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  • Paragraph Essay

    too broad. For example, do not write about football. Choose something more specific, like football drills, the greatest football team, football equipment, football practice, etc. It is important that you can think of three main ideas that you want to discuss in the essay. If you cannot think of three specific ideas to discuss, then the topic is too narrow. If your chosen topic is too narrow, choose a slightly broader topic so specific ideas or details can be listed. For example, if you planned

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  • Graduation Speech : My Personal Accomplishment

    semester in Freshman Composition, I learned many useful writing skills to help me throughout college and into my career. In my portfolio there’s collections of essays such as, Impact of Reading and Writing, Argumentative Paper, and Narrative Paper. Also assignments like Social Issues, Argumentative, and the first homework revision. My personal accomplishment is minimizing the use of dead words and improving my word choice to make my writing sound like a college student wrote it. I struggled with transitions

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  • Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay The function of an argumentative essay is to show that your assertion (opinion, theory, and hypothesis) about some phenomenon or phenomena is correct or more truthful than others'. The art of argumentation is not an easy skill to acquire. Many people might think that if one simply has an opinion, one can argue it successfully, and these folks are always surprised when others don't agree with them because their logic seems so correct. Argumentative writing is the act of forming

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  • Rhetorical Analysis : That 's Not Funny, An Article Written By Caitlyn Flanagan

    outcomes. There are a total of 5 projects and 10 blog posts which we had to finish to pass the class. I have achieved goals like writing about rhetorical situations, researching a topic I am unfamiliar with, making an evaluated and researched argumentative essay and describing my stance through an infographic. Writing these pieces have strengthened my learning outcomes. Project 1 was designed to understand what a rhetorical situation was and how to a write a rhetorical analysis on a scholarly article

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  • Essay about Parents Responsibility

    Introduction This WebQuest is a follow-up lesson to consolidate what you have learnt about writing an argumentative essay. There are 2 components to this assignment: the Essay component and the Reflection component. Essay Component First, you are to research online on what an argumentative essay is all about, the grammatical features of an argumentative essay and how you should structure your argumentative essays. Secondly, you are to read the articles provided in this WebQuest and you are to figure

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  • The journey to the center of the earth Essay

    ENGLISH ESSAY STUDY GUIDE 1. Argumentative Essay DEFINITION An argumentative essay tries to change the reader’s mind by convincing the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view. CHARACTERISTICS An argumentative essay attempts to be highly persuasive and logical. It usually assumes that the reader disagrees with the writer, but it should be noted that the reader is no less intelligent than the writer. Hence an argumentative essay should be written objectively, logically and respectfully

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  • Argumentative Essays

    Argu1nentative Essays Mani stones, Nepal An argumentative essay is an essay in which you agree or disagree with an issue, using reasons to support your opinion. Your goal is to convince your reader that your opinion is right. Argumentation is a popular kind of essay question because it forces students to think on their own: They have to take a stand on an issue, support their stand with solid reasons, and support their reasons with solid evidence. In a general writing test such as the TOEFL

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  • North Korea, Our Next Big Worry, By David Ignatius

    article “North Korea, Our Next Big Worry” uses an argumentative and expository writing strategy to convey the importance of Americans being aware of the issues with a nuclear North Korea. This objective is strengthened by the author’s concerned and informative tone. Ignatius’s audience is broad as his article is directed towards Americans, voters in America, and people around the world. With the use of a clear and logical pattern of organization, argumentative appeals, and a broad array of reasoning methods

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  • Argumentative Essay : Persuasive Essay

    Evaluation Essay Argumentative essays work to convince an audience that the writer 's point of view on a subject is the correct one, and to persuade the audience to agree with the author’s viewpoint. The author must provide evidence and appeal to his or her readers. “Parents Should Be Allowed to Control What Kids Watch”, an article by Leland Y. Yee is an argumentative essay explaining why parents should monitor the games their kids play and the TV shows they watch, and the consequences of not doing

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  • My Personal Opinion About Diverse Topics Assigned By The Course English 101

    College. This compilation of papers shows my progress and the effort I put to complete some of the basic core requirements to achieve an associate degree. The portfolio consists of: a literacy narrative essay, a synthesis with two sources and two argumentative essays. The essays represent my personal opinion about diverse topics assigned by the instructor. In the paragraphs below, a review of each paper will be given, complemented with a reflection about my writing performance and progress in the course

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  • An Introduction Of The Portfolio

    strengths and weaknesses as a writer over the past marking period, as well as this past year, which is why they were chosen. In general, the essay’s chosen are equal representations of who I was as a writer and the critiques and explanations are examples of my abilities to recognize the faults in my writing, as well as my ability to recognize what I have done well. Even though this portfolio may point out that I am not perfect as a writer, it shows that as a learner I am someone that is always striving

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  • An Introduction Of The Portfolio

    strengths and weaknesses as a writer over the past marking period, as well as this past year, which is why they were chosen. In general, the essay’s chosen are equal representations of who I was as a writer and the critiques and explanations are examples of my abilities to recognize the faults in my writing, as well as my ability to recognize what I have done well. Even though this portfolio may point out that I am not perfect as a writer, it shows that as a learner I am someone that is always striving

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  • The Course Of Dual Enrollment English

    gained expertise with citations, research, and have overall improved my skills with argumentative and persuasive essays. The narrative essay served as a pleasant starter to the course, as it helped train proper writing structure. The persuasive essay had a topic I greatly enjoyed, which encouraged me to research the Germanna online databases, as a result it has undeniably the best citation page. The argumentative essay had a complex topic that required research of online databases just to narrow

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  • Writing Essays : Not Always For Me

    writer by knowing how to write with vivid details in every essay such as the whole process, argumentative, and the time limit essay. My whole process essay was difficult. Also it was one of my favorite essays. My whole process essay provides me with an opportunity to tell a story about myself, and also helped me develop my academic writing skills. One of my strengths in my essay was providing details. For example, I talk about my experiences in school when I first came into the United States. However

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  • Argumentative Fallacy Vs. Straw

    Argumentative fallacy 's can be seen in everyday life from talking with one 's mom to speaking with their boss, the trouble is identifying these fallacy 's and being aware that they do exist and can affect oneself and the person they are speaking to. Being able to know the difference between an ad hominem and straw man could be the difference between winning one 's argument. To begin with, two quite opposite articles have been provided that contain a central claim about the Iraq war. One of these

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  • Essay

    3/25/13 Example Argumentative Essay on Dieting and Exercise US Toll-free: 1-800-235-4105 International customers: 1-845-228-8552 click here to view all our phone and fax numbers Send email: support@privatewriting.com Select Assignment Type: HOME ESSAY WRITING DISSERTATION TERM PAPERS GHOST WRITING PLACE ORDER Essay Number of Pages: 1 1 page(s) (250 w ords) EXAMPLE ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ON DIETING AND EXERCISE Avg. score 0.00 based on 0 opinions / 44108 view s total (65 today)

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  • The Academic Expository Essay

    readability for one’s audience. It is important to note that each paragraph in the body of the essay must have some logical connection to the thesis statement in the opening paragraph. Evidential support (whether factual, logical, statistical, or example-based). Students are often required to write academic expository essays with little or no preparation; therefore, such essays do not typically allow for a great deal of statistical or factual evidence. Though creativity is not always associated

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  • How Freshman Composition Has Benefited My Ability As A Writer

    writer. It greatly increased my confidence about college level academic writing. Learning how to write argumentative papers was my biggest achievement this semester. It taught me the importance of writing multiple drafts in the process, and it challenged me to analyze other authors work. Some of the challenges I faced but have overcome as well are, learning to revise papers, refute an argumentative paper, and working with grammar. Many of these appear in the three essays I wrote and all of these essays

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  • Essay Sigmund Freud and Freud Hank

    him even noticing. 2) Would Freudian theory describe Hank's eating and argumentative behaviors as being internally or externally motivated? Explain the motivation. Freudian Theory will describe Hank’s eating and argumentative behaviors as being internally motivated. His habit of eating is a sign of fixation at the Oral Stage as a result of which he resorts to excessive eating and smoking when he is in stress. His argumentative nature expresses his discontent towards others because these people did

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  • Politica Essay

    Should people marry before they are 25 years old? Argumentative There is really no good reason to rush into marriage, but an increasing number of young people want to get married before they are 25. I believe that young adults are getting married before they are equipped with the skills to build a solid relationship that can last a lifetime. There are great advantages to getting married older. Firstly it enables people to concentrate on their education and get a degree and then a good job before

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  • Reading Stories And Poems By Sujin Shin

    analytical, and argumentative thinking. These four key factors have distinct differences which the reader must understand when reading and afterwards make a connection based on the key thinking factors. Literary thinking for the most part has to do more with literature. In some cases art can be looked at in a literary thinking way. Art has been considered of being aesthetic which basically means having appreciation for what the beautiful image of the art picture has created. A clear example is when a

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  • English Composition I Taught Me A Lot About Myself

    college student, through the process of writing. At the beginning of the year, I was not very excited about having to write argumentative papers. This is because I did not care enough about the assigned topics to have an opinion. But, I did learn a lot that I would not have known otherwise from having to research information about the topics I chose to write about. For example, in paper #2, I wrote about the niqab and how I believe that it is oppressive to women. Before starting paper #2, I had no

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  • I Am A Better Writer

    process faster than I should have, and it showed in my grade. When I received a B, I knew that I needed to shape up my approach if I was ever going to deserve an A. When you compare the early drafts of my memory paper to the early drafts of my argumentative essay, it should be clear that I learned from these mistakes. In my opinion, this experience was necessary for me to learn how to approach a paper the right way, and I think that I made great improvements considering I scored an A on the next paper

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  • Summary of Deborah Tannen's the Argument Culture

    point of violence. “The war on drugs, the war on cancer, the battle of the sexes, politicians’ turf battles- in the argument culture war metaphors pervade our talk and shape our thinking,” affirms Tannen. We approach the world in an argumentative frame of mind.” Why do we feel that the best way to discuss an idea is to set up a debate? “Without thinking, we have plunged headfirst into what she calls the argument culture. According to Tannen, we are becoming a society that believes

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  • Why I Am A Teacher

    think I touched once. I probably should have, and learned a thing or two about grammar, but I didn’t. The second one, Steps to Writing Well by Jean Wyrick, one couldn’t do without. This book was helpful because of the topic examples, steps to writing an essay, and essay examples. Mr.Kallas also surprised us with pop quizzes, so it was essential to receive a good grades on those. I enjoyed researching and writing the exposition essay. The pre-write in class was helpful because it made me sit down and

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  • I Have Always Struggled With Writing

    Fortunately, this fear was soon erased. The class English 101 has not only taught me several ways to successfully construct, document, and be creative with my writing, but also succeeded in instilling confidence behind my work. My narrative and argumentative essay were both great gateways for me to express my thoughts and demonstrate the writing techniques I learned throughout English 101. The first proper college essay I wrote in ENG 101 was a narrative. The prompt I was given was to write about

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  • The Jung 's Personality Test

    description, ENTJ’s have a natural tendency to direct and are decisive. NJ’s have a natural talent to plan creatively and bring those plans to reality. ENTJ’s are often larger than life when describing their projects and proposals, but may become argumentative when challenged. I agree I am more an extrovert than an introvert. I enjoy being around and interacting with people. I am not surprised my intuitive percentage is the highest. I feel like I have an innate ability to relate with people and notice

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  • Rhetorical Analysis : ' Nothing But Men '

    patriarch of what we consider to be a shining example of expository writing is in today’s time. The series has served as a reference for many people on a variety of topics ranging from personal finance to dating. Just as in the Dummies series, the works examined in class utilize the expository and argumentative rhetorical strategy to provide reference to how black men have developed throughout time in American society. Through employing expository and argumentative rhetorical strategy, writers like James

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  • The Writing 100 Course Feminists Bioethics : Women 's Health And Justice

    write a stronger argumentative paper. As described in the syllabus, I learned how to “plan, draft, and revise efficiently and effectively”. When I first began I had poor outlining skills, disengaging introductions, and very long, confusing sentences throughout my work. After writing three major papers with many drafts and revisions, I have fulfilled my goal of being able to “share my knowledge with other” (Beginning Self Assessment). This course has prepared to me to write argumentative essays that effectively

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  • Annotated Bibliography Of My English Class

    Reflecting on the past few months, I noticed that our English class essays has been giving me skills necessary to become successful in today’s society. Knowing how to write personal in our in our Hupomnemata, and argumentative in our research papers will help me in out farther alone in not just my schooling, but in everyday life. I have taken many English courses in my life but this was the first one where I truly learned how to write a well thought out essay. Starting out with the annotated bibliography

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  • The Importance Of A Better English Student

    very helpful not only for your peers, but for the one reviewing it as well. We didn’t do many peer reviews this semester, but the ones we did I enjoyed. It’s always good to get a peer to review your essay. Later in the semester we worked on an argumentative essay and it required you to conduct your own research. I love researching new things and finding out new information. From previous courses I’ve taken I gotten so much better on research with making sure it reliable to choices what’s best for

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  • Personal Note On Academic Writing

    an article. Also, I will think about what rhetorical devices I can use in my paper to make it more beautiful. Additionally, the rhetorical analysis paper made me realize that writing in English has something in common with writing in Chinese. For example, both in English and Chinese, using rhetorical devices is a good strategy to express what I want to say and develop the level of the paper. From this essay, what I learned about myself is that in my English writing, I am still like a young child who

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  • What I Learned About The Apa Style Guide That Can Be Completely Honest

    I took this class (even though I did not have a choice). I learned a little bit about Ethos, Logos, and Pathos in my English 100 class my freshman year, but this semester I learned how to actually incorporate those concepts into my writing. One example of Ethos that I used within my paper is when I explained that Maggie Leppert is a writer for Lifeprint which in turn showed that she was credible and has written more than one article. I also explained how Luckner and Muir were credible by saying

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  • Reading, Critical Thinking, And Researching Skills Have Improved Throughout The Semester

    audiences. The writing skills have also helped me outside of school. For example, outside of class work my reading skills have also improved in that I can read better than when I first started college. My critical thinking skills have also improved moreover. When I first entered college, I did not know what I was doing in my freshman year of C.W.P. 099, but gradually after the 099 writing course I have learned how to develop an argumentative essay, give my opinion on addressing the issues, and better state

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  • Descartes 's Views On The Existence Of God

    In these meditations Descartes had complex opinions. In the case of Descartes in meditations a greater individual than him existed. Descartes’ claim insisted with the existence of the idea of God to the real existence of God. To support his argumentative opinions, Descartes points two distinct arguments that were utilized by “Augustine in the fourth century and Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century” (Shouler). They consisted in the casual and ontological argument. The casual argument was introduced

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  • Expository Writing : The Earth Is Full By Thomas Friedman

    Nation of Mutts” by David Brooks, and I decided that Brooks’ essay was effective. Assignment 4 was a Summary and Analysis of “The Earth is Full” by Thomas Friedman, and I decided that Friedman’s essay was not effective. Lastly, assignment 6 was an argumentative letter to Secretary of State John Kerry on overpopulation and resource depletion. These three assignments are all very different, and I believe that they are all good representations of my writing experience and ability. Assignment 3, a Summary

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  • My First Day Of Class

    and a thesis with a plan of development. A hook will be used to start off your essay, which is used to catch the reader’s attention so they can be engaged in your work. In class Prof Khan, explained to us the six types of a hook that are personal examples, quotations, facts or statistics, rhetorical questions, current events, and contrast to the thesis sentence. After, writing a hook, I learned that a transitional sentence is needed. The transitional sentence is a clear bridge between the hook and

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  • My Journey And Difficulties Adapting College

    audiences. The writing skills have also helped me outside of school. For example, outside of class work my reading skills have also improved in that I can better read than when I first started college. My critical thinking skills have also improved in that when I first entered college, I did not know what I was doing in my freshman year of C.W.P. 099, but gradually after the 099 course I have learned how to develop an argumentative essay, give my opinion on addressing the issues, and better state

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  • How I Learned With Writing

    Career research paper I was also able to fix errors I had in my original draft. In my papers had many C-S errors, which means comma splice errors. After a mini lesson in class I learned what that meant and I was able to fix those mistakes. In my Argumentative essay I used facts from multiple sources, causing me to have citing errors. I learned that I had to put the article title in parentheses to give the author credit. Demonstrates critical reading strategies was our second goal on the class. We

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  • My Writing An Evaluation Paper

    correctly. Using my mistakes and my newly found knowledge from my instructor I had diligently yet worked very hard on my third paper which was an argumentative assignment. I used the feedback that was given to me from my previous papers to help construct the assignment and I asked all kind of questions to Mr. Long and looked at various example papers to finalize the paper. Once it had been graded I was a lot more proud of that grade than the previous ones, it wasn’t astonishing but in my eyes

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  • Essay about Lesson of the Moth Poetry Analysis

    thoughts of a moth and his outlook on life. The overall poem would be considered argumentative being the moth is trying to inform the man that he should live his life and let his hair down a little more instead of relishing the everyday routines of life. This is shown in paragraph 3 when the moth says “But we get bored with the routine/and crave beauty/and excitement.”(18-20)Another example of the passage being argumentative is when the man says “and before I could argue him/out of his philosophy.”(43-44)

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  • Persuasive Or Argumentative Persuasive Essay

    Persuasive or Argumentative Did you know that since 2008 the federal government spent almost $700 billion dollars of taxpayer money to bail out companies (“Bailout Tracker,” 2016)? The government has used this money to give to companies that are failing or were about to go bankrupt. This is a small group of people deciding what businesses get the money and stay in business and which ones don’t. The money comes from us, the taxpayers, and it shouldn’t be used to support failing companies. It

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  • Aspects of an Argumentative Essay

    Aspects of an Argumentative Essay The argumentative essay is an essay in which you argue a point -- an essay in which you prove a thesis. The argumentative essay starts with an introduction. The introduction is the gateway into your paper, and it serves two roles. The introduction should grab your reader's attention and let him or her know what your paper will be about. Your thesis must also let your reader know what your essay will be about. By the time he or she finishes your conclusion

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  • Engl 135 Discussions All 7 Weeks Advance Composition All Students Posts 353 Pages

    discussion, practice exploring the themes as a researcher would: by creating problem statements.How do you do this? Ask and then answer the question using a sub-topic (see below). Here’s an example. “For whom is [school bullying] a problem?“ In your post, provide the question and then the answer to the question. For example, “School bullying is a problem for victims of bullying because. . . .” Complete the statement based on your experience and knowledge…. Education Technology Family Health and Wellness

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  • The Usage Of Verbum Dicendi And R Relations On High And Low Fiction Novels

    concerning the phrase. Such ambiguous words and phrases provide a background information, which provides the gist of the narration. I will also explore the types of verb used in these novels for instance descriptive, expressive, expository or argumentative verb to understand the text types in which they have been used. 4.1 Narration Verbum Dicendi in Narration A narrative is simply the written or spoken account of a story. According to Hoffmann and Trousdale, narration is and relies on the construction

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  • Writing Argumentative Essays

    A helpful book for IELTS Compiled by bavy&adrian October 2004 Contents Introduction - please read Debatable and non-debatable statements Providing support for debatable statements (or premises) Using connectives and paragraphs in a larger argumentative text The main thesis, supporting arguments and conclusion. Adding information to relevant arguments Connectives for listing arguments. Concluding connectives In fact / Indeed More practice on using In fact and Indeed Paragraphs Showing you are aware

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  • Writers Reflection

    what the essay is going to be about and I wrote it in a order that shows what my essay is going to talk about. The thesis statement was not too broad, and I didn’t make a statement that was too narrow. Moreover, in my Rodriguez 3 argumentative essay my thesis statement was “ The way food in America is being produced, marketed and consumed is a major concern we should all share.” I also felt I did a good job in letting the reader know what they essay was going to talk about and

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  • Personal Note On Dual Enrollment English

    college. Having this little bit of taste of what college is really like, is what has made me feel confident about writing papers for my other classes. Also, having a persistent teacher has instilled this confidence in me too. These are only a few examples of what Dual Enrollment has done for me. Over the course have noticed that I have developed a particular writing style. My style is that I like to begin the first sentence of personal writing with something dramatic but still keeping it serious;

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  • Graduation Speech : Writing Technique And Style

    was essays for my other language arts classes. Some classes that I have taken in the past prior to Intermediate Composition were; middle school language arts, English 9, and American Lit. Some essay categories that I have written before were; argumentative, reflective, personal, persuasive, and definition essays. By taking these classes, it really helped shape me into the creative writer I am today. I chose to take Intermediate Composition because my tenth grade teacher, Ms. McDermott, suggested

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  • My Writing And Writing Skills

    am giving to much away from the story. Looking back at the first summary I had to write for this class, I concluded that I need to just say the main points in the story, instead of saying different details that the reader does not need to know. An example of this is from the first summary in this class, "As in listening to classical music and wearing brightly colored clothes". From this summary I had this quote included which was giving the reader to much detail about the story. As the semester has

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