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  • Piano and Drums Poem Analysis

    In Gabriel Okara’s poem, “Piano and Drums”, Okara expresses his feelings and thoughts of a primitive society in contrast to a western society. Being an African himself, and having studied in a western society, the poem reflects the confusion in his emotions as well as the loss of self-identity. The title of the poem itself, “Piano and Drums” displays a sense of dissimilarity and contrast as the instruments are so unalike in terms of sophistication. Throughout the entire poem, Okara incorporates

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  • Song/Poem Analysis Essays

    However, when one reads the poem again they realize the underlying message of abuse and alcohol, which are very different than the joyous and playful sound of the poem. On the other hand, the sound heard in “Daddy’s Hands” is sad and remembering when with the underlying message of happy and present. In “My Papa’s Waltz” the ending, “still clinging to his shirt” ( Roethke 15), leads the reader to believe that even though the child was beaten and abused by his father, he still clung to him and looked

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  • Neglect Poem Analysis

    This poem talks about a path of neglect that a man followed that led to the destruction of his red apple tree. The narrator put too much of his time and attention on his other marvels to not put it into the apple tree as well. Therefore his red apple tree, though thought to be inevitable, died and filled the narrator with regret. A regret that appears to haunt the author, and fills him with sorrow. One of the literacy devices used in “Neglect” is imagery. Towards the beginning of the poem, the

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  • Americanized: Poem Analysis Essay

    about discipline and repression in order to become a part of our modern society. Dawe is critical of the way consumer cultures impose their way of thinking and acting on other less corrupted societies. Entrapment is a strong motif throughout this poem. The child is trapped in his high chair as other societies are similarly imprisoned by the conformist nature of consumerism and capitalism. The announcement that 'Today, I'll let you play with Mummy's things' marks the beginning of his indoctrination

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  • Emily Bronte's poem analysis Essay

    But in Emily’s poem, sleep brings dark aspects of her life more clearly and intensively. She sleeps because she can escape from her harsh life for sometimes’ but it is not so. So she wants to sleep eternally. Shadow: Shadows are dark, dreary, haunting and ghostly. In this poem, shadows are symbolically horrible and ghostly, when she says, “The shadows are dead My wakening eyes may never see” This shadow may have been her husband or her

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  • The Schoolboy Poem Analysis Essay

    The author also makes use of repetition to create a bleak tone in the poem. The repeated use of the word “morn” in the first two lines of the first two stanzas, as well as similar sounding words such as “outworn” and “horn”, dramatizes how depressed the persona feels in school. In relation to the above, the repeated use of the word “tender” also forces the readers to remember how vulnerable children are to external events and hence emphasising on how their childhood should only be filled with “joy”

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  • E.E Cumming Poem Analysis Essay

    The typography and the layout of the poem were often very important to E.E Cummings, who saw it as an art form. His style adds a certain rhythm into the poem when read aloud. His language is simple which makes the serious subject of the poem more fun and lighthearted. “I carry your heart with me” (line 1-2) so simply written yet, speaks of very complex, yet universal matters. One can assume that we have all gone through this so-called rite of passage, we all have already loved someone so deeply

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  • Essay on An Analysis of the Poems of Gwen Harwood

    reiterating the enduring notion that impermanence is the only permanent condition of human existence. The continuity of the feminine experience serves as Harwood’s principle concern in the sentimental ‘Mother Who Gave Me Life’. Cyclical in structure, the poem traces the seasonal nature of feminine existence through contemplation of the present, an intimate encounter between mother and daughter, and recollection of the past, rather, recognition of a collective function, purpose and mode of expression secure

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  • Essay on The Tyger Poem Review and Analysis

    “The Tyger” consists entirely of unanswered questions, which are used to leave the reader in awe of intricacy of creation, the limitless strength of God’s power, and the incomprehensibility of his choices. The sense of doubt in this poem involves an acknowledgement of what is unexplainable in the universe, as Blake presents the tiger’s violent nature as the prime example of something that cannot be denied, but can not be easily dismissed, either. The curiosity and awe of the author presented in

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  • Sherman Alexie Poems Analysis Essay

    Sonnet”, once or twice in each stanza you see the word “let” or “let’s” representing repetition, this gives an overall feel of Alexie’s sarcasm. “Let’s exhume, resume, and extend / Childhood. Let’s all play the games” (7-8) represents imagery in the poem, there is so much time that is spent on the online world and it interferes with the real world, in which it is actually harmful . Alexie shows imagery in the lines, “And sing our praise to forgetfulness / Before they slap our souls with their cold

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  • How Do I Love Thee Poem Analysis

    Macee Trecek Dr. Hebert English Comp. II 28 March 2011 Poem Analysis In How do I love thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I believe that the person talking is professing about a kind of love that can stand the test of time. You know that kind of love. Every day and moment is cherished by both. Each person knows almost everything about each other and they have been together for what would seem like forever. It is very rare these days to see a younger generation finding that love. And in a way

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  • Commenatry/ Analysis on the Poem “the Pike” by Ted Hughes:

    COMMENATRY/ ANALYSIS ON THE POEM “THE PIKE” BY TED HUGHES: The poem begins with a description of a baby pike, and we are given the impression that right from the very moment of birth this creature is in possession of some pretty chilling characteristics. “…Killers from the egg…” In the first three stanzas, the persona sets the scene and describes the voracious, ruthless nature of this fish. In these stanzas, the fish and its environment occupy the center of attention. “Pike, three inches long

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  • Poem Analysis on the Poem "A Poem/ a Paper/ a Promise" by Dr. Earl Reum from the Book "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

    And then, in the final stanza he “tried another poem on the back of a box of matches.” I find there to be a lot of significance in the word “tried.” Trying to make something, and making something are completely different things. Perhaps it shows how he has tried and failed at living, growing lonelier all the time. He writes his poem on the back of a box of matches, not caring enough to get a piece of paper. People don’t show the caring towards him they used to, and so he doesn’t care about himself

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  • Analysis of Anne Sexton's Poem "Her Kind"

    Analysis of Anne Sexton's Poem "Her Kind" Anne Sexton was a poet and a woman, but most importantly, she was an outcast. Subjected to nervous breakdowns and admitted to a neuropsychiatry hospital, Sexton must have been all too familiar with the staring eyes and the judging minds of the public. Just being a woman in today's world often can be enough to degrade a person in the public's eye, let alone being labeled as a crazy woman. But Anne Sexton did not let society remain unchallenged in its views

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  • An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - The Structure of Beowulf

    corpses after the battle-harvest.                         Dead Geats filled the field (1202-14).   In consequence of this, some scholars have given the poem a tri-partite division, seeing very clearly a middle to the poem in the fight with Grendel’s mother and Hrothgar’s sermon. So each of the three divisions of the poem involves a fight with a monster. These are the three stages through which the hero evolves, from the powerful, ideal warrior to the perfect ruler who has ruled for 50

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  • Analysis of the Poem The Wreck of Deutschland by Gerald Manley Hopkins

    cry, which leads him to implement his theodicy to that situation. He then thinks about the other victims who drowned, and then a wider picture of God’s will for England. Gerard Manley Hopkins, himself, is the speaker of the poem, “The Wreck of the Deutschland.” In this poem, Hopkins is horrified by the news of five Franciscan nuns who tragically drowned in the shipwreck of the steamship Deutschland, trying to escape from the anti-Catholic Falk Laws, seeking refuge in New York. Hopkins is horrified

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  • Cathy Song 3 Poem Analysis Essay

    Song could have stated that their ritual was hamburgers and potato chips and then the reader would infer that they were American. The last burst of ethnicity that is portrayed in “The Youngest Daughter” is found in the last stanza of the poem where Songs writes “a thousand cranes curtain the window, fly up in a sudden breeze.” For centuries, paper cranes have been a tradition of the people of Asia to bring them good luck and prosperity. Her mother having these paper cranes so prominently in the

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  • Essay on A Formal, Technical Analysis of the Poem "Prayer of Steel"

    forms: "Lay me" "Beat me" "Let me" "Let me." Such parallel arrangement sharpens the idea of determination and strength already suggested by the lexical cohesive features. Together with "O God," these parallel forms establish the prayer tone for the poem. Phonological cohesion: Sound

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  • Analysis of the Poem "Acquainted with The Night" Essay examples

    the night” (“Acquainted”) is an important line in this poem. “The word, “acquainted” describes the speaker’s connection to “night”. In the setting of this poem, night is the time during which the speaker heads out of town alone. For the speaker, night is a period of feeling total isolation and detachment of social groups” (Monahan). This line is important because it has the title of the poem in it and gives the readers’ assurance to what the poem is actually about. “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert

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  • An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Origin and Evolution of Beowulf

    life.  I firmly believe the excerpt is a Christian addition.  I find evidence within the entire poem to support this belief and in researching the time period in which Beowulf was first recorded, I discover a motive for the monks to make such an addition.             The strong Christian message drawn from this excerpt of Beowulf echoes like a sermon and feels out of place in this heroic epic.  The poem glorifies a Pagan world characterized by violence, pride, worldly goods and a disregard for the

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  • Breaf Analysis of Poems by Robert Frost Essay

    its main issue. The line puts an amount of doubt into tone of the poem as well. It considers the idea of the design of darkness and cynical attributes. within everything that is small, simple, large, or complex. 8. The rhyme scheme to the poem also has a vowel emphasis on the ‘i’ in ‘blight’ that is heavily emphasized by such as ‘right’, ‘white’, ‘height’, and ‘night.’ The words emphasize the phrase in the beginning of the poem that describes the plant, spider, and moth as ‘characters of death

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  • Carol Ann Duffy Poems Analysis Essay

    The fact that living in a foreign culture is something that is not easy to get used to is emphasised in the opening line of the poem. Despite living in a city for 'twenty years' it remains 'strange'. The immigrant is aware of his or her own 'foreign accent' as it sounds to others. The strain of thinking in one language and having to translate into the speech of another cannot always be sustained and this is sensitively pointed out through the physical detail in the final stanza: 'And in the delicatessen

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  • An Analysis of the Poem "Digging" by Seamus Heaney Essay

    However, the relationship does not remain static, through observing his father, the narrator's perspective of his father changes. Starting from Stanza 3, the poem is no longer so structured and here is where the narrator's change about his father changes. In stanza 3, the narrator begins to describe his father's work in great detail. More specifically, the narrator focuses on the techniques of a digger. This is shown in lines 10, when he says "The coarse…" The narrator also comes to realize that

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  • An Analysis of the Symbols in Yeat’s Poems Essay example

    This poem is different than Yeat’s other poems, while his other poems deal mainly with death or old age, this poem is about being alone, and enjoying nature. Yeats uses the symbol of nature where he wants to spend his care-free time to enjoy the beauty around him. It could also be said that this poem is one of the last Romantic poems, simply because this is one of the last poems to use nature in this way of symbolization. In this poem, Yeats really connects with nature, using nature itself as an

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  • Driving Through Sawmill Towns poem analysis

    a bridge beyond And a little sidelong creek alive with pebbles. This first stanza from the poem, explains the journey of a man driving through a sawmill town and his observations. Murray describes his journey through a small sawmill town in New South Wales whilst using strong, vivid imagery and emotive language. As evident by the title of this poem, imagery is a strong technique used in this poem as the author describes with great detail his journey through a sawmill town. This technique is

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  • Poem Analysis: Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

    Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy The poem Medusa explores the theme of jealousy and anger; the poet illustrates this using the extended metaphor of a Greek mythological creature Medusa, whose story describes her as a beautiful maiden that is turned into a hideous creature after being raped by Poseidon. The poet furthermore links this metaphor to the theme of feminism when she describes the women in the poem overpowering the man that hurt her. The language in this poem is quite harsh, emphasising the

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  • Analysis of the poem Barbie Doll, by Marge Piercy Essay

    Both the assonance in “a” in the sixth verse and the preterit “said” in the active form break the curse of the poem. It calls on the onomatopoeia “ah ah ah” which insists on the muckraking of the girl by her bully. Her life may never be the same as the magic of her puberty has been tarnished. If we now consider the second stanza, we have the very first depiction of the little girl. From the verses 7 to 9, we have an enumeration of her qualities: “healthy; intelligent; strong arms and back; abundant

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  • Essay about Poem Analysis of Mending Wall

    all times. The man says; "...on a day we meet to walk the line and set the wall between us once again." It seems to show that even though there is a need for friendship in each of us, it is equally as necessary for us to have our own space. As the poem continues we see that what is taking place is almost like a game. In fact, he says; "Oh, just another kind of outdoor game." And the narrator continues by saying, "We keep the wall between us as we go". This is almost like there is this game of leapfrog

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  • Essay on Analysis of Robert Frost´s Poem Birches

    “I once myself a swinger of birches.” Swinging in the birch branches is like an out-of-earth experience for him. The narrator misses his childhood and the birch trees in a sense are his never-land; a place where youth is forever. At the end of the poem, the narrator is confused what he wants to do “I'd like to go by climbing a birch tree toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more, but dipped its top and set me down again.” What Frost did with the birch trees is quite clever. The narrator wishes

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  • An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - The Style of Beowulf

    Magoun, in examining the poem, considers it probable that a high percentage of the language in Beowulf is formulas (88-89), formed from a common “word-hoard” that all scops drew on for their vocabulary. On average there is a nominal or adjectival compound every other line, and a new compound in every third line. Many of these compounds did not exist in the average Old Englishman’s vocabulary; some are found only in this poem and nowhere else.   The style of Beowulf is affected in a very

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  • Poem Analysis' by Naomi Shihab Nye Essay

    that surrounds the happy person. We can’t take credit for this, just like “the night sky takes no credit for the moon...” (24-25). Through this simile it illustrates happiness as a glowing orb that lights our way, once again into the future. This poem can be relevant to anyone, for happiness happens, while sadness is something we must take responsibility for. If we let go of sadness instead of radiating it, it will simply end. By showing our happiness, we not only have a better chance of gaining

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  • Commenatry/ Analysis on the Poem “the Pike” by Ted Hughes: Essay

    Or move, stunned by their own grandeur… Of submarine delicacy and horror… The jaws' hooked clamp and fangs …” An additional stylistic device present is metaphors. This is one of the minor literary devices present, but it has a large impact on the poem, as it is

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  • Analysis of Poem 305 by Emily Dickinson Essay

    the ability or capacity for change it. It is interesting that Dickinson uses the term “wreck” to make this connection because it suggests that she is talking about another “w” word, womanhood. Dickinson was known to be a very shut out women. This poem may be speaking directly about her social restraints. The second stanza establishes the duality of fear

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  • Analysis of the Poem, “Three Years She Grew” By William Wordsworth

    Analysis of the Poem, “Three Years She Grew” By William Wordsworth When you think about life, you ponder how life is the most beautiful, and unexplainable thing. Life begins when two people come together, and create a baby. Children start off by being very dependent on their parents, but as life progresses, independence grows. Along the way, life teaches important lessons that we carry on throughout our lives, and then we pass them down to our own children. The circle of life is complex,

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  • An Analysis of George Gordon Noel Byron's poem She Walks in Beauty

    So immediately the poem brings together its two opposing forces that are at work, darkness and light.             In lines three and four Byron emphasizes that the unique feature of the woman is her ability to contain opposites within her; "the nest of dark and bright/meet" in her.  The joining together of the darkness and the light can be seen in her "aspect," or appearance, but also in her "eyes."  In this case, "the woman's eyes aren't to be associated with a physical feature, but more as

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  • Analysis of the Poem Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi

    and that they don’t suite her as she’s a foreigner. She is anxious and worried as the clothes are too beautiful for her. There is a massive difference among each culture, it may vary in many phases such as the custom, belief and view of life. In the poem there is a good example of two unrelated and tremendously different cultures; England and Pakistan. Alvi tries to assimilate to both of her cultures at the same time. She portrays her struggle as she says, “I couldn’t rise up out of its fire, half-english

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  • Poem Analysis – I am Australian by Bruce Woodley and My Country by Dorothea Mackellar

    In the second poem ‘My Country’, Dorothea Mackellar portrays the beauty of her country; Australia. Dorothea Mackellar uses imagery technique like alliteration, for example, "for flood and fire and famine to characterise rural Australian Life and repetition of words or phrases like "core of my heart, my country!" to show a sense of belonging. The poem is full of metaphors, for example "an opal-hearted country". Some metaphors include personification. For instance, she uses "her" for nature and regards

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  • Love and Death Poem Analysis Essay

    | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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  • Essay on A Strange Wind Poem Analysis

    It can mean that the times that the developing nation is going through is so tough that their gods have left their side and are no longer helping them. This shows the gravity of the situation. It shows that even the gods and ghost that they used to trust to help them during times of turmoil cannot help them in this situation. An alternate meaning of that sentence can be the obliteration of culture in the nation. In African culture, gods and spirits are usually worshipped and their disappearance

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  • Essay on Redemption Song Poem

    conclusion. All of this must be related to the main concern of the poem. Your essay must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. You must include a bibliography and reference the quotations that you use within each paragraph correctly. Essay writing tips: Don’t confuse assertion for analysis. Ask yourself if the poem or a specific line from the poem supports your analysis. If it does, this is analysis. If it does not, it is assumption based and should not be included.

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  • Essay on An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - A Literary Epic

    An epic contains action at an immense level. Throughout the book there were battles between men and horrendous beasts. Each of Beowulf's battles contained exciting elements that enhanced the action. In his battle with Grendel, Beowulf fought with neither weapon nor human help. When challenging Grendel's mother, her immense strength and the fact that Beowulf was hours below the surface of the water hindered his fighting ability. In his final battle, Beowulf was up against one of the most feared beasts

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  • Analysis of e e cummings' Poem Essay

    One could also look into the significance of the speaker choosing to remove “light” from the stanza as if he wanted to imply a deeper meaning to this as well. The next thing the writer says is “country ‘tis of centuries come and go and are no more what of it” further emphasizes his lack of interest and sarcasm. This line shows that the patriot is very dramatic but then the speaker mocks the patriot by putting “what of it”. Again this alludes to the detest of what E.E. Cummings truly thinks about

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  • Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Beowulf and Caedmon’s Hymn

    The Biblical passage to which this may refer is St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, chapter six, verses 16 and following: “. . . above all taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” E. Talbot Donaldson, distinguished scholar-critic of medieval English literature, disagrees that the minstrel was referring to the Bible; he comments: “Yet there is no reference to

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  • Analysis of Poems. Half Past Two Essays

    The next four stanzas go on to describe the kind of people who do not give in to death easily. It starts with wise men who, even though they know that death would, in the end conquer all, they still don’t cave in quietly as they know that things that they’ve said have not made any difference to the world. They need to make people see the truth of their words. This desire to be known, heard, and understood means that they are likely to fight death, perhaps because they feel there is yet more to do

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  • Analysis of Poem An Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin Essay

    In the third stanza, Larkin describes how it seems as if the friends of the earl and countess and the sculptor himself wish to preserve the contribution that they made to history, and do it in the best way. ‘Such faithfulness in effigy Was just a detail friends would see:’ The poet uses these lines effectively to preserve the way that the sculpture made him think, that this detail of them holding hands would not be found important by most people, but the people who had known them, would think

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  • Essay on Comparison of poems.

    This poem is describing London like hell. The rhyming scheme for this poem is a,b,a,b,a,b. this is called alternative rhyming couplets. This poem is a view of a corrupted city. The poem is set in an urban London. It uses7-8 syllables per line. The structure for this poem is simple and direct just like the description of the city. The second poem written by Wordsworth is completely different to Blake’s point of view. London is described in this poem like a good place. This poem is one long

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  • Explication of a Poem Essay

    SUBJECT NOTEBOOK”, placed in the center of the poem, indicating a detail that doesn’t appear on the surface of those capitalized letters. This technique of capitalization demonstrates an emphasis on the importance that has been placed on the trait that it is a notebook with five subjects. Through the use of capitalization Kooser adds to the description of the notebook, and furthermore adds on to the complexity of the notebook. Kooser concludes the poem by saying “as if it were some kind of wonder”

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  • The Essence of a Love Poem Essay

    Although Browning’s poem is a wonderful fantasy, the standard that it sets is too high for most people to reach. She doesn’t mention anything about what the relationship is like on a day to day basis, nor does she say anything about how her love feels about her. The poem could very well be written to someone who doesn’t return her feelings or it could even be written to someone that she doesn’t love in a romantic way. It all depends on how the reader interprets the poem. When viewed in this light

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  • A Sonnet Lyric Poem Essay

    love or be loved. Unlike the poem by Brian Turner, Rafael Campo’s “Safe Sex” does follow the principles of conventional form of sonnet. Like many other sonnets, this poem also follows the fourteen lines that a lyric poem would consist of. It is in fact associated with love, desire, and the possibility of being a one-sided love. It also has a certain rhythmic pattern that it follows throughout the poem and included a iambic pentameter. In my opinion, this poem follows the English (Shakespearean)

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  • Essay Poem Annotation

    words I am unfamiliar with and I believe the reader should know the meanings of these words before reading the poem. When I looked up each word and found the meanings, the poem really came to life. Instead of reading each word like it did not exist I was able to capture a better picture in my head. The imagery of the poem relies on these words, and not knowing them will seem to make the poem dull and

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