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  • Argumentative Analysis Example

    Analysis: 1. Building – Massey University Gymnasium This photo was taken in the Massey University gymnasium parking lot from the best possible position in order to capture the front of the building while also acquiring as much as possible. The photo was taken from this position in order to capture both the size of the gymnasium and also the gym’s name printed along the top of the roof with the few images next to it. This photo represents masculinity based on the fact that males used to be the only ones who designed buildings based on masculinity. One of the first females to both design a building and have it built known as Sophia Hayden had her building referred to as the ‘woman’s building. This was based mainly on the fact that the building did not function as correct architecture since its ‘lessons’ were different from those of its masculine neighbours (Domosh, 1996). This could relate to the design of the gym due to it being feminine with layout being uneven whereas if it was masculine everything would probably be even and very symmetrical. After all, how could a building designed by a woman, considered a novice be seriously considered a true participant in the aesthetic world (Domosh, 1996). However, because gymnasiums is primarily where visual feats of masculinity such as strength, aggressiveness activeness and many others are provided. Because of the increase in members these buildings tend to be providing an increase in masculinity for both the men, who generally…

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  • Example Of Argumentative Essay On Donnaar

    Donna Wagnaar works as an ESL teacher at Kishwaukee College. When you see her, probably won’t notice how special she is. When you meet her, you will never imagine the great work she is doing. Donna’s passion goes beyond her necessities. She sacrifices himself for the good of others. Donna has more than twenty years of experience in the foster care system, and for many years she was involved in different groups. She worked with kids with disabilities, teens with dysfunctional families, and even…

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  • Example Of Argumentative Essay On Breastfeeding

    health-conscious state of living, breastfeeding is easily becoming the prime method of infant feeding for new mothers and their little ones. Mother Nature intended for women to be nurturers. After all, feeding our babies is what breasts were created for. Bears nurse their cubs; cows nurse their calves; and cats nurse their kittens. However, oddly enough, humans are the only species who supplement our own natural nectar with lab created, GMO, artificial “milk.” Formula companies view newborn…

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  • Example Of A Gladiator Argumentative Essay

    GLADIATORS: AN UNNACEPTABLE SPORT For too many years’ gladiator fights have been considered normal in our roman way of life. Forcing innocent people to die for the pretext of public entertainment is not a practice that should be continued. This inhumane practice doesn’t consider the importance of human life and instead focusses on entertainment that is both free and barbaric. QUOTE FORM A GLADIATOR HATOR “The other day, I chanced to drop in at the midday games, expecting sport and wit and…

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  • Examples Of Argumentative Story Darft

    IMAGINATIVE STORY ROUGH DRAFT Next time you catch yourself going on about how much you hate your life, think about how blessed and lucky your really are. Kylie and Bailey ,both 14 year old girls , both go to the same school, and both have siblings that are friends too, but both girls are very different personality and interest wise. Kylie and Bailey go together like the oreo cookie and the oreo icing, pb and j, black and white, totally different apart but great together. I guess you could say…

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  • Examples Of Argumentative Essay Of President

    Bryonna Williams Dr. Dubose English Honors 101:04 13 November 2017 Argumentative Essay One The United States has reluctantly adjusted to the new presidency, but what would happen to America if President Trump was impeached? Donald Trump currently possesses the highest executive officer of the modern republic, as the Chief Executive of the United States. Mark Yarnell said “a leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.” According to Sean Stewart Price, “it takes a special kind of person,…

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  • Example Of Argumentative Essay On Contraceptives

    N.U.D.G.E Every detail stitching that fabricates our society "nudges" both females and males to reproduce. Although in the main stream culture sex is depicted as a cool pleasurable leisure activity, one can easily forget the contraceptives necessary for "safe" sex. The most widely available contraceptive is the condom, a fairly low price protection that comes in variety of sizes and are also given out for free at clinics and non profit organizations. A jarring myth of our mainstream culture is…

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  • Diary Of Anne Frank Argumentative Essay Examples

    ¨I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.¨ There are two things that drive people. They are hope and fear. During World War II (1939-1945) Jews thought they only had fear to control them. Only a few had hope of surviving and that kept them from giving up. My prompt is ¨What is more powerful -- hope or fear?¨. Fear drives people to work so they can prevent something from happening while hope drives people to work so something does happen. My first source for this…

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  • Example Of Argumentative Essay On Mary Maloney

    Mary Maloney had one month until her house is foreclosed. She had to find a job before she moved out. If I was Mary Maloney I would be a butcher. Or I would be a construction worker because you get to hit things with a sledgehammer. Mary Maloney could not find a job that's hiring women. So after one month arrived she was living in a abandoned building. . She was hungry and had a baby on board.I would have married rich if I was living in a dirty building. Then one week later she sees a man who…

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  • Example Of Argumentative Essay On 9/11

    On September 11, 2001 a group named al-Qaeda sent four airliners to the United States carrying suicide attacks. We didn’t expect any attacks at the time or knew there would be any soon that day, it was all a surprise. Two of the planes flew all the way to New York City and crashed into the towers known as the twin towers, the third plane hit the Pentagon just outside of Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. These crashes resulted to be an extensive death and…

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