Year-Round Education

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Year-Round Education: A Necessity for the Future Generations
In the global environment, we live in today; there is a growing need for nations to help support other countries through goods and trade. At the root of this, is the need for our youth to have a well-rounded education to contribute in the work field. If our youth do not have the best education, it will be hard to compete in today’s global economy. Traditionally schools have adopted the calendar of a nine-month year with an extended three-month summer vacation. This traditional schedule dates to when there was a need for extra people to work in agriculture during the spring and fall. In addition to this, the summer months are a popular time for traveling, so hospitality services need
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First, parents can use vacation days more efficiently. Second, parents will not have to worry as much about child care. These benefits will end up saving parents more money long term. One issue of traditional school is that parents are held hostage to taking vacation days, based on when their children are out of school. Schools may have an off day here and there, and it may be a break for the student. For parents, it is not practical. A benefit of year-round school is that the breaks are more evenly balanced over a twelve-month period instead of a nine-month period and one extra-long summer break. This is beneficial because parents can take vacation time in larger chunks and can use this time to travel or something else that requires more time. Parents should also be encouraged Because Opheim notes in an article that, “more frequent vacations contribute to better behavior (Gitlin, 1988; Loyal, 1991; Hoke, 1992). In a case study of Huntington Park High School, Jefferson County, California, Gitlin found that educators noticed immediate changes in the transition to a YRS [Year-Round School] program. With 1,000 kids on vacation at any given time, it was found that there was less pushing and shoving, fewer verbal accusations, and better discipline (1988).” (Opheim). To sum this up, moving students to a year-round schedule will allow both parents and children to be on a more common schedule so that it will …show more content…
The model helps students retain knowledge and continue a rigorous course of education. The model accommodates teachers and gives them the opportunity to self-reflect and plan. The model also benefits parents by giving them a more flexible vacation schedule, peace of mind their kids are retaining knowledge, and financial options for intersession activities. We as a nation are falling behind in education partly because we are operating our school systems on an antiquated schedule. Schools should look at all the proven research in recent years that year-round is the new way to go in a changing global environment. Our future generations will be more equipped with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce when they can go to school all year on a schedule that lends itself to help the individual learn and retain

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