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  • Haiti Family Vacation

    The summer after 7th grade I went to Haiti for a family vacation. It was the first time that I had travel the country. It was frustrating and exciting for me. It was very stressful to pack because I didn’t know what to bring to wear there. When I arrived at Haiti I met both sides of my family. I stayed with my dad family and visited my mom’s family daily. It was so hot, I thought I was going to die. The second night I stayed there I got sick because my body wasn't used to the food. I had to drink special type of water because my body could only handle filtered water. I was so afraid to eat. I only ate what my mom brought, which was package food. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Most of my family members live there.…

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  • Heary Family Vacation

    Heary side and found out some interesting facts that I never knew before. We started talking about where the Heary family came from, and what she told me was that the Heary 's were German, Irish, and a little bit French. My grandma told me that she never knew we were French until one day my grandpa, who passed away this past fall, was talking about him having French ancestors. She also did not know that we had any Irish relation until my great aunt told her that our relative from Ireland sent…

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  • Family Vacation Essay

    xxx How many times have you gone on a family vacation? I have only been out of Iowa three times, all on school field trips. My parents hate traveling so I haven’t ever gone on a vacation. This is why I would absolutely love to be able to go to Santorini, Greece someday. I would love to be able to feel the cool breeze of the ocean air on my face, feel the cool, crunchy texture of the sand in between my toes, and taste the salt water on my lips. First, I’m planning to go when I’m twenty nine,…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Family Vacation

    We were on a family vacation, but not any family vacation. There were 70 people on this trip. It was the summer of 2016, we went to Amman and decided to go to Aqaba. The hotel was packed with my family. Everywhere I go, I was positive that I won't get lost, because I was certain that I would find one of my family members somewhere. I felt safe and secure. They played, they swam, they did most of the activities that I was not able to do at that time because I sadly had my menstrual cycle. A few…

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  • Duda Family Vacation Research Paper

    The Duda’s have taken a family vacation to Siesta Key, Florida. They are staying in a hotel that is not far from the beach. They were going to stay their for two whole days. They are going to have the best time ever at the beach. So the Duda’s get to Florida and go straight to their hotel but they have to take a cab because they flew on a plane to Florida and couldn 't take there car with them. The cab was white and had numbers on it. The inside of the cab was black and had leather seats. The…

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  • Dominican Family Vacation

    went to the Dominican Republic for a family vacation for two and a half weeks. As we explored different parts of the island, we decided to stay in this beautiful mountain called “Lomas Linda.” Lomas Linda is known for its unique mountains, diversity in mountain and flowers. While we were in the mountains I felt the cool wind. We went on long drives that led us to a natural river, and we went to one of the biggest orchid collections in the world. The Dominican Republic is known for having…

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  • My Family Vacation : The Hot, Humid, And Sweltering Heat

    The hot, humid, and sweltering heat that ran through out Orlando, Florida was all that people could feel. At some points you could actually see the heat waves rising. For as far as you could see, there were kids eating all kinds of sugary treats that were abnormally priced but the parents would do anything to keep their kids hydrated and happy in this heat. My parents were doing the same thing to my family that day too. We were there for an extended family vacation to reunite after years of not…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Kids Have A Summer Break?

    make memories with their families, and relax from loads of homework. Without that break between kids won’t be themselves. They won’t have time to make memories with their families, have fun, or relax. During the school year kids have homework almost every day. That can build up lots of stress for them. The first reason why kids should have a summer break is because it is a stress reliever. According to Denise Reynolds, Studies…

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  • Personal Narrative: Family Vacation In The United States

    Seeing my dad behind bars for something he did not commit was surreal. What was going to be a family vacation in Mexico turned into a nightmare. The smoke coming out the cars blocked the view as we tried to figure out who was in the other car. When opening the car doors, blood dripped everywhere. My heart sunk. The difference between the sweat running through me had no exact justification, was it because of the immense heat or was I that hysterical. Sirens could be heard throughout the whole…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Last Jarrell Family Vacation

    The Last Jarrell Family Vacation When my father told my brother and I that the family was going on a trip to France, my brother threw the water bottle he was holding into the ceiling fan. Water and plastic exploded everywhere. My dad screamed and my mom whimpered. I laughed. Last week Tommy bought his first car. It’s a used 1998 Toyota Civic. Even though it is old and shitty, Tommy loves his car more than he loves dad or mom or me. Mom took a photography class at the community college…

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