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  • Summer Camp Narrative

    I spent the summer of 2016 at a summer camp. It had been the longest time I had spent away from home. I met a guy there. He felt like home. He was very judgemental and persuasive. He didn't let me think on my own and he gave me an opinion of everything I did. He was just like my parents. I ended up dating him within a few days. He rushed into a relationship way too quickly, but he was exactly what my parents wanted. After all, isnt that what matters most, to please my parents? He lived in another state. After camp ended we dated for a short time before the distance gave me room to realize how unhealthy the relationship was. I broke up with him and he was furious. I felt guilty for hurting him. I don't like hurting people, it's not my nature…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Summer Camp

    Ever since I was eight, I would travel to an all girls camp, during the summer, called “The Summer Camp”. The trip was an 8 hour death ride from Manhattan, New York City to Washington, Maine. The first time I arrived, I hated it, because campers could not obtain electronic devices, as mentioned before, Maine was far from my home, and lastly, my comfort zone was an urban, fast pace city, not the woods. Additionally, the camp had schedules to follow. Breakfast started at 8 am and ended at 9:30 am,…

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  • Summer Camp For Incoming Freshman

    A summer camp in engineering physics for incoming freshman to improve retention and student success Summer camps have proven to be a valuable tool to attract and recruit students interested in pursuing a career in the STEM. They have been also used to spark their curiosity in areas like mathematics. However, the camps do not address issues that happen after the students have been admitted at the university. It is well known that many students are shocked when they transition from high-school to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A 4-H Extension Agent

    4-H program in 2016. • 210 Kanawha County youth participated in summer camping programs including Kanawha county day and residential camps, and state camps. • 2,178 youth received nutrition education yearly through the Family Nutrition Program.…

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  • Military Summer Camp Analysis

    How do you feel safe when you hear about your nation’s military? Perhaps the opposite. Nations such as the USA, China and Russia had always had a strong patriotism within their civilians helping them boost a larger, stronger and a better morale military. For this cause many governments have created ways in which they attempt to inspire the underaged population. One of the techniques are through military summer camps. The most famous camps of this category can be found in the USA, Russia, China,…

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  • Narrative Essay On Summer Camp

    Scary summer camp The summer of 2015 was the scariest summer I ever had. School was out so I decided to embark on a much anticipated camping trip with my friends Melvin, Tom, Danny, Tasha, and Brenda .We stayed up for hours planning, preparing. July 20th finally arrived we jumped in my car and drove the five miles to River rock mountain. On arrival we speedily got out of the car in awe. The sweet music of the birds bombarded us everywhere we turned. We felt the soft fresh breeze on our faces, we…

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  • Case Study: The Intercamp Classic

    budget are quite restricted. The tournament has previously expanded operations twice. In 2011, a female handball division was created and a male flag football division for high school students was added in 2012. The previous expansions mean the Classic has the operational capacity to accommodate future growth in the existing market segments. Howard is the founder and the primary decision maker of the Classic and is supported by a five-member committee of volunteers. Howard’s experience in the…

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  • Recreational Therapy Meeting Case Study

    of ADA guidelines impacts the process of camper registration. For example, it is not technically legal for a camp to put campers with disabilities on a wait list. In some districts, they are not allowed to put a permanent cap on the capacity of campers for each summer camp because of this. Unless the ratio of camper to counselor/staffer becomes a safety problem or the over-abundance of campers causes a drain on the city’s budget, they are required to make the cap flexible to allow more…

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  • Case Study: Marketing Challenge

    Marketing Challenge This report discusses the situation faced by Josh Howard as at October 2012 in regards to the 2013 Toronto’s Intercamp Classic Annual Charity event. The marketing challenge is to raise 25% more money during the 2013 event than the $125,000 raised in 2012 and amounts to a donation goal of $156,250. The 2013 event is in support of the Kids in Camps charity which aims to send underprivileged kids to summer camp. It is scheduled for May 5, 2013 and the kickoff campaign launches…

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  • Student Involvement Analysis

    Parents with minimal involvement in their children’s day-to-day lives are the most likely to send them to sleep-away camp, because they recognize that it is healthy for kids to have experiences on their own. The most involved parents, meanwhile, will usually allow them to go to day camp, but not to leave home— often because they have the “protective” characteristic, or because their constant social involvement may cause the child to become homesick. My own summer camp experience is the perfect…

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