The Negative Analysis Of Year-Round School Stress On Students

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Year round school stresses most students and teachers out by having to deal with a lot of work. The claim that students really do forget or unlearn things they have learned when too much time off is given between classroom sessions. According to Year round school- how it affects students. Summer slide. The analysis for my quote is academic strides the quote mean that knowledge is lost when students get so much time off like summer months from academic pursuits. My evidence supports my topic because year round school should not be allowed because it brings too much stress on students.
Students do not seem to have too much slide back skills for which they were solid. According to “Year-Round School: An Overview,” summer slide it analysis the
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According to year round school “struggle to remember skills content” the analysis is when students return from summer breaks they struggle to remember skills and content , this evidence supports my argument because it 's true when students return from their summer break they struggle with their learning because they were to busy thinking about other things besides school and their education. School stresses students out because they have other stuff to worry about, they have to worry about homework, essays, and their family issues at home that 's way too much stress on …show more content…
For many school communities, the most persuasive argument in favor of YRE is that it offers a cost-effective way of relieving classroom overcrowding. A year-round schedule makes fuller use of existing facilities because it enables more students to enroll at any particular time. Schools and communities can avoid construction cost by eliminating or postponing the need to build additional classrooms. It has also been suggested that in comparison to the money saved from non-building, year round schools require modest operating

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