Benefits Of Year Round School

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The Benefits Year-Round Schooling
Since the beginning of time, teaching and learning has been a detrimental part of what makes us able to innovate and experience the world around us. A form of schooling introduced in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was a year round school system (Pedersen, "The History of School and Summer Vacation"). This system allowed for more days within the learning period and allotted for students to get more out of their education. Research from all the way back to a hundred years ago has shown that students tend to lose information and their footing during a traditional summer vacation (Fairchild, "Why and how communities should focus on summer learning."). The current system most public schools within the
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It has been shown that schools with year round education have higher annual attendance rates in comparison to schools with a typical schedule (DeNisco, “Year-round schooling gains popularity.”). This leads to better continuity with learning and will result in minimal education gaps. For Beecher Community School District, switching to a balanced calendar meant not just higher, but doubled reading and writing scores for standardized testing in grades third to sixth (DeNisco, “Year-round schooling gains popularity.”). Standardized testing can help us determine an average skill level for a school district or even an entire state, allowing for us to have the ability to grant funding for where it will be put to best use. Having year round schooling would also award us the ability of getting the most out of our education. Instead of a ten-week summer vacation, in which information is difficult to retain, we would instead have a four to six-week vacation period, creating frequent and smooth rolling breaks throughout the year. Lessening the need for longer review periods within the beginning of the school year. Allowing for a more regularized, stress reducing break system for not only for student, but for staff as well (Yeager, "Year-Round Education Program Guide."). Stress can often put a damper on our productivity and have detrimental health effects if not seen/dealt with properly. Teens reportedly have higher issues with stress along with a harder time recognizing it (Bethune, "Teen Stress Rivals That of Adults."). Not only is reducing stress profitable, but higher testing and attendance rates are also academically beneficial for both teachers and students

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