School Vs Year Round School Essay

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Year-Round School vs. Regular 9 Month School Would you want your kids to be at school for more hours a day? Would you not want to see your kids as much? Well if you put your kids in Year-Round schooling they wouldn’t have any time to spend with you because they would be at the school for more hours than regular 9 month school. These topics are very controversial. They are controversial because people are saying that Year-Round school prevents summer learning loss, but others are say no it doesn’t and that regular 9 month school learns just as much as Year-Round school does (“Research Spotlight on Year-Round School”). Although a lot of people say that Year-Round school would help kids achieve their academic achievements, it is not the best solution to put your kids in Year-Round school because, there is no improvement in test scores, you would have less time with your kids, and it would be hard for your kids to keep a job. People say that if you put your kids in Year-Round school that their test scores will improve, but studies have found that kids that are in regular 9 month school get …show more content…
That doesn’t mean that they are smarter, or that they are learning more. It’s not how long your kids are in the classroom it’s how engaged they are in what they’re learning. (“The Pros and Cons of Year-Round School”). Like say if your kid was in Year-Round school and didn’t pay attention or participate ever in class they would not learn much so what was the point in putting them in Year-Round school if they don’t pay attention it’s just a waste of their time then. Also studies have found that regular 9 month school learns just as much as Year-Round schooled kids do. So if you want more time with your kids and you want your kids to do summer sports and things like that then put them in regular school and not Year-Round school because it is just a waste of

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