Pro Life And Pro Choice Debate

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Pro-life and Pro-choice Debate
Abortion plays on the heart strings of all who are involved. Both side of the arguments are arguing for human life, one side for the mother and the other for the unborn child. Values play the biggest role in these arguments, and each argument can be circular based on people’s values. These sides use many different transcendence arguments for their movement. Both sides use quantity, quality, value, hierarchy, and antithesis to convince people to support their side of the movement. The quantity and quality transcendence arguments are used together by the pro-life and pro-choice movements. The arguments from quality compare what is good or bad and what is moral versus immoral, and the quantity arguments support which side is bigger in size and thus has more support. For example, the
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Arguments for the pro-life movements based on value argue that women’s rights, the freedom of choice and religious liberty, are much lower on than the value scale than the right to life. They use a reverse value argument, that the ends, preserving a woman’s right of privacy and choice, does not justify the end, depriving the fetus of its right to life. This argument is effective because is clearly states what the activist in the movement value. This argument can also a hierarchy argument. Hierarchy arguments make decisions based on the importance of one issue over another. When using a hierarchy argument activist argue that their value is more important than another. For example, people are more important that animals or one race is more important than another. This relates to the pro-life movement because they argue that the fetus’s right to life is more important that the mothers right to privacy or freedom of choice. They also argue that this is a moral issue rather than a political issue, which makes the issue a higher

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