Abortion: Pro Choice Or Pro-Life

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The debate over abortion rages on as one of the most controversial issues present today; individuals choose sides, labeling themselves as pro-choice or pro-life. Activists fight for what they believe on both sides, some fighting for more protection of women’s reproductive rights on the pro-choice side, others fighting for the limitation of the right to abortion on the pro-life side. Advocates and subsequently movements on both sides have fought each other since the first legislation on abortion in the 1800s. Lobbyists, angered by what they perceive as unjust killings of unborn babies as well as due to their religious beliefs, formed pro-life movements, responding to the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of abortion. The church as well as various deliberative, disjointed, and radical groups work separately and together to reverse the Supreme Court decision and to end abortion; so far, their main accomplishments include gaining considerable amounts of support and limiting access to abortion. The movement …show more content…
Individuals object to abortion for a plethora of different reasons, mainly because they view abortion as the murder of an innocent child. A large fraction of the population holds pro-life views, as according to a 2003 survey of women nation-wide conducted by the Center for Gender Equality, a majority of women are pro-life (Ruse). Although anti-abortionists’ reasonings differ, most who are pro-life feel that way because they see abortion as murder. Writer Lynn-nore Chittom elucidates this crux of the anti-abortion position: “Abortion is a deadly and dangerous procedure. In every abortion the life of an innocent, unborn baby is knowingly ended” (Chittom). Describing abortion

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