Pro Choice: The Legalization Of Abortion And Pro-Choice

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A touchy subject that some say shouldn’t be protested out on the streets. While others argue that it is God’s will to lead the public to righteousness. The heated debate about abortion has been going on long before Roe vs Wade and will certainly continue long after. Woman across the country have stood up and spoken out for their right to make their own reproductive choice. Authors, scientist, and philosophers have all taken a stance to show the great impacts the world has seen since the legalization of abortion. I was drawn to Pro-Choice representation for their examination of the effects of not only the child but, everyone and everything the child will impact.

In 1812 Connecticut was the first state to pass a law criminalizing abortion,
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Steven D. Levitt quoted from his studies of abortion and crime rates “legalization of abortion has contributed significantly to recent crime reductions.” As early as 18 years after the legalization of abortion; crime rates were significantly lower and he stated the states that legalized abortion earlier saw the crime rate drop sooner than others. “Women who have abortions are those most at risk to give birth to children who would engage in criminal activity.” He goes on to talk about women who had control of their births were more likely to raise their children in healthy environments. Philosopher and Professor Peter Singer justified the matter of abortion in the sense that the world is overpopulated. An estimate from the UN stated that the world population in 2050 would be around 9.3 billion. Increasing the population will also increase pollution, starvation, medical and educational cost, poverty, and lack of resources. Just imagine the population increase and strain if abortions were outlawed.

Pro-choice pushes the freedom for women to have the power over their own bodies but, also brings up a very important aspect of the freedom is knowledge. The attitude or lack of sexual education has lead to the ignorance in the causes and prevention of pregnancies. Abstinence only sexual education and not body positive and factual sexual education has lead to a high rate of pregnancy in teenagers. Studies show that impoverish women have more chances of unwanted pregnancies because their lack knowledge in birth control

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