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  • Reflective Essay: Personal Action Plan For The Summer

    been a very intriguing summer for me. I have spent plenty of nights working on an assignment till 4 in the morning. It was moments where I thought I was going to give up and just forget how hard I worked to get where I am now. I had to train myself mentally in order for me to get through this summer, and I have set a personal action plan for the fall and spring semester of my freshman year. A personal action plan for me will be to schedule my daily activities out and manage my time more efficiently. This summer, I have covered plenty of strategies in order for me to achieve my plan during the fall and spring semester. One of the strategies I found useful was to have a planner and write down all of my assignments due and I can also fit other personal activities in the planner. The reason I found this strategy useful was because during the fall and spring semester, I’ll have everything planned out and I will never fall behind on any assignments. This will give me a chance to be ahead of my friends who doesn’t have a planner and I’ll be able to fit time in for me to do other activities that doesn’t deal with school. Another strategy that I have…

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  • Should Schools Have A Year-Round Schedule?

    Do you think that your school should have a Year-Round schedule? If you do then you will have to consider the pros and cons of the schedule. Is this schedule easy? No, it is not you must consider how year-round school operates, the positives, and negatives. First, you must learn how the year-round plan operates. The 45-15 plan works like this “In which children attend school for 45 days then have three weeks off.” Year-round schools also give breaks around holidays like normal schedules do so…

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  • Summer Budget Proposal

    According to Pahl and Richter (2007), threats are possible events or forces outside of the organization’s control that must be plan for or agree upon how to mitigate. One of the biggest threats that PCA faces is low enrollment during the summer months. It is unfortunate that in the general area, parents do not seek summer child care. Because summer months’ fees are usually higher based on summer activities, parents tend to find alternative child care which means that children will not be…

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  • Different Season Moving

    A Look At Moving During Different Seasons Of The Year If you have the luxury of picking your moving date, then you should consider the pros and cons of moving during different seasons of the year, especially if you have kids. If you have a sudden life change, such as starting a new job, you may have to move on short notice, but if you know several months in advance when you'll need to move, you have plenty of time to plan so the experience is easier on everyone in your family. Here are some…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Year-Round Schools

    Antony Perna Year Round Schools Mr. Reynolds 4-1-16 Do you want to know what would be very stressful for you and your parents? Year round schooling and that is one of many reasons why i am against Year round schooling.Year round schooling has messed up schedules that causes corruption in sports and other summer activities. Families don't have the time to spend together when the summer break is shorter. Year round schooling also causes stress on students with plans for sports. The sports…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Year-Round School

    In Class Essay Over summer break students forget, on average, one month of grade level equivalency. One way to solve this problem is year round schooling. Year round schooling is when students attend school for about a 9 week period and then get a 2-3 week break. The plan most commonly used in the US for year round schooling is known as the 45-15 plan where peers attend school for 45 weekdays and get a 15 week daybreak. This will allow children go to school the same amount of time, but they will…

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  • What Is Year Round School

    Year Round School? Imagine going to school through the summer. The sweltering heat making you sweat buckets in your classroom. Year-round schools have been popping up across the country. These schools have about forty-five days of school followed by fifteen days of break all year. But, having a long break in between school years is refreshing so you can go on vacation or attend a summer camp, and weekends are already short enough to give you a rest without forgetting school material. Also, for…

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  • Summer Vocation Essay

    If you ask me my plans for the summer vocation, I will reply you many answer. I am very like the summer vocation. Because it is my last summer vocation, firstly I will go out to travel with my friends, I want to XiAn best, I like old city very much. Then, I plan to buy a guitar, I really want to learn play the guitar, because I used agree on learning play the guitar with a boy who is my best friends. I also want to learn cook, my mother always decline to teach me cooking, she thinks I need’nt…

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  • Year-Round Education

    through goods and trade. At the root of this, is the need for our youth to have a well-rounded education to contribute in the work field. If our youth do not have the best education, it will be hard to compete in today’s global economy. Traditionally schools have adopted the calendar of a nine-month year with an extended three-month summer vacation. This traditional schedule dates to when there was a need for extra people to work in agriculture during the spring and fall. In addition to this,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Year Round School

    their studies over a 3 month summer vacation and such have to be retaught some of what they learned last year in school. This practice waste teachers ' time because they have to reteaching last years lessons. This is one of the arguments for students going to school all year round. There are a number of different models out there, some have student in school for 60 days then off for 20 days, others use a 45/15 model. Students are still in school the traditionally 180 days a year, their…

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