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  • The Health History And Family Medical History

    Physical assessment is one of the process of assess and obtaining information about patient’s health history and family medical history which help in planning patient’s care. A nurse uses subjective and objective data to assess patient and the five nursing process to conduct patient’s health care. Interviewing patients is one first step. This paper discusses the health history of Mrs., family medical history, and overall reflection of the interview. I have an opportunity to interview Mrs. E. She

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  • Charles Dickens ' Family Life History

    Charles Dickens is known for his famous stories that he had written throughout his life. Charles Dickens family life history will often lead readers to connect that his stories reflect on his personal life. Charles Dickens wrote many Christmas themed short stories and one in specific was A Christmas Carol. In A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserable, stingy old man especially around the holidays, he owns a business and has a clerk named Bob Cratchit who during the winters spends his time

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  • Family Educational History : Family Education

    Family Educational History Education is typically important to all families, but in a family like my own where there is a long history of educators, education is especially important. It all started years before I was born, when my family first established a strong passion for learning and education, and due to this I was born into a family where nearly all of my relatives had some kind of higher level education. With this being the case, there was absolutely no doubt that I would break the family’s

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  • History Of Woods World Family Child Care

    Introduction Woods World Family Child Care is a family operated child care home located in the southeastern portion of Gaston County, North Carolina (NC). Our initial license was received in February 2007 from the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education under the direction of the NC Department of Health and Human Services. Family Child Care Homes (FCCH) follow the same regulations as child care centers and must adhere to all NC General Statues put forth in Chapter 110, Article 7 (NCGA

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  • My Family 's Hereditary Health History

    Introduction to My Family Hereditary Health History All families are complex; however, I have been told that my family is so large that they can’t even keep up with where we all come from. What I mean by this is I come from a divorced family where both of my parents have remarried and with this, I have step and adopted brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and grandmothers and grandfathers that I love very much. Nonetheless, for the purpose of this family health behavior report, I have gathered

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  • The Behavioral Specialist : Patient Family History

    behaves in class, how well he or she is doing in classes, how well the youth gets along with others (friends/classmates), and how well the child reacts to authority. Once all those steps are reviewed the behavioral specialist will review patient family history; for example if mother or father had signs of depression or Attention Deficit Disorder themselves the child will be more likely to have Attention Deficit Disorder as well. After all that assessing by the behavioral specialist, the child will be

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  • Questionnaire On A Family 's Family Relationships And Medical History ( Banker & Barnes, 2014 )

    Genogram Questionnaire A genogram is a pictorial display of a person’s family relationships and medical history (Banker & Barnes, 2014). When putting together a genogram for a client one must obtain a family history that is as thorough as possible in order to maintain accuracy (Banker & Barnes, 2014). The client I am interviewing and creating a genogram for is a 52 year old female, initialed “R.M.” My client has no health problems other than a medical diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Moreover

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  • Genetic Family History Assessment : The Fields Of Genetics And Genomics

    Genetic Family History Assessment The fields of genetics and genomics have made significant strides in the past ten years and there are applications to many areas of health care. Because disease risk and health conditions are influenced by elements of environment, lifestyle, and genetics, the nurse needs to consider these factors when assessing families for genetic risks (Williams, Cashion, Shekar, & Ginsburg, 2016). The nurse uses the information gathered from a family health history to identify

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  • My Father 's Family History

    themselves. The first thing that needs to be figured out is, what defines a person? Does family history decide who you are going to be? I believe it is the things you pick up from the people you are around, the things you go through, and the things you learn in your life that decide who you will become. First, I will discuss my family history. The only in depth history I have is my mother’s father’s family, the Wescovich line. The Wescovich’s have been in the New Orleans region since 1850 when

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  • Family History : The Silent Battle Between Good And Evil

    Family History When tragedy strikes it does not hit you until you see it with your own eyes yet alone endure it in your own history. Each day mankind must live in the silent battle between good and evil. On December 14th of 2012 in Newton, Connecticut evil won. Twenty children were fatally shot all between the ages of six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Prior to the shooting Adam Lanza, the shooter, shot and killed his mother in their own

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  • Personal Narrative : My Family History

    My Genogram assignment made me feel like I was with my siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, and even my grandparents. During my genogram drawing I discovered much information of my family. While I was studying my family history, I noticed some interesting facts such as, appearance, health problems, marriage history etc., which are directly connected with me. There is a strong influence of nature and nurture in everybody’s life just like in my life. I found the genogram is a long distance mirror because

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  • Description Of My Family History

    Locating my family history: In order to get the information to my family chronology, I talked to my parents. One weekend I went home and sat down with both my mom and dad and asked them questions. Originally I had tried to go on sites like but I could not find any real leads unless I had to pay money. Eventually down the line (maybe when I have a real job) I will definitely get a full access account and maybe even do the DNA test. The questions about me, my siblings, and

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  • How I Learned The Truth About My Family History

    How I Learned the Truth about My Family History The stories that I have heard while growing up in the Adcock family sometimes seemed rather far-fetched. Though hearing them from my grandfather, I always assumed them to be true. He told my family many stories. There were stories about the store my family owned, and about how my grandfather fought in the war. There were stories about the hard times and stories about how life was so good “back in the day”. Out of all the stories that he told, there

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  • Family History Paper

    Over the year, my family has always put an emphasis on working hard no matter the obstacles you face. After interviewing my family members, I discovered that the majority of them are unskilled, manual labors. This paper has given me the opportunity to look deeper into my families’ career and educational goals. According to my great-grandma Ruby, my ancestors left Ghana in 1876 and to work on plantations in Mississippi. After moving from Crystal Springs, Mississippi my grandparents moved to Chicago

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  • My Family History : Time Flies, And Pieces Of Stories From A Family

    Those Before Us A Family History Time flies, and pieces of stories from a family vanishes in time. The best way to record those disappearing valuable history is to record them in writing. There are too many stories to tell and want I am going to write about is the key part of my family history, which makes my family a family. The story is about my great-grandfather Zhiyun, my grandfather Liangai. Three Generations Before Us My great-grandfather Zhiyun was born in 1901 in Guangzhou, China. He received

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  • Relationship Between The Piano And The Charles ' Family History

    Understanding one’s history and their relationship to it is very important to learning how to use that history, as we see in The Piano Lesson by August Wilson. In the play, the relationship between the piano and the Charles’ family history is the most important because it creates the tension between giving up one’s family history for gain or preserving one’s history. For me personally, the most important relationship is that of Boy Willie and Berniece. The reason that is the most important relationship

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  • Intellectual Wellness On Their Family History

    In order to fulfill your complete wellness capacity, one must have intellectual wellness on their family history. Throughout my study of my family health history list, I was able to come up with roughly 20 different problems that appear in my immediate paternal and maternal families. In order to stay at optimum health, I looked deeper into asthma and allergies, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental illness, joint issues, diabetes, birth defects, and other problems to figure out what I can do to

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  • Family History : A Good Predictor Of An Individual 's Disease Risk

    Asking about family health history during the physical health assessment is crucial. Knowing the patient family health history gives a better insight on what disease the patient might be at greater risk for. It is like a map that give you clues on what to look for in the patient (NCBI). According to Kardia et al., 2003, “A person inherits a complete set of genes from each parent, as well as a vast array of cultural and socioeconomic experiences from his/her family. Family history is thought to be

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  • Panic Attacks Are Caused By Family History

    attacks can occur at any time, even during sleep. An attack usually peaks within 10 minutes, but some symptoms may last much longer. Panic attacks can be caused by family history, major life stress, and abnormalities in the brain Panic attacks are caused by family history. Panic disorder has been shown to sometimes run in families. It may sometimes be passed on to the people by one or both parents much like the risk for other risk for other complex diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

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  • Personal Narrative : My Family History

    My Family History Family history is critical to a person. By knowing where you originate from, you can have a superior point of view of your life. Having a reasonable comprehension of your family foundation permits you to better welcome the things that you would regularly underestimate. The house, the auto, and the normal dress may look better when one sees the penances their family has made. They will see that their family has worked hard recently so their family can encounter the better things

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  • A Person 's Culture And Family History

    A person’s culture and family history is a very personal thing. In many ways it defines a person and helps them create their own identity. Understanding and being respectful of others cultural identity is also an important aspect of life. These two elements of life, my cultural identity and the identity of others will not only affect me in my personal life, but also in my future career as a counselor. As culture and family history goes I am a great mix of many things. On my father’s side, my

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  • Genetic Family History Assessment Of A Family

    Knowing one’s family health history provides families, as well as family health nurses knowledge regarding a patient’s risk for certain diseases (NIH, 2016). As families not only share genes, but their environment, and lifestyle, a family nurse must also consider non-biological factors when completing a family health history (NIH, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to discuss my findings after completing a genetic family history assessment, including three generations, as well as family nursing interventions

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  • Family History : My Family

    have learned about my family history is that my entire family as a whole owns a lot of different types of family businesses dating far back in generations. Some businesses are continuing in the family, some are not certain if they will stay in the family, and unfortunately others have left the family. Another thing I have learned about my family deals with relationships. Next would be aspects of my family history that I would preserve or leave behind. Lastly, there are the family peak experiences and

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  • Family History : The Great Depression

    Family history is a key factor to understanding relative’s pasts, and most importantly, learning the things that family members have experienced and trials they have overcame. Family history has always intrigued me, as I want to know more about the times of the past and how my relatives grew up. As the world suffers today from instability and financial problems, I began to wonder what exactly it was like to grow up in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. This spark of thought made me relate this

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  • My Experience With My Family History

    I found a lump in my right breast, went to the doctor (with a wonderful staff), because of my family history I was given a prescription for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, as well as some blood tests. When I called to make the appointment this morning the next available appointment wasn’t for over a month. I’m obviously terrified to wait, but what upset me is the very real possibility that I will lose my medical insurance between then and now. This was immediately followed by a letter charging

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  • The History Of My Family

    The history of my family started in Texas as far as I can see. Texas had about 5,000 slaves at the time of its revolution in 1836, but by 1845, when the State was annexed to the United States, this grew to more than 30,000, state hood and slavery (1845-1856): Texas applied for statehood just 16 years before the Civil War and was admitted to the union in 1845 as a slave state. Slavery formally ended in Texas after June 19, 1865 (Juneteenth), when Gen. Granger arrived at Galveston with occupying federal

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  • Family History : Family Health History

    Family Health History There are more than a couple health problems that run in my family, the first of the health problems is high blood pressure. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family had high blood pressure from an early age that was controlled by medication. My father was also diagnosed when I was a child with high blood pressure that had to be controlled with medication. My mother’s parents did not have a history of high blood pressure that I know of, but my mother does. My sister

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  • My Family Has A Long History Of Psychological Disorders

    My family has a long history of psychological disorders, mostly severe depression and anxiety. My mother has OCD as well. I also have depression and anxiety mixed with some other issues, but none of this came to my mind when I received this assignment. The person that came to my mind was my sister, Jessica. Jessica was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, also known as manic depression, when I was in elementary school. At the time I really did not understand what this meant, but as I grew older, her

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  • Family History And The Risk Of Developing A Co Occurring Disorder

    give signs until a person starts maturing into a man or women. Mental illness goes beyond, Autism, ADD, ADHD and others. Though those are extremely important and dangerous, at least they give signs which helps early diagnoses and early treatment. Family history and genetic patterns play a significant role in the risk of developing a co-occurring disorder. Statistics show that more women die globally due to mental illness than childbirth-related causes. Suicide alone kills nearly three times (nearly a

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  • My Family History, Beliefs, And Culture

    my family history, beliefs, and culture is somewhat difficult for me due to a number of reasons. One being that I never met my biological father therefore don’t know anything of the family background that compiles half of my genetic make up, another reason being because I know very little of my mother’s extended family, and frankly because I don’t think we really have many structured family beliefs. Before I dive into the cultural beliefs that my family has, let me quickly explain my family dynamic

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  • Family Systems Paper : Brief Family History

    Family Systems Paper Brief Family History John lives with his wife Tina, 13 year old son Matt, nine year old son Joe, and Tina’s elderly, disabled mother and father. The Smith family identifies as White/European American and that they enjoy holidays consistent with Euro-American culture. John and Tina have been married for 13 years and got married after their son Matt was born. John disclosed the family is currently living in Tina’s parent’s one bedroom home. The four of them share the living room

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  • The Family History Of Alcoholism

    The Family History of Alcoholism Jeffrey Sams College of Southern Maryland Course HMS-1021/ Alcohol and Drug Effects Instructor William Williams October 5th, 2016 The early stages of alcohol manufacturing began as early as 10,000 years ago from the mixture of honey and wild yeast. Around 6000 BC grape vines were grown to produce wine in the regions around the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. In Egypt around 3000 BC the production of wine was in full swing and being shipped throughout the Mediterranean

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  • My Family History : My Mother 's Side Of The Family Tree

    My family history is from my Mother’s side of the family tree, so this autobiography will be a little lopsided; much like my personality. My maternal grandmother’s family came from Denmark and my maternal grandfather’s family is of German descent. The only thing I inherited from that side of the family is my punctuality, my outspokenness, and my ability to drink. I grew up in a three bedroom house with my mother and four brothers along with a neighborhood full of kids (mostly boys). I have three

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  • Cultural Family History Essay

     Cultural Family History Research Essay – Assimilation of Ancestors Shaina Wood GS221 Professor Edmund Pries, Professor Bina Mehta Wilfrid Laurier University Sto lat, sto lat, Niech żyje, żyje nam. Sto lat, sto lat, Niech żyje, żyje nam, Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz, Niech żyje, żyje nam, Niech żyje nam! As a child I heard this jumbled collection of words flying out of my family’s mouths in song, directly after the celebration jingle

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  • Family History And Support System

    take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door” (as cited in Freedom Resources Center for Independent Living [Freedom RC], 2015). This quotes resonates with the elder project because I learned more about my neighbor Jeanne. Family History and Support System Jeanne is an 81 female, who is the only child of Herbert and Clara. Both, Herbert owned a grocery store a few blocks from their home (born in 1905; died in April of 1984). Clara was a stay at home mother (born in 1907; died

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  • My Family History

    this research into the depths of my family, I was unsure about where most of my heritage originated. While I did not know truly the lengths of my family history, I felt strongly that I did not have negative connections to slavery. However, in looking further into my family I soon discovered that there was a dark past to uncover. When I began researching I started on my mother’s side, extending from the Schindlers’ and Parents’. In starting with this side of the family, I received the results that I had

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  • Ethnic History : My Family

    Ethnic History I am the first of my family who came to the United States. I am here as an international student, I came in 2010 in WA State, Spokane city. I was single and I came by myself without knowing any English word, my purpose is to continue my education and get my master degree in public health. It is a big challenge and a big change for me. Most of my family has not agreed for me to move here and study due to the misunderstanding of western cultures in our media. I remember that when my

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  • The Impact Of Social Mobility On Family History

    Families are based on what our relatives do during their lives, one small action can change the outcome of the whole family. This is hard to grasp at such a young age because I could do something so small tomorrow and it could completely change the outcome of my future family. Who knew this could be that important? I interview my mom, Karen, to get the information needed for my family history. Throughout my family history lesson, I learned about their life chances by their previous generations,

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  • My Family History : My Grandmother

    Chapter One I was born on December 21, 1992, However, that is not the beginning of my story. My family history began far before 1992 in a small town called Holyoke Massachusetts in the year 1936. It just so happens that both of my grandparents on my Father 's side were born in March in 1936 in the same town. My grandmother was a first generation American her parents had emigrated from Poland in the early 1900 's, they wanted a better life and at that time, there were rumors of World War II making

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  • Family History, Religion, And Community

    Have you ever wonder who you were? Or perhaps you don’t fit quite in with your family. I constantly wonder “Who Am I?” I really never took the time to just really evaluate my family and where we come from. My family is very distance from one another, so that always leave me curious about myself. Over the last few weeks I discovered some valuable information about my family history, religion, and community. I even took the time out to learn about the community I live in now. I was surprised

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  • Study Of History Through A Family Research Project

    The study of history can be conducted in many ways. I am thrilled to be given an opportunity to conduct the study of history through a family research project. Learning about my family members of the past, will teach me more about myself. Tracing the life of ancestors can teach us the strength of human beings, as well as lend us compassion with those we interact with on a daily basis. I believe that all future actions are heavily weighed with the past, meaning my current life has depended on

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  • The Family : A World History By John Gaddis

    According John Gaddis in “The Landscape of History” he explores the question of “What do historians do?”, along with the various ways in which they conduct their research to ultimately document history. In comparison to Mary Jo Maynes and Ann Waltner’s book “The Family: A World History” they approach history from the perspective of the family. Maynes and Waltner explore the history of the family and its influence on religion and politics. Though both books explore contrasting arguments, we can

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  • Creating A Family Genogram : Relationships, Patterns, And Family History

    Creating a family genogram is a way to visualize and understand the family system. Genograms show relationships, patterns, and family history. Genograms help us to understand our family and the effects of different situations. Genograms are a way for social workers to learn more about their clients such as the roots to some of their issues. I have always been close with my mother’s side of the family. I spend every holiday and birthday with them. When I was four years old my parents got divorced

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  • Family : Close Relationship History

    Close Relationship History Essay 1 Family is an important element in the society nowadays, and it represents the largest amount of households. After people become mature and independent, they leave the original family where they grow up. Then they build their own families with or within marriage, and married couples or single people will continue to choose if they want to have children or not. When parents become older, they will have grandchildren. So this circle continues from generations to generations

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  • My Family 's History And History

    family’s history, I decided to interview my older cousin Kathleen Donahoe. Even though she’s young, I thought she would be the biggest help with this project because she would actually enjoy answering my questions and she is very knowledgeable on the subject. I know typically a grandparent is interviewed, however, my grandma and grandpa were not first-generation immigrants from Czechoslovakia or Ireland, so I decided Kathleen would be a better source of information. In general she’s a history buff which

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  • Essay on Women and the Family in Chinese History

    Women and the Family in Chinese History By Patricia The price paid by women in ancient china: Foot binding and Concubines Georgiana Grecea WHO 2001 Professor: Peterson November 1st, 2013 When it comes to traditions, customs and beliefs, one of the most mysterious civilizations in the world is considered to be ancient China. Through their values and cultural lifestyle they have succeeded for many years to make us wonder and want us to know more about their

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  • Growing Up History : My Family 's Lineage

    Growing up history was my favorite subject in school. I would read books that gave me a glimpse into the life of those before me. My fascination surrounded the period in which my grandparents grew up. They would tell me stories about what life was like and what it meant to live in a world following the Great Depression. Thus, my understanding of history helped me to better understand and appreciate my grandparents. Why they liked certain musicians, movies, literature, political parties, and so on

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  • Personal Statement On Family History

    Family History Aubri was born on November 23, 1999, she was born in Coshocton, Ohio. Aubri’s delivery was non-remarkable. Aubri was the first child born to Melody and Richard Chambers. Aubri’s parents divorced while Aubri was in kindergarten. Aubri her mother and little brother Jason Chambers moved to Arkansas when she was in the first grade. The family moved in with Aubri’s maternal grandmother Sharon Terry. The next year Aubri mother married Paul Brock and the family moved into a rental

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  • Leap Of Faith : My Family 's History

    O.Guischard American Experience HUM 100 Dec.2, 2016 Assignment 6 Leap of Faith My family’s history began in the early nineteen hundreds with the birth of my Grandfather. He was born in 1907 in the month of December. My Grandmother was born in the year of 1905 in the Month of February. They both grew up on the Island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. My Grandfather was born to a mother of Blackfoot decent and father of chinse decent. My Grandmother mother was half Dutch and West

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  • My Family History At Austin Peay State University

    knowledge about my family history. I am a type 1 diabetic, the second child of four, which includes my older sister and my little brothers, the twins and a college student majoring in Psychology as a senior at Austin Peay State University. I am an African American, Army child, living in Clarksville, Tennessee. Since moving here, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and strengths. This has enabled me to take advantage of many opportunities and use these skills on finding out about my family, especially

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