The History Of Teen Pregnancy

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The teens pregnancy is not a new occurrence in our society, however, the perception of American society on this topic changed in the last century. Until late 1800’s, main concern about pregnant teen was to be married before baby was born and most of states codes allowed girls as young as 12 to do so (Teen Pregnancy, 2008). However, due to living condition, poor diet and diseases, most of teen girls did not reach physical maturity until late teens which limited number of early pregnancies. In 1900’s, the changes in law resulted in decreased rate of early marriage and pregnancy, until 1940s to 1960s when rate of teens pregnancy drastically increased (to about 70-80 births per 1000). In 1970s to 1990s, with girls reaching puberty in an younger age and increased numbers of people postponing marriage (due to increasing divorce rate, reliable contraceptive methods, seeking education) more single females become mothers. While before teens mothers were giving up babies for adoption, since 1990 this trend changed and currently the majority of adolescent mother decides to keep their babies (Teen Pregnancy, …show more content…
The “All Kids” assistance program provides free or low cost health care for children and pregnant women. Independent teenagers and pregnant women can receive temporary medical card and coverage. The WCHD also offers immunizations; cost of children vaccination is $23.75 per dose and children’s vaccinations are given despite ability to pay (WCHD, 2016). Silver Cross Hospital hosts prenatal childbirth classes (free of charge), the prepared childbirth classes ($75), and the breastfeeding classes ($15); those are secondary prevention interventions (Silver Cross, 2016). In addition, the qualified individuals can obtain assistance through Woman, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program (WCHD,

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