The Ideas Of Planned Parenthood

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Not all the issues that are argued about in the United States are economic. A lot of them have to do with cultural beliefs. Of course the distribution of wealth, taxes, and government spending are major issues, but without basic equality for all U.S. citizens, solutions to these issues can’t work. Women don’t have enough say in their rights. Planned Parenthood offers women the option of having safe abortions for reasonable costs, yet politicians debate whether they should give money to this organization to keep it running. Women also don’t get the same wages as men do, even if they have the same position at the same company. While all this is happening, some people protest the Black Lives Matter movement by saying “All Lives Matter”. African Americans still face racism, even though the U.S. should be past this. In order for government to fix any other issues, the basic requirements of equality must be met; Planned Parenthood should keep its funding since it helps many, women should be paid …show more content…
At the country 's founding, women didn’t have rights to their bodies or rights to vote. In 1920, the 19th amendment passed in Congress, which gives women the right to vote. In 1973, the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade rules that forbidding abortion is unconstitutional. Today, this issue remains as people debate the morality of abortion. People that are pro-life believe that abortion should be made illegal once again because it is the killing of babies. People that are pro-choice believe that abortion should be kept legal because women have the right to make the choice. Since at the time of abortion, the fetus isn’t technically a baby, the pro-life views seem unreasonable to pro-choice supporters. There is a reason that the abortions are only allowed to happen within the first 24 weeks; the ‘fetus’, which is still a clump of cells at that point, can’t survive on its own outside the

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