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  • Business Plan For Haunted House

    Business Plan We are the Underground: a haunted house attraction that is located in a cavern. Our goal is to create a truly frightening experience in a very untraditional way by focusing more on the actors and natural setting rather than large effects and displays. We operate seasonal, but keep our lobby/bar open all year. The attraction will consist of a self guided tour of the cave were the participants will explore, figure out what they must do through puzzles, and reading. During their experience, the customer will encounter our actors, who will personally scare them through stalking, jumpscares, chases, ex. The story, and actors will depend on that years theme. Each year we take suggestions from the customers online. We pick the most…

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  • Descriptive Essay On A Haunted House

    The house that was next to my house was a tarnished old house, which has been there before I was even born. The house had a giant garden that had many wilted plants that were surrounding the house. There are lots of rumors around the town that the house is haunted as, around midnight there is always a shriek with the lights flickering on the top floor and, that has always been a mystery. Nobody has ever lived or went into the house except for one woman who had lived and died there years ago.…

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  • What Is The Most Haunted Roads In America Essay

    10 of the Most haunted roads in America The US is known for having some of the longest and visually impressive roads in America. On the other hand, it also features a wide array of Haunted Roads. Yes, there are dozens of haunted roads in America, many of which are avoided by the locals and many tourists due to the horror stories which appeared throughout the years. But not all roads are truly haunted, as you can imagine. But this does bring the question, what roads are exactly haunted in the…

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  • Informative Speech About Ghosts

    Spirits We all want to know what will happen to us once we die. The questions arise, “Will I come back as another form of life?” Will my sole still linger around those I love? Will I just be a lifeless body in the ground? All these question are things we have thought about from time to time especially the older we get and how the fact of death becomes a reality. I know most all of us have been to a haunted house or heard of off the wall ghost stories. Are these true? Are there really ghosts or…

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  • Game Show Theory Analysis

    The majority of actors and actresses presented in media are usually white. There are other races shown in media, but only a small percentage. In this particular show, out of all the races that could have been used all the characters were white males, except for one Asian female. The Asian female was a part of the college Ghost Facers team. The woman did not talk much, there were only a few scenes where she was in dialogue with another character. For the majority, she was in the background, not…

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  • Themes In Ghost Stories, By Alex Vernon

    She establishes credibility with the people who believe in the supernatural by providing locations to visit which are supposed to be haunted. Dabbs writes about spending two nights at a haunted hotel in Savannah, Georgia,…

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  • The House On Maple Street Short Story

    The House On Maple Street Mya was walking around the block at night on Maple Street. She saw this house. It wasn’t just a regular house it was a haunted scary looking house. Mya saw a ghost in the window she thought it was just in her head or a reflection of something so Mya kept walking. She went around the block again and said to herself she will not be scared, she came back to the house and saw 2 ghost in the window. This time 1 of the ghost looked at her. Mya ran home screaming. When she…

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  • Short Story: W. H. Treason's House

    There were four kids and they all wanted to go into a 1800’s mansion that was onced was owned by a rich guy named W.H. Treason. Only the main section of the house stands because it had a huge fire and that’s what killed the owner. The parts of the fired were sealed off. He owned thousands of slaves and made them do everything. Now as the kids enter the house they wonder if it was a mistake. They try to get out and it seems the house is haunted. “Did you hear that noise?”, one of the four kids…

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  • Present At A Hanging And Other Ghost Stories Analysis

    related to the disappearances of the living souls. The implied message in the, "Army Apparitions," text is paranormal activity is not just in haunted houses or scary places, it can be everywhere. This text includes examples of paranormal activity on army posts or sites that have been affected by the toughest soldiers. For instance, this sentence states, "In a 1983 SOLDIERS article SSgt. Victoria Mouze recounted tales of ghostly visitations at several posts." (Moore 3). The implied message of…

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  • Whispers Estate Essay

    kindred spirits that find intense hauntings a truly amazing experience. Built in 1899 as a family home for Dr. John and his wife, Jessie Gibbons. The doctor used the house as his office, working and operating his practice on the first floor, offering inquiring minds a unique and colorful history of life and death, making the Whispers Estate the perfect target where the walking dead are concerned. Once opened to the public for overnight visits, paranormal investigators have been lining up at the…

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