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    plan to make ~Childhood obesity really isn’t that big of a problem/ There aren’t that many obese children in America. ~We shouldn’t have to worry about childhood obesity, because it isn’t affecting us/our children. ~We shouldn’t have to help prevent/solve this problem, because it isn’t us/our children that are obese. 6. a list of sources you have looked at on the topic at this point Paoletti, J. (2007). Tipping the scales: What nurses need to know about the childhood obesity epidemic. RN,

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    and childhood obesity. Marketing to children is an effective way to promote for chain restaurants, by using products such as toys in their meals, advertising of the products on television and directly in the restaurant, and being promoted on children’s television it encourages children to make unhealthy choices. Marketing to children and having a nutritionally balanced meal should be an equal compromise; the health of children should take a forefront when addressing the issue of childhood obesity

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    representative of social epidemiology because childhood obesity is primarily caused by environmental factors. Sure it can be argued that heredity and family genes plays a role because children with parents affected by obesity are more likely to obtain it. However, genes alone do not dictate whether a child is affected by obesity. Social factors such as dietary patterns, socioeconomic status, lack of physical activity and environment all contribute to childhood obesity. Incidence or Prevalence Study: This

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    Body mass index BMI is a measure used to determine childhood overweight and obesity. It works by calculating a child's weight and height. BMI does not measure the body fat directly, but it is a reasonable indicator of body fatness for most children. This is one of the tools doctors may use to see if a child is obese. The Encyclopedia of Obesity and Eating Disorders also defines obesity as a serious health problem and ads it is body weight in excess of biological needs and excessive fatness that negatively

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    life to prevent unhealthy habits that may lead to obesity later in life, focusing on schools represents a fragmented effort. Unlike adults who can make their own health choices, children are dependent on the nutritional environment in which they are raised, such as their homes, schools or communities. This paper argues that a collective effort from multiple groups such as schools, governments, and families is needed to address childhood obesity, because an effort by schools alone will not provide

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    reach adulthood if we do not act now to help prevent these ramifications from happening. Childhood obesity is associated with an increase for other diseases not only during childhood but as the youth become adolescent and then into adulthood. “Obesity in childhood causes a wide range of serious complications, and increases the risk of premature illness and death later in life”. (Strauss, RS, 1999) Obesity in children if left neglected, will increase the risk of developing chronic adult diseases

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    among AfricanAmerican women and is also more common among short adults. (Freedman). Three-quarters of adults with Class 3 obesity have another health problem associated with being overweight, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure (Freedman). There are three times as many Class 3 obese people in 2000 as there were in 1990 (Freedman). The debate concerning the cause for obesity has been going on for decades. Thus far there has been no consensus on the main cause, but experts agree that it is probably

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    the focus of childhood obesity prevention efforts, with an emphasis on the food and beverages served. It is due to the potential impact schools have on children that they have recently become the focus in combating childhood obesity. On any given day in the United States, more than 54 million children attend school where they will consume over 50 percent of their daily calories (Healthy Eating, 2006). This childhood obesity initiative believes that schools can reduce childhood obesity by eliminating

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    being active. The availability of technology has also contributed to the obesity epidemic in children. Children would rather spend their leisure time at home watching television or playing console games instead of running around outside. With the advancement of the internet and mobile phones, children do not even have to leave the comfort of their room to talk to friends (Hills, King, & Armstrong, 2007). Habits formed in childhood often carry over into adulthood. Because of this, it is imperative that

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  • Childhood Obesity is an Epidemic Essay

    Obesity increases the insulin resistance and glucose intolerance making the drug for Type 2 diabetes less effective. Diabetes can lead to other serious health issues such as damaged blood vessels, kidney failure, blindness and limb amputations. (AOA Fact Sheets (health), 3)      Childhood obesity also may cause children to have higher cholesterol levels, sleep and breathing difficulties, heart problems and asthma. (AOA Fact Sheets (health), 3)      Not only does childhood obesity cause children

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    There is an increased risk for developing impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance and ultimately type II diabetes (CDC). Childhood obesity is also related to sleep apnea, asthma, joint discomfort, fatty liver disease, gallstones, and heartburn (CDC). With numerous health problems overweight and obese children have more absences than children with a healthy weight (Children’s Defense Fund, 2012). Not only do overweight and obese children suffer physical complications but they also endure

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    require their children to eat everything on the plate, kids then lose the ability to use their own feelings of hunger and fullness to decide how much to eat (“Childhood Obesity”). This habit can stay with a child for their entire lifespan; instead they should be urged to eat until they are full. Overeating is a top benefactor in the existence of obesity and a hard habit to break especially when it begins at such a tender age. Instead of enforcing serving sizes parents should be enforcing exercise routines

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  • Childhood Obesity in America Essay

    the school, so they eat what tastes good. If we look around the school, we see so many vending machines with full of junk foods such as oily snacks with high calories and sodas with high sugar which most kids consume all day long. Therefore, childhood obesity`s rate high today because kids are surrounded with unhealthy foods in schools. Additionally, kids are not only eating junk foods but also doing less physical activities in schools. Children spend more time at school than their home, and they

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  • Childhood Obesity Essay

    data collected by the NHANS overweight and obesity in children and adolescents has increased greatly. Overall there are many different factors that contribute to childhood obesity, which make it a very complex health issue. Some of these factors are genetic, environmental, and behavioral. Some people wonder if genetics can play a role in obesity. The answer is yes. According to the CDC scientists have shown that genetics can play a role in the obesity problem among today’s youth. While it has

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  • Childhood Obesity Is an Epidemic Essay

    There are many causes to childhood obesity nowadays, at the University of Illinois they found that there might be a link between poor parenting and high childhood obesity risks. They found that insecure parents are increasing a child’s desire to consume junk food (Lore 1). A quarter of the 2-5 year olds across the U.S. are overweight, this is a result in the parents from telling their child to clean their plate for dessert. This message is the last one they want to send to their kids these days.

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    children frequently believe that the foods they see advertised on television are more nutritious than other foods, and that it is important to educate children about advertising and nutrition. I believe that the key to reducing and preventing childhood obesity lies in a two-pronged approach: getting children to engage in more physical activity and educating them about nutrition and healthy food choices to encourage them to eat a healthier diet. It is necessary to approach both types of lifestyle changes

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  • Childhood Obesity Essay

    A BMI at the fifth and less than the eighty-fifth percentile is considered normal weight. Between the eighty-fifth and ninety-fifth percentiles, BMI is considered overweight and a BMI at or above the ninety-fifth percentile is classified as childhood obesity (Colorado State University). Physical education is an ideal way to encourage activity and develop fitness among children. According to most people go in to the gym and think “Oh no! I have to go run.” Instead think of the

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    on the television so they are unaware of how much food they are eating. According to the article, “How Television is Influencing the Obesity Epidemic”, laboratory studies have proven that children eat more when watching continuous television program than watching repeated television program or when they are not watching television. This “mindless eating” causes obesity (Boulos et al). By not acknowledging what they are eating, children are gaining calories. Another negative factor of television

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    But according to Torgan (2002), she states that "...genes alone can't account for the huge increase in rates over the past few decades." If both parents are obese and there is a family history of obesity, that child is more likely to become an obese adult than if they were to have thin parents. Genetics can also decrease metabolic rate, or the rate a person burns calories. One child may have a high metabolism that causes him or her to be leaner, while another child will have a slow metabolism making

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    The tone of the conclusion is objective. Source: Diana Hacker (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2006). Sample APA Formatted Paper Obesity in Children While none of the medications currently available is a miracle drug for curing the nation’s 9 million obese children, research 9 has illuminated some of the underlying factors that affect obesity and has shown the need for a comprehensive approach to the problem that includes behavioral, medical, social, and political change. Source:

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    neglect, child obesity falls clearly under those guidelines. Going by those rules, courts usually are looking at “neglect” cases if the case includes someone who “inflicts or allows to be inflicted upon the child physical, mental, or construction, and broad construction. Not surprisingly, childhood obesity has been a problem for America for at least twenty years. It is an epidemic that is not increasing dramatically, but nevertheless still going up. Data shows that the rates of child obesity from the

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    "). Obesity among U.S. citizens has not always been such a concern. In 1980 the rate of childhood obesity was only at 7%. However, with the significant increase in statistics, more concern is being raised. This concern is especially catered to the youth because they are the generation of tomorrow. If they are obese today, in their future they risk serious health issues. Determining contributing factors to this epidemic can help lead to an appropriate solution. Understanding what obesity is necessary

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    Knowledge of the problem can help reduce the quick rising rate of obesity. Children have a thirst for knowledge, from birth, children are constantly learning new things, sometimes as parents we forget to teach the things that are important, such as nutritional value. Often times people witness the out of control child with their parents crying, pouting, pounding their fist, screaming, basically every annoying thing in the book possible, all for some soda, or a piece of candy. Children are constantly

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    decrease the probability of a child becoming overweight or obese. Although diet is an esential part in staying healthy, children need to be tought why being healthy is relevent to our lives. I believe that if schools had more health classes the obesity rates of

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  • Childhood Obesity an American Epidemic Essay

    responsible and take time out to choose healthy foods from supermarkets, to avoid purchasing excessive sugary and fatty meals from fast food restaurants. Childhood obesity is a treatable condition and both parents and teachers should take an active role in the health of our children. Parents are the first line of defense for childhood obesity and should monitor what foods their child is eating. A parent should remain aware of excessive weight gain and make sure their children are choosing healthy

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    was lower which is really alarming. The weaker test scores indicate how obese children are having learning difficulties as being overweight is taking a toll on the individuals’ learning. There is no doubt that obesity is severely affecting a child’s growth and development negatively. Obesity is strongly linked to overwhelming health effects as there are many conditions associated with being overweight. The most dominant consequences of heaviness are health problems such as high cholesterol and high

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  • Addressing the Issues of Childhood Obesity - Essay

    The intent for this research, education, and knowledge of childhood obesity is to educate myself. I plan to use this knowledge to achieve an awareness of the importance of eating well and taking care of our bodies. I plan to use this knowledge to keep my children healthy and be able to help further the education of childhood obesity to friends and other families. It is so important to be well educated on the subject of childhood obesity because of the health of our families and most importantly,

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    but also be on board with helping their children become healthier too. One of the key causes of obesity in children is from parents choosing to dine at fast food restaurants rather than cooking healthier meals at home. The convenience and affordability of these establishments, such as McDonald’s and Burger King, make people more likely to choose them. Fast food is a leading factor in childhood obesity. In an article by CBSNews, “Every day, nearly one-third of U.S. children aged 4 to 19 eat fast food

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    and by 2008…16.9% of children were obese” (Grossklaus and Marvicsin 69). The root causes for childhood obesity are poor diets, lack of exercise, and a non-active physical lifestyle. Because of these three reasons, experts have identified that the environment that parents provide for their children aid or prevent childhood obesity. One of the leading misconceptions that parents have concerning childhood obesity is that their child is not obese or overweight. It is essential that a parent understands

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  • Childhood Obesity: a Growing Epidemic Essay

    their health. In a study by epidemiologist Dr. Andrea Sharma she proposes that in order for changes in childhood obesity and obesity on a whole there needs to be some form encouragement to understand good nutrition and promote physical activity. She encourages this by way of increasing the intake of water and fruits and lessening that of sweetened beverages and high calorie foods Childhood Obesity is on the increase and even though not one factor can be blamed for its increase , the underlying fact

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