The Benefits Of Birth Control Pills

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In the year of 2014, approximately 250,000 babies were born to mothers aged between 15-19 (CDC). The most important question posed now is, why are these teen pregnancy numbers so high? Is it because teenagers are uneducated in the risks of sexual activity? Is it because teenagers are too scared to confront their parents about going on birth control? The latter of the two seems to be more of a realistic reasoning. Birth control pills are among the most common form of birth control; they are a form of hormonal contraception. Birth control pills and teenagers have become a hot topic within the community. Many wonder if teenagers should have birth control readily available to them without being prescribed by a doctor. Although many may argue it …show more content…
Other than preventing pregnancies, birth control can have several benefits to that in which take it. One benefit, which is newly founded is that the effects of birth control can help with the prevention of cancer in the ovaries as well as the endometrium. The pill can help clear up pre-existing acne, as well as stop the accumulation of more acne. One significant plus to taking the birth control pill is that periods are usually lighter, and symptoms appear to be less severe once a woman begins the pill. In the long run, it is helpful; the pill has even been linked to helping prevent premature hair loss. Among all of these benefits, it can help prevent cysts and treat anemia ( Looking at all of the positive outcomes that come with taking the birth control pill, it is clear as to why so many women want to be, or are on, the birth control pill. So, why if there are so many benefits to being on the pill, other than contraceptive control, are teenagers so nervous to talk to a parent or doctor about taking the …show more content…
With a prescription, insurance covers the costly expense of these pills. Insurance companies do not cover OTC expenses. This issue can be solved though. Some states have already experienced public health insurance covering pre-existing OTC contraceptive methods such as condoms and “the morning after” pill. There is no reason in which this could not be expanded to OTC birth control pills. Obama and his administration have recently attempted to set a minimum requirement for OTC contraceptives. That age being 15, controversies arose. An age minimum should not be set on such medication because there are young teenagers having sex all over. Physically, a female can get pregnant after starting to menstruate, which can be as early, if not earlier than, 10 years old.
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If one can conceive, one has the right to protect themselves from pregnancy, no matter the age.
Overall, birth controls are beneficial. There are some, non severe, side effects of being on the pill, but if the correct research is done prior to starting the pill, the pill is safe. Putting birth control on the counters, for anyone to buy at their own need, poses no threat to the community nor teenagers individually. Birth control pills, without a prescription, or parental consent should be available to any teenager who seeks contraceptive

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