website one must remember two basic principles: not every website has scholarly related data and not all the data has empirical foundation. The first intention of going to will leave one with 1000’s of non-specific results. "Google Scholar" website (, on the other hand will be more relative but not very

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  • An Website A Reliable Source Of Truth

    not the case. To evaluate this website the user would need to see is there a contact for this organization or author? Do the hyperlinks work and if so is the information on the hyperlinks supported by the author or organization? How much information is given to us about donations? Are they a registered organization? What is the main purpose of this website, is it information only or do they offer actions and / or participation for the readers? Is this website a reliable source? When the user

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  • Factors That Influence Website Performance

    discuss the factors that influence website performance. This is from user side factors and server side factors. I will explain how the side effects of the website will disturb the website performance. Starting the with download speed part of the factors which influence the website performance. The user will be able to determine the download speed by the internet connection. This depends on the area of the user and how quick the internet will bring the specified website to the user’s computer screen.

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  • An Informative Website On Abortion

    people like to talk about it. Abortion is not an easy topic to talk about, but many women have found a safe website to share their stories on their own abortions and their experiences with their abortion. My Abortion My Life is an informative website that is project of the organization Preterm. One of the women, whom will remain anonymous, shared a tremendously touching story on this website. “When [she] had [her] son 14 years ago [she] had a cardiac episode. It left [her] heart weak. When [her]

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  • Tumblr : A Web Website

    through putting their URLS in reblogged posts so people will gravitate to their blogs. Conclusively, there are many ways to get started on Tumblr, but the most important thing is to have fun. Tumblr is a diverse, friendly open-minded community. The website gives people the opportunity to network with people with similar interests and it is incredibaly easy to use. Still growing in popularity, Tumblr has the potential to become even more of a social media giant.

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  • The Food And Agriculture Organisation Website

    Based on the Food and Agriculture Organisation Website, it mentioned that fish is a food of excellent nutritional value, providing high quality protein and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and D, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and iodine in marine fish. The protein provided by the fish is among the easiest protein to digest. Expert also agree that, even in small quantities, fish can have a significant positive impact in improving the quality of dietary protein by complementing

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  • The Effects Of Bullying On A Website

    The victim may also report the bully on a website because them harassing them on a website may go against the terms and services of the website resulting in them getting banned from it. If a person were being bullied they should never start their own cyberbullying campaign to get back at them, nor should the victim forward it to friends to show them what their bully had said to them, and lastly the victim should never ever believe a single word of what the bully says to them. Something that both

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  • Website Analysis : Web Analytics

    qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition, to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers, and potential customers, have, which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline)1. Kaushik argues that, if used correctly, web analytics can be used to answer four important questions: What, How Much, Why and What Else. • The What: Clickstream Analysis, defined as the route visitors take on the website when they navigate by clicking through

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  • The Group Website Privacy Statement

    Autosports Group website privacy statement as at November 2016 Our commitment to you This website privacy statement relates to the dealerships and collision repair workshops owned and operated by the Autosports Group Limited ACN 614 505 261 (referred to as Autosports, we or us). In this document, a reference to ‘this website’ or ‘our website’ includes any websites (including any microsites and mobile websites) operated by us or on behalf of us. We understand how important it is to protect our

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  • The Kaiser Family Foundation Website

    States. Distribution of poverty by race One of the major components that contribute to poverty’s diverse nature is the different races and ethnicities that constitute it. For the chart above, I received my data from the Kaiser Family Foundation website. The Kaiser Family Foundation bases their estimates from the Current Population Survey conducted by the U.S Census Bureau in March of 2016. The Kaiser Family Foundation then uses the information acquired by the U.S Census Bureau to make meaningful

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  • The Sit 4 Life Website

    Introduction I will be reviewing and evaluating the Sit 4 Life website to assist our company with finding a new website design, I would like to include following components by Mike Markel in our new website: 1. Informative headers and footers 2. Easy Navigation using a site map, a table of contents, back-to-top links, and textual navigation buttons 3. Extra features such as FAQ, a search box, resource links, etc. 4. Links to social-media sites 5. Simple backgrounds and conservative color combinations

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  • Listening As A Good Website

    issues sooner. In other situations, by listening to the customer, they have a better understanding as to what the customer is looking for. To help improve your listening skills, a good website to use is: The website can help you understand and develop your skills. It looks at other areas that are included in listening, such as how to show you are listening and providing feedback. Assertiveness By

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  • Website Design As An Industry

    There 's no doubt about it: website design as an industry is here to stay. From gigantic online shopping stores to smaller, niche websites, just about every company these days has an online presence, often delivered through a third-party website designer or at least a free template. Using today 's websites, we can order Christmas gifts and make charitable donations - all without leaving the comfort of our own homes. With the state of the Internet as it is, it 's easy to forget that not ten or

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  • Essay on Online Websites

    MODULE - 1 BUSINESS MODEL IDENTIFIED BUSINESS TO CUSTOMER The B2C model focuses on direct selling and marketing between a business and a consumer via an e-commerce website. A lower purchase volume of higher priced products typically characterizes B2C companies. Since the model depends on individual transactions and eliminates the wholesale purchaser, the company can make a higher profit while the consumer spends the same amount of money or sometimes less. B2C is effective for smaller companies

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  • A Report On Apple 's Website

    No website is made instantly available for the people to use, it takes months to debug and finalize it. Larger companies such as Apple must test their websites extensively to ensure that their website is user-friendly and offers easy navigation throughout the site. Apple, one of the largest technology companies, must provide a site that is attractive and eye-catching. Does Apple’s website prove to be an organized and well created website compared to its’ competitors, such as Samsung? Many components

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  • Designing A Website For An Interview

    Project 5 was a unique project compared to the others we completed in this class. It required us to create a website. On this website was to be a how to page, this page what supposed to show the audience how to do something. More specifically it had to show the audience how to do something that we learned about in class. We were told to pick a topic we thought we learned and improved on in class. Ultimately, this lead me to choose the topic of conducting interviews. I felt this was the topic I improved

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  • The Creation Of A Website

    businesses and franchises, he is considering creating a website. The creation of a website would give Jason an opportunity to make clients aware of any previous work he has completed, prices, and a way for the clients to reach out to him for further information or to even set up appointments. In today’s modern society, with almost every home having the ability to access the internet, the idea of publishing a website is pungently encouraged. While websites are constructed for reasons varying from business

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  • Web For A Baking Website

    A Baking Website Have you ever searched the web for a baking website? Chances are you have, and when doing so there were certain criteria that you looked for that the site must follow in order for you to get best result. The website “Crafty Baking,” is the website to do just that. This site will meet just about any criteria that you have in mind, because it is very easy to browse with clear tabs and lists that allow you to find the information that you are looking for, and don’t leave out the fact

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  • Website Report On The Website

    1.URL for the website. 2.Is the site easy to navigate? Are there clear photos and side bars? Are there ads on the pages edges. Yes site is very easy navigate . Yes there are clear photos and side bars. Yes there are ads on the page edges, just to name few App store, Amazon, google play. 3.Who is the author of the information? Who is the intended audience of the site For the jumpstart website the authors are Mr. David Lord, Mr. Christopher Williams and Mr.Michael Bolderzar. 4.The audience

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  • The History Of Education : Website

    The “History of Education” Website The “History of Education Society” website contains various articles and hundreds of links leading to old news articles, pictures, and informative editorials on the history of education throughout the world. There is an option of joining this society and becoming a part of the history by adding one’s own pictures and stories of their historical journey through the school system, as well as joining in meetings and helping decide what the Society covers next. Every

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  • Designing And Building Of A Website

    runs through some of the issues that occurred during the designing and building of this website as well as some improvements that could have been done to enhance the site. This site was designed for desktop first and then for tablet and so on. After that was checked tested working fine and validated some CSS was added to make it read friendly on paper for those that want to print out any part of the website the print version includes some of the link address. Making links display when printing

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  • A Research Study On Sona Website

    To fulfill one of my RER credits, I decide to participate in a research study on the SONA website. After registering, I found a study I was interested in, which was called “Just a Thought”. Before I began the experiment, the website explained what I was required to do for the study, my confidentiality, my right to consent if I wanted my data used in the study or not, andI was given contact information if I had any questions, along with an Institutional Review Board protocol number. For this study

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  • Nr500 Evaluation of a Website Credibility

    Evaluating a Website for Credibility: KidsHealth NR500 Foundational Concepts and Application Evaluation of a Websites Credibility: KidsHealth In today’s world of medicine when developing a patient care plan nurses should use evidence-based practice that has been peer-reviewed by subject matter experts (Miller, Jones, Graves, & Sievert 2010). The internet is frequently used by nurses to gather more information, expand their knowledge base, and provide patient education. The website http://kidshealth

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  • A Website On The Website is a website that informs its users of the ongoing changes in American society. It has a substantial amount of intriguing and informative articles an “issues” tab with over 20 focuses of interest ranging from Civil Liberties, Education, Immigration, Poverty, and Women. The serious nature of the content on the website is definitely great in addition it is not presented in a way that would inhibit younger audiences. What was most surprising is that even the simplistic set-up and

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  • Website Migration Project

    Tony’s Chips Website Migration Project CIS 210 June 16, 2013 Strayer University Professor Yohannes Bates Tony’s Chips Website Migration Project Tony’s Chips is a medium sized company that wants to enhance its operations by using e- commerce or what some people would say the web or Internet. The new company has set its sights on moving the current system from an externally hosted website to one that is hosted internally. Furthermore, the site will be redesigned so that customers will be

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  • Four Websites For Affordable Images

    Four websites for affordable images. Are you looking for excellent quality photographs that you can edit and post on your sites? Well, you can easily find a few good websites and tools that can assist you if you know where to look. Great images are important for any websites, from the nonprofit with a small budget to the fortune 500 companies with unlimited finance. The reason is clear and simple, quality pictures will give your websites a professional look and an authoritative feeling that will

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  • The Kennel Club Website Analysis

    The Kennel Club website The Kennel Club. 2015. Japanese Chin. [Online] The Kennel Club. Available from: [Accessed on 28th November 2015] The kennel club website is also a well-known organisation and their website was used to be able to research general knowledge about Japanese Chins which are generally used as show dogs and there is a Japanese chin club website with a lot of shows dates from (The Japanese Chin Club, 2015)

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  • The Presentation And Credibility Of An Online Website

    presentation and credibility of an online website goes a long way on showing whether or not it is reliable for information. There are many different criteria to look for in a reliable website including appearance, organization, and credibility. The website I evaluated for my topic of choice was The website provides instant news and information of various topics from all over the world in an organized, user-friendly fashion. After browsing the website, I was able to conclude that WashingtonPost

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  • Website Report On Web Design

    Website Usability Report HauntedUtah.Com Introduction Hello, and thank you for choosing Jay’s Designs as the company to overlook the quality of your website’s layout! Having been in business for over 15 years, we at Jay’s Design can guarantee a professional evaluation of your website. We understand the importance of keeping your website in top condition since Haunted Utah is one of the most sought after attractions during the Halloween season. This report will discuss our professional opinions on

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  • Factors That Influence The Performance Of A Website

    Speed, Security and Law Factors that influence the performance of a website There are many factors of the user that would influence the performance of a website. One main thing is the client’s connection speed. What I mean by this is that the faster the person on the pc’s connection speed is, the quicker text and images will load. If we look at a website that hosts videos like YouTube, the quicker the clients internet speed is, the quicker the video can be rendered, and in a larger quantity with

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  • The Second World War Website

    The Second World War website presented by PBS gives the viewer a different glimpse of the war than most similar websites. The PBS site offers, in three major categories, the chance to explorer what the war was like back home in the United States, what the war was like for those on the battlefields, and a look at the war through the eyes of those who witnessed it. Roosevelt said that “Powerful enemies must be out-fought and out-produced.” Who then, would be left to build the hundreds of instruments

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  • An Evaluation Of A Website

    Response to MNCASA website At, I found a lot of information I did not know about sexual violence. There is so much that I didn’t understand and even more that I never will. I can relate much of what happened in Bastard out of Carolina to the information I found. In this journal I will apply my newly found knowledge to the book. Glen committed incest, sexually abused a child, and sexually harassed Bone (Allison, 285). All of these are terrible, but the one that stood out the most to me

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  • The Ministry Of Justice Website

    not part of the actual report) The website assigned to our group was a ‘government department’ website, so we have chosen to the the Ministry of Justice website. This document is a summary of what our group has currently and collectively thought about the Ministry of Justice website. The writing in this summary report is not considered final, and is under discussion and refinement by the group. Topics covered in the report include the target audience and website appeal to the target audience, page

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  • Designing A Website For Attract Customers

    Most companies and organizations have a website, assess what extent the site is valid and how to design a website. In this essay, illustrates the factors of the design website. This essay will discuss how to design a website to attract customers, and compared to three sites, and to find out the effectiveness of the site. It will first consider how to use the website to attract a customer. This part includes two points of view, customers and reduce website implant advertisement attract. It will then

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  • The Fight For The Ladykiller Website

    Our Services Creative and Strategic Approach Creative Approach The Role of Social The Fight for the Ladykiller website is the central hub of information that provides a brand story, messaging for people who are interested in the organization. So what role does social media serve? - A seamless extension of the website: Tone, messaging, visual assets should align with the website to create a seamless user experience. - A proactive way for Fight for the Ladykiller to reach out and build relationships

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  • Early Web Analytics : Website

    Early web analytics appeared in the mid 1990s after the first Mosaic browser was launched. The early analysis focused on showing the nature of the early Web. Because Websites only consisted of a single page, the clicks that came in would be easily accessible to evaluate. Traffic would mean you were doing well as it still means the same thing in today’s world. Webs today would even display a hit counters to determine the amount of visitors to a page. In today’s world, having just hit counters is not

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  • A Report On The Website

    The Youthline website in first glance looks very blue, white and bright. The homepage looks simple with photos of young people, what they do and their activities plastered right away. This is one of the strengths of the site, as it engages the visitors well by the motions and the movements of the screen, it gets the visitor’s attention. It also attracts stakeholders, as they’ll see some of Youthline’s programs and activities right away. The website also allows its visitors to change the colours of

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