Causes Of Motherhood In The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver

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The Bean Trees is a story about young women who live at a disadvantage because of an not planned parenthood but is trying to improve her life. However, Taylor Greer, one of the main characters in The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, fell into motherhood that was not planned, “…she sets this bundle down on the seat of my car...take this’s my dead’s sister’s…and walked away…”(Kingsolver 18). Taylor had to take in a baby because it was thrown into her car. Although wanting to reject the girl who gave it to her, the girl left and went back into a bar before she could give the child back. Taylor, although quite young, was compassionate, had no choice but to raise the child. However, as seen in the book, she had a very difficult time …show more content…
Motherhood at a young age is a problem in and out society today because of the psychological, social, and economic problems that not only hurt the young, single mothers but also causes a burden society was bear. This is why teenage pregnancy is not good for our or any other society.
The causes of pregnancy uses deals with poverty, pressure, and lastly, attention-grabbing. When one is in poverty, they do the get the same education as those living in a society with money, “In low-and middle-income countries, is the leading cause of death for young women ages 15-19; half a million women worldwide die…teens are twice as likely to die in childbirth as women over twenty” (Teen Pregnancy Prevention). Because many low class people are poor, they do not gain the education needed not only to raise a child but also learn how to prevent conception. Due to lack of money, it would also be difficult to by medications such as pills, condoms, and patches for birth control. “Most teens that use birth control pills do not use any other method of protection, and many teens are inconsistent in their use of the pill…” (“About Teenage Pregnancy." Center for disease control and Prevention). Most teens that use birth
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Becoming pregnant can lead to drop out which can be a burden on the community. Not only does this effect the mother however poverty is not good for the community either, “(teen) school dropout costs the nation approximately $260,000 in lost earnings, taxes and productivity” (Teenage Pregnancy Negatively Impacts the Nations economy). However, under the investigation of the Alliance for Excellent education, the main reason why the girls’ drop out of school is due to, “early pregnancy or parenthood as a key reason” (About Teenage Pregnancy). In most cases, the man runs off and doesn 't care for the child or for the mother. Therefore everything is left for the mother to do, this makes it difficult for the mother to get a degree and support the child. However, not only is it difficulty for the mother to make enough to raise a child and herself, she may not be able to help her state or country by paying the taxes or even lending help to the country by being

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