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  • Alphonso Family History

    The passing down of family history from generation to generation is a common tradition in many families. It is especially important for American families to participate in this custom because America is a melting pot of different heritages coming from all over the world, thus it may be difficult for people to trace back their ancestry without familial knowledge. The Alphonso family has attempted to keep the family history from being lost by gathering as much information from elders and passing the stories throughout the generations. As it has been told, the Alphonso’s have largely inhabited the state of Louisiana since the first ancestors arrived to the New World from Spain. At around the age of 20, William Alfonso boarded a ship with his…

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  • Family History Assessment

    Knowing one’s family health history provides families, as well as family health nurses knowledge regarding a patient’s risk for certain diseases (NIH, 2016). As families not only share genes, but their environment, and lifestyle, a family nurse must also consider non-biological factors when completing a family health history (NIH, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to discuss my findings after completing a genetic family history assessment, including three generations, as well as family…

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  • Family Health History

    Family Health History There are more than a couple health problems that run in my family, the first of the health problems is high blood pressure. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family had high blood pressure from an early age that was controlled by medication. My father was also diagnosed when I was a child with high blood pressure that had to be controlled with medication. My mother’s parents did not have a history of high blood pressure that I know of, but my mother does. My…

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  • History Of My Family

    seventy-five percent of my family resides here as well. I am grateful to know and have both side of my family in my life considering that I was at one point a foster child. All twelve of my siblings were adopted by my mother’s sister Luanne. I was raised by my whole family, I grew up in a house of seventeen people and seven rooms. We had a revolving door of relatives coming and going when times were rough for them. My aunt took me in when I was two years old and the rest is history As my…

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  • The Torres Family History

    up, I was curious about the world, especially about my family and heritage. Before researching my family history, I never knew that I was originally supposed to be named Adrianna. A family’s history can dictate most of the name you carry, even if it is for the better or for the worst. As we grow up, how our personalities are depicted is due to our family history. While I was putting my mother’s side into place, I realized…

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  • Personal Family History

    personal and family history affected who you are as a person? In order to answer in the best possible this question, I need to start with my grandparents, both sides were born and lived in rural areas and decided to move to Mexico City with their children. Looking for an opportunity to offer their families a better quality of life. From my mother’s side, sixteen children were born, but only four of them survived. The youngest survivor was my mother, Guadalupe. The reason why the thirteen…

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  • Family History Three Generation Family

    A family history has many factors in common that play a critical role in genetic disorders. Understanding fully the hereditary contributions of the illness can help the family identify their potential risk factors of inheriting the disease (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabacco, Hanson, & Rowe, 2014). Throughout this paper I will discuss a genetic disease passed down through a three generation family, discussing the family’s health problems, ethnic history, their understanding of the disease and…

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  • Texas Family History

    The history of my family started in Texas as far as I can see. Texas had about 5,000 slaves at the time of its revolution in 1836, but by 1845, when the State was annexed to the United States, this grew to more than 30,000, state hood and slavery (1845-1856): Texas applied for statehood just 16 years before the Civil War and was admitted to the union in 1845 as a slave state. Slavery formally ended in Texas after June 19, 1865 (Juneteenth), when Gen. Granger arrived at Galveston with occupying…

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  • Frayer Family History

    Despite the fact that he is an immigrant, my grandfather has some of these same privileges as well. From my findings, I discovered that my grandfather migrated from Hungary with his parents and two older siblings when he was only a child (“Frayer family history”). It is believed that they immigrated due to financial concerns and the fact that they already had family in the U.S. (“Frayer family history”). According to my mother, my grandfather’s parents worked in the family owned business: a…

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  • My Family History

    My family consists of my father, mother, two elder sisters, myself, and my younger brother. My parents are married; however separated since we immigrated here in the United States in 2005. My father, myself and my younger brother are currently living in California; though, we live separately. My father, Cornelio Jimenez lives in Hayward. My daughter, Kirrishea and I live in Oakland and my younger brother, Jaycee lives by himself in Union City. My mother, Lilian and my eldest sister, Leigh…

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