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  • Plastic Surgery Vs Cosmetic Surgery

    Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Risks vs. Rewards The definition of beauty is different for each individual. Each person’s definition of beauty is shaped by that person’s surroundings and culture and can even change throughout their life. Despite the billions of different ideas surrounding what a beautiful person is, everyone wants to make themselves into their definition of beauty. Throughout the course of history, many different cultures have resorted to numerous methods of beauty enhancement. Some of these modifications included tooth blackening, tattooing, lip plates, scarring, razor sharp teeth, lengthened necks, and binding of women’s feet to make them smaller (Lusted 9-10). These methods have evolved to become plastic, also known as cosmetic, surgery. Advances in the plastic surgery world were heavily affected by the World War I. This war took place between 1914 and 1918 and war doctors made tremendous progress in this field. The deep and uneven wounds that these surgeons and doctors were treating forced them to adapt their techniques to repair the damage. These surgeries took place during a time that doctors did not have a strong understanding of sterilization and the use of disinfectants resulting in a lot of infection. They also lacked anesthetics and pain medication, making surgery extremely painful. With more and more practice, the doctors in the war hospitals were able to revolutionize surgery. The processes used to repair war injuries aided in the process of…

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  • Plastic Surgery: The Rise Of Cosmetic Surgery

    putting the rise of plastic surgery, and what happened to cause this shift. How would you like the reader of your letter to respond? I agree with a lot of the points made in this article, one being that I this day currently women are always being bombarded by media, and seeing these beautiful celebrity figures, and wanting to look like them. For example, Kylie Jenner is the epitome for full lips, and now the new trend is full lips, and not only rich women get these procedures but now…

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  • Plastic Surgery: The Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is a well-known medical treatment involves changing of the outer appearance. At first, the main purpose why someone has to take plastic surgery is because that person needs it to restore a part of his/ her body that has been damaged. As time goes on, people invent various practices on plastic surgery. In this era, some people do plastic surgery not because of their health problems, but mainly because they want to look better. This type of surgery is known as cosmetic plastic…

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  • The Consequences Of Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that was intended to be used for traumas and reconstruction of body defects. But, over the years, elective surgeries are becoming more popular to achieve the beauty people want. Beauty is the qualities in a person that give pleasures to the sense or the mind. In today’s society, beauty is judged harshly and is frequently talked about throughout social media. The people who are troubled about their appearances will try to cover up these insecurities with…

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  • Plastic Surgery: The Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery

    According to the Los Angeles Times, “Some patients may overlook the risks of aesthetic surgery because it is performed by doctors. . . The fact that a surgeon is putting in implants send a subtle message that they are safe. What healer would do something to harm us?” 1(Edmonds). The risks of cosmetic plastic surgery are being overlooked because of the safety net of having a highly educated doctor perform the procedure. It sends a message that cosmetic surgery is a good and safe idea. Beauty has…

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  • Cosmetic Surgery In Korea Essay

    Lowering Ages of Cosmetic Surgery in Korea In twenty-first century, with the rapid development of economic, medical, and science and technology, the living standards of people have been continuously improved. At the same time, people’s pursuit on better looks brings an emerging industry, cosmetic surgery industry, in South Korea. Cosmetic surgery is distinguished from plastic surgery, the principal purpose of cosmetic surgery is to enhance people’s appearance of a body part, especially on their…

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  • The Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery is becoming a popular surgery around the world. To some people cosmetic surgery helps their self-esteem, to others, it helps make their life a little less complicated. To some after a long period of time, many problems can rise to the surface, especially if there are many surgeries done on the same person. Some people believe that if they have the money to have elective surgery they should be allowed to do what they want. As for the opposite side, having cosmetic surgery is…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic Surgery

    should match a models body-image, and if it does then you should be accepted into the social society. Therefore, teens are having cosmetic surgery thinking their lives will change and all the risk they are taking. Cosmetic surgery isn’t the answer to fix teens self-esteem or make them popular because it will only last a short minute. In their future the surgery they had will most likely cause serious health problems. Teens are getting hypnotized into images of celebrities and are basically…

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  • The Risks And Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery

    People considering getting cosmetic surgery should analyze all the risks and dangers of the procedure, and the costs of these procedures. My opinion is that if you 're not getting something serious done, then it isn 't worth it. There are many different risks of cosmetic surgery that you should know about before getting a procedure done. If you have any diseases or issues in your health, its better to stay away from unnecessary surgeries "People with a history of cardiovascular…

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  • Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic Surgery: Is it worth the risk? Cosmetic surgery, as seen, portrayed, and glorified on shows such as Botched, The Swan, and Extreme Makeover, is the practice of enhancing as well as changing body and facial features through plastic surgery. The purpose behind cosmetic surgery is to help one achieve a desired look, or to change or alter one’s insecurities about their body. Some common and popular cosmetic surgeries are known to be breast reduction and enlargement, facelifts, hair…

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