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  • Teen Pregnancy

    According to the Mayo Clinic, “the most common complications for pregnant teens – especially those younger than age fifteen and those who don’t receive prenatal care – include a low level of iron in the blood (anemia), high blood pressure, and preterm labor” (Mayo Clinic Staff). All of these complications can have a very negative impact on the mother, her pregnancy, and her child. Anemia during pregnancy can cause a woman to go into preterm labor, suffer from postpartum depression, and possibly lose a large amount of blood during childbirth, which may result in the need for a blood transfusion (“Anemia in Pregnancy”). If a woman suffers from high blood pressure during pregnancy she is more likely to have complications with her kidneys and other organs and is at risk for developing preeclampsia, a condition that puts the life of both the mother and her unborn child in danger (“High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy”). Preterm labor can result in the mother’s baby being born prematurely, which can cause a number of issues for the child (Brooks). Young women who are pregnant should be aware of these risks and conditions that could seriously affect their…

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  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention

    Teen Pregnancy Prevention In the United States of America there are about 820,000 teen pregnancies a year. I believe that this problem can be prevented by abstinence and responsibility. Teen pregnancy is when a female under the age of 20 becomes pregnant. There can be many dangers and problems to a teen pregnancy. Although over fifty percent of teens are sexually active there are many preventives to causing pregnancy. Personally I disagree with teen pregnancy, but there are some people who do…

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  • The History Of Teen Pregnancy

    The teens pregnancy is not a new occurrence in our society, however, the perception of American society on this topic changed in the last century. Until late 1800’s, main concern about pregnant teen was to be married before baby was born and most of states codes allowed girls as young as 12 to do so (Teen Pregnancy, 2008). However, due to living condition, poor diet and diseases, most of teen girls did not reach physical maturity until late teens which limited number of early pregnancies. In…

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  • Essay On Teen Pregnancy

    Teen Pregnancy Giving birth has numerous merits; for instance, it enables and enhances continuity of the species as the old ones die. However, the pregnancy that eventually leads to these births need to be regulated and individuals are supposed to give rise to new young ones once they have attained a legal age; probably above eighteen years which is deemed to be the minimum age for an adult. Teen pregnancy is the pregnancy in a woman who is aged between ten and nineteen years old. In the recent…

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  • Teen Pregnancy Definition

    TEEN PREGNANCY As a teen, becoming pregnant is the last thing thought about. When teens do not take the proper precautions, this can cause a human being to be conceived. When people are together and do not use protection pregnancy will most likely occur. Young adolescents don’t think of the consequences in the heat of the moment. At 17, a young man becomes a father after over counter pregnancy test and Dr. Office appointments. It is real there is a baby. Nobody knows or really thinks about…

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  • The Rise Of Teen Pregnancy

    Teen Pregnancy rates are decreasing Being nineteen and under and expecting a child is what is label as a teen pregnancy. As well as many generations before us the trend in pregnant teens has been an interesting topic because the debate as to what can prevent underage child-bearing has been so controversial. Throughout the early 1900’s we seen a typical trend in women being old enough to get married, to then decide to have children, steadily change. By the 1950’s change in the typical women’s…

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  • Discourages Teen Pregnancy

    discourage pregnancy, most of us will readily agree that the show promotes teen pregnancy. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of those that are actually teen moms. Whereas some are convinced that “16 and Pregnant” promotes teen pregnancy, others maintain that the show discourages teen pregnancy, to which I would have to disagree with. The show seems to promote more than discourage young viewers by glamorizing this unreal look on teen pregnancy. “16 and Pregnant” show…

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  • The Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

    Teen pregnancy has been an issue in the United States for many years already. Teens need a good amount of information about abstinence, condoms, and contraception in order to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy. Empowering young women about themselves and their future would have them reflect on the decisions they make. These days, social media has a lot to do with exposing girl’s bodies at a young age. That is why we need to inform and talk to young woman about unwanted pregnancy and…

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  • The Influence Of Teen Pregnancy

    Brazoria County alone, “23 teens out of 1000 are pregnant within the ages of 15-17, while 95 teens out of 1000 are pregnant within the ages of 18-19,” – (Cosmopolitan). 75% of teen pregnancies are unplanned because the teens are either looking for sex education through the internet and/or reality television shows similar to ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’, or just simply not asking their fellow peers or parents. Shows like ’16 and Pregnant’ promotes teen pregnancy because it makes teen girls…

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  • TV And Teen Pregnancy

    life. Displaying the “Real Life” situations such as the every growing popular show “16 and Pregnant”. This show documenting your women’s lives as they come to a close on their unexpected pregnancies and the delivery of their new lives. Making teen pregnancy look glamorous and fun. Putting a mask on the real issue. The purpose of the television show was to prevent teen pregnancy, further more, painting a perfect picture of how little the lives of these young girls have changed. However, making…

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