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  • Malcolm X Comparison: Ferederick Douglass And Malcolm X

    Ferederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay Fredrick Douglas who was former salve and uneducated, learned basic reading form one of his mistress Sofia Auld. He managed to further his education form outside resources since his wife forbids Sofia form teaching him. Malcom X, who also had semi similar background when it comes to education thought him self-writing in a way he sound literate. Although Malcom X revived education it was very limited since he has to move from time to time as he was kid and he dropped out after his father and white People murdered uncles. He learned his reading and writing skills in prison. As both men were African American who lived in different time span but under the operation of white People he have similar tone when conveying their ideas and thoughts to the white People society. As African American who were under the operation of white community despite the time interval both men were in, both Malcom X and Fredric Douglas are the perfect example when it comes to pursuing education despite the hardships and succeeding in life. Having the worst life out of the two, Malcom X was despised, hated and was discriminated for being black. The mysterious death of his father in a fire and his uncles being brutally murdered by white people led him astray and into the streets of crime. His life was filled with rage anger and hatred, as crime was the only way to cool the wrath. He was sentenced to jail and jail was where he blossomed into a…

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  • Malcolm X And The Impact Of Malcom X

    Wilson 1 Professor Evans Research Paper Topic – Malcolm X October, 10, 2017 Malcom X Do you ever think about how the world would be if certain people didn’t make an impact on it? I asked myself the same question and I say yes. There’s been plenty of people that’s made a significant impact on this world to make it how it is today. For example, George Washington, Rosa Parks, and MLK. In my opinion Malcom X, the well-known Civil Rights activist and religious leader, made the biggest…

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  • Malcom X: The Transformation Of Malcolm X

    Malcolm X believed that experiences in one’s life contribute to their personality . Within his own life he experienced the good and the bad elements of society and allowed these experiences to shape who he became. The transformation of Malcolm Little into Malcolm X can be said to have occurred due to events that lead to dramatic change in his life. Violent discrimination against his family, the loss of his parents at a young age, the life he leads in Boston and Harlem, and his time in prison all…

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  • Autobiography Of Malcolm X Analysis

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X is written by American journalist and civil rights activist, Alex Haley. The content of the story was derived from several interviews with Malcolm X, conducted by Haley, beginning in 1963 up until Malcolm’s assassination in 1965. After dropping out from Alcorn State University, Haley enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard at the age of 18. At first, Haley was a steward, because it was one of the only jobs open to people of color. During World War II, Haley had gained an…

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  • Symbolism In The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    your vocabulary, and also gives you knowledge. Books are literary works that can inspire change, not only personally but also socially and politically. The Autobiography of Malcolm X is an example of one of those books that sparked a movement. The Black Arts Movement allowed black people to create their own literature and art and it was triggered by the assassination of Malcolm X. His book was read widely and it influenced their movement and views on racial issues at that time. Part of the…

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  • Summary Of The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X Do you know who Malcom X is? Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist. Malcolm X exhibited concepts of pride, black nationalism, and race in the 1950s and 1960s. The early years, teenage years, and years of being a minister/human rights activist makes up the autobiography of Malcom x. During the early years, Malcom X was considered Malcolm Little. Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska. Malcolm was…

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  • Criticism Of Malcolm X

    Malcolm X-plained Dusty old shelves piled with photo albums, newspaper articles and files of someone’s life, sparks faded memories, that grow sweeter with time. Each chapter of their scattered past titled to organize a legacy they left behind. In those pages of one man’s story much pain, loss and suffering clouds the few sweet moments that may have been. Well known civil rights advocate, Malcolm X preached unity and aggression through reflections of his own life. Malcolm X fell victim to…

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  • Malcolm X Leadership Analysis

    Malcolm X is a famous civil rights activist and an Islamic Nation leader. He was a great controversial speaker and was very motivational to those who heard his speeches. He also was possessed by a vision for change which to Campbell (2002) is a characteristic for a great leader. Although, he past away in 1965, it is relevant to know and study about his speeches and actions because he verbally made a change through his speeches for equality for African Americans. Still up to this day we are…

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  • Malcolm X And Religion

    The Nation of Islam would not have embraced a young African-American male that devoted his life to religion and developed the Black Muslim movement as a human rights activist. Malcolm X believed blacks were no different than whites. He preached that white people have no right to mistreat us. He called other minorities to fight for their rights as American people. His beliefs and ideas would prompt African-Americans to be a part of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm clarified that, The Negro had to…

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  • Systemic Oppression In Malcolm X

    Malcolm X lived with systemic oppression from the day he was born, to the day he died. Just before his death, Malcolm believed that society could change from its’ oppressive and racist ways. Systemic oppression was the central idea that transformed him from being a rebellious adolescent to becoming a well-known black rights activist. Malcolm X was able to take the systemic oppression that he witnessed and lived in and made it into good at the end of his life. Malcolm X had three main key events…

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