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  • Drug Addiction

    Drug Addiction for Dummies Your Name Here School Name COM 150 Expository Essay Allison Howry February 3, 2008 Thesis Addiction is defined as an overuse of any substance that changes the natural chemical balance of the brain. It is generally agreed upon that addiction includes biological, psychological, and behavioral factors. Introduction Addictions are very dangerous emotionally, psychologically, and physically. There are three main points to an addiction - the actual addiction and

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  • Media Addiction

    Media Screen Addiction Definitional Argument Essay When most people think of addiction, they think of crack heads and alcoholics. Although those are the most common types of addiction, there are also more unusual things. Addiction is a psychological and bodily dependence on a substance or practice which is beyond voluntary control. In a sense, every person has a form of addiction. Weather to caffeine, or food, or cleaning, they are all small kinds of addiction. One addiction that is spreading

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  • Addiction Essay

    Addiction with drugs also has to do with the reward or pleasure we get out of using them not just the ingredients that go into them (Young, 246). If this is true then would it be right to say that addiction lies in more things than just drugs? For example couldn’t it be said that work is an addiction because of the reward or feeling get out of it such as money? In her paper Young states that over repeated encounters with effective rewards we begin to associate the reward and feelings it engenders

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  • Gambling Addiction

    What is Gambling Addiction? While it may appear that addictions are solely pleasure-seeking behaviors, the roots of addiction can also be traced to a wish to suppress or avoid some kind of emotional pain. In the broadest sense, addictive or pathological gambling is gambling behavior which causes disruptions in any major area of life: psychological, physical, social or vocational. Addictive gambling is sometimes referred to as the "hidden illness," because there are no visible physical symptoms

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  • Smoking Addiction

    Smoking Addiction Smoking is an extremely addictive habit that usually forms in the early teen years. We should be targeting our children from the time they enter elementary school to prepare them for this temptation and encourage them to steer clear of this problem (Schoebel 287). There is no sure cure for smoking, and every method requires willingness, dedication, and will power. Smokers should recognize the serious health risks they are facing every time they light a cigarette and accept that

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  • Essay Addiction and Grace

    Addicts’ minds don’t function like normal minds, they will work out tricks in every way to keep their addiction going. According to Dr. May (1991) self-deception, denial and repression, rationalization, hiding, delaying tactics, break down, and collision, are all examples of how the mind of addicts are so powerful in rationalizing and keeping certain knowledge in the unconscious to keep the addiction going. I learned that addicts will do almost anything to avoid being present to one self, as this experience

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  • Phobias and Addictions Essay

    The next thing to be discussed is addiction. Addiction can be defined in many ways, but according to addiction is “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma (2012). Addiction can be developed through operant conditioning, because with operant conditioning a behavior is learned or repeated based on what the end result will be. Operant

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  • Essay on Video Game Addiction

    Many of these symptoms share disturbing similarities with other addiction, such as drugs and alcohol. Some have spoke of withdrawal-like symptoms when the gamer goes without playing for any length of time. Just to clarify, just because you play a lot of video games does not mean you are addicted. Addicts have been known to play games consistently over a period of several days. One case of this is a boy, Xu Yan, who died after playing online games consistently for over fifteen days. Another is of

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  • Understanding Addiction Essay

    paper called the Sociology of Addiction (2014) found on the Limestone College Library site the authors came up with figures on the cost to life, “According to the World health Organization (WHO), addiction is a worldwide problem. Indeed, more than 15.3 million people confront drug abuse issues internationally, and the abuse of alcohol results in 2.5 million deaths every year” CITATION McM14 \p 1 \n \y \t \l 1033 (p. 1). For many years the definition of addiction has been under debate. Is it

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  • Is Addiction a Brain Disease

    Position Paper: Is Addiction a Brain Disease? Introduction Addiction, it is all around us, affecting people from all walks of life, it is not limited to certain social classes or lifestyles. It is found in every ethnic group, regardless of gender or age. It affects our neighbors, our friends, and our family either directly or indirectly. Although substances such as alcohol and illegal drugs are two of the most common addictions we hear about, there is a wide range of substances and even

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  • Theories of the Etiology of Addiction

    Certain models and theories regarding addiction have a tremendously valuable impact con society’s reaction toward addiction. There are certain aspects of each theory which are very important in the treatment of addiction. Not all addicts and alcoholics fit into the specific criteria of one theory or model so it is beneficial for Chemical Dependency Counselors to have an in depth understanding of various theories to draw from. Most theories about addiction fail to provide a comprehensive account of

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  • Persuasive Essay; Addiction Is a Disease

    activating nerves to send abnormal messages. - Other drugs make the brain rapidly release large amount of dopamine, this neurotransmitter can be described as a persons pleasure reward. IV. Long term effects of abusing drugs are the nature of addiction. -Gain a tolerance for the drug and loose the ability to enjoy it, along with loosing the ability to enjoy anything in life. The ending result of those disrupting chemicals that keep interfering with neurons and their normal jobs, and the

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  • Addictions and Phobias Essay

    This shows that a addiction can be created by associating behaviors with another behavior or event. Wanting to drink paired with something else. A person could then begin to associate getting high or drunk with feelings like fun, sexuality and escape. Whenever these feeling were experienced they would trigger the urge to drink, drug and get high. A more thorough explanation "Operant conditioning, developed by B. F. Skinner, states that a person is more likely to repeat a behavior if it is followed

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  • Internet Addiction Essay examples

    Despite the different perspective of research, both aforementioned researchers had similar objective in finding the relationship between the Internet addictions to the students’ psychological growth. Additional work by Chow et al. [3] focused on the excessive Internet use of the younger generations. The researchers constructed a screening tool known as Internet-user Assessment Screen to collect data and identify the addicted behavior. Based on the data collected, the researchers summarized that the

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    THE EFFECT OF ADDICTION PAPER Monique Reed BSHS/455 May 11, 2015 Debra MC Coy THE EFFECT OF ADDICTION PAPER The effect of addiction have consumed billions of individuals all over the world, not only consume but also killed. Individuals have relied on drugs to fill the void in their life that is missing. The addict is not only hurting themselves from the drug use but their families, friends, and their community. In this paper, it will give a description of a 21-year-old male named Anthony. Anthony

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  • Definition Paper- Addiction

    Also, as one begins to become glued to technology they begin to neglect jobs and tasks previously committed to, such as schoolwork, chores, or even tasks at church. Technology is a great tool when used in moderation, and that is the whole key to addiction. One thinks they are doing something in moderation, but in actuality one is far past moderate and is becoming irrational. Some consequences of drug and alcohol abuse are that these substances take a toll on physical and mental health, one begins

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  • Internet Addiction Essay

    label Internet Addiction an fanatical and uncontrollable behavior, based on its similarities to gambling addiction and compulsive shopping, “since these disorders lack a chemical dependence”.(Addiction to the Internet and Online Gaming Brian D.NG, M,S and Peter Wiemer-Hastings, p.110). Shotton concludes that “addicted computer users were mainly male introverts” (The costs and the benefits of Computer Addiction Shotton). In his article, Jerald J. Block states that Internet addiction is caused by three

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  • Essay on Computer Addiction

    occasionally drink because of the pleasure to be had, clearly not all people who do so are addicts. Rather, the term addiction only applies when someone's stimulation seeking gets to the point where it starts interfering with their ability to function normally and non-neglectfully at work and in relationships. Mental health professionals are split as to whether or not Internet addiction is real. No one disputes that some people use the Internet in a compulsive manner even to a point where it interferes

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  • Understanding Addiction Essay example

    But none of that made you feel happy anyway, and, at least for a short time, your addiction does. The more people criticize you, the more you want to seek comfort in that good feeling you get from your addiction. The more others lecture you about what you should be doing with your life, the more convinced you are that they don’t know what they are talking about. Sure, you wish what they were saying was true, but underneath, you know that a normal life was never for you. Except you long for a normal

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  • Sex Addiction Essay

    include that ex-addicts for cyber-sex are prone to relapsing in the same way drug addicts may relapse despite months and years or rehabilitation. Despite the obscure nature of these specific addictions, abuse or compulsivity to taking part in sex via the web could be grouped with other non-substance based addictions such as shopping, gambling, real-life sexual relations, exercise, and video gaming. Although all of the previously mentioned can not be tied to going through physical withdrawal, dopamine

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  • Essay on Is Addiction a Disease

    Stanley Peele addresses the issue, that addiction is now becoming accepted by others as more than just drug addiction but other forms of addictions as well. While Peele does state this, he doesn't support his point with significant evidence, which is why it is important to expand on this issue, to understand why addiction is not a disease. Other forms of addiction include: addiction to food, to video games, to internet, to television, to shopping, to gambling… The list is quite long as to what people

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  • Essay about Sex Addiction

    willing to work with each other to attend counseling so that the addict can work on getting better and be a better father or mother, a better husband or wife to their families. Dealing with sex addiction can be hard especially if you are trying to deal with it alone. Dealing with any addiction takes help. Help from others who have gone through what you are going through. Support is needed to overcome sex addition from

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  • Essay on Drug and Alcohol Addiction

    drinkers harm their bodies. Drinking a lot of alcohol daily can cause a numerous amount of health problems such as heart attacks, cancer, and problems with the endocrine, metabolic, immune, and reproduction system (Henslin 2008). Drugs and alcohol addiction can cause incidents of domestic violence. Several studies can support this claim. One research study claimed that up to fifty percent of all batterers attending a treatment program had alcohol abuse problems (Reyna, 2008). Some drug addicts

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  • Drug Addiction Essay

    dependency. This initial reaction seemed to suggest that drug users are viewed as more passive victims to their own addiction. A few participants did mention choice and self abuse. Generally the first thing the came to people’s minds regarding drug addiction was shaped from their personal experiences. Causes The participants were asked what they perceived as the causes of drug addiction. Many listed societal causes such as: social structure, failure of institutions; foster homes, services, and education

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  • Essay on The Consequences of Addiction

    The patient facing addiction tends to feel a great deal of shame (Wilson, 1999; Wilson, 2003). This factor is a major hurdle in treatment and recovery (Matto, Corcoran, & Fassler, 2003). Shame isolates this population from seeking healthy interaction and discourages the addict from treatment. Maintaining isolation to avoid the confronting this shame often leads to relapse (Wilson, 1999; Wilson, 2003). The relationship with the addiction “keeps painful feelings and associations… at a distance”

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  • Essay about Addiction Models

    The existence of a genetic component does not guarantee addiction nor does its absence guard an individual against addiction (Doweiko, 2015). Psychological The factors of the psychological model are personality, motivation, and include the integration of the moral, learning, and coping theories. The moral model states that the individual and their decisions are the leading cause of substance use and addiction (Clinton & Scalise, 2013). The model is founded on the idea that each person has free

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  • Phobias and Addictions Essay

    Addictions can be developed through operant conditioning because whatever learned response or feeling a person develops from repeating it over and over is because they have become addicted to wanting or feeling the response. An example of operant conditioning would be when a person first learns the feeling of becoming high from opiates. The feeling stimulates the individual so much that they want to feel the rush of being high over and over. Operant conditioning may lead a person to an addiction

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  • Addiction Treatment Essay

    and also group talk and talk therapy. Treatment is also considered a form of health care and may be conducted by nurses, counselors, social workers, and physicians. Some of the medication that is given in rehab is not to take away the illness of addiction but to help cope with the damage that the addict has done to themselves, such as sleep deprivation, “No available therapy, program, medication or surgical procedure can remove recurrent desire or craving for alcohol and/or other drugs” (McLellan)

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  • Essay Addiction in Adolescence

    painkiller, can prove to be fatal, if not treated in time; it causes severe diseases, and is a very serious disease that is progressive as well. Drug addiction is a disorder of a very complex nature and cannot be in any way justified, as to being something that can be over looked. And because of this a few patients have fallen victim to an extreme addiction where they will do anything and get to any length to obtain the drug, that has now come to be known as the “poor man’s heroine”. This obtaining of

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  • The Effects of Anime Addiction to Students

    ANIME ADDICTION TO STUDENTS Thesis Statement: There are negative and positive effects that may result from Anime addiction. Introduction Anime is a style of animation in Japan which it can lead into addiction. Nowadays, anime addiction is very rampant especially among students. People with obsessive interest in anime are called otaku. I. Anime II. The negative effects of Anime Addiction to students A. Academic B. Health C. Behavior III. The positive effects of Anime Addiction to

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  • Plastic Surgery Addiction Essay

    For instance, Michael Jackson or Joan Rivers faces are almost unrecognizable, the amount of changes produced by several plastic surgeries has change their faces to the point that they are not themselves anymore. Another result of plastic surgery addiction is the lost of functionality in body parts who suffered the changes of this procedures. Faces who have suffered many procedures don’t look “normal” anymore and the skin is really thin and fragile. Also people who have multiples nasal surgeries can

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  • Drug Addiction and Pregnancy Essay

    Secondly, some argue that having an addiction is not illegal so how can one be penalized for something they have no control over? Women that are not pregnant, as well as men are not arrested over having a drug addiction; these individuals argue that just because a woman is pregnant this then becomes a crime. Lastly, some argue that there are no legal recourses for women that have make poor decisions while pregnant. There are some women that choose to drink, smoke, eat poorly, etc. during pregnancy

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  • Drug Addiction on Younger Generation Essay

    growing tendencies for the people in general to use drugs without prescription or medical purpose. Drug addiction has become a major social problem in Bangladesh. In a developing country lives Bangladesh incidence of drug addiction increasing day by day. It was a problem of developed country beforehand, but now it is one of the important social problem of country trapped by this addiction it will affects the future of our country. It is spreading like mushroom & invading the every level of our

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  • Essay on Marijuana Addiction

    tolerance to it, and you will not get high anymore. “The vast majority of cocaine users (99.9%) began by first using a gateway drug like marijuana, cigarettes, or alcohol”. (On the Road to Drug Abuse, 2013). Smoking weed is only the beginning of drug addiction if you become addicted to it at a young age, and once you become addicted it can be very hard to quit. There are numerous negative physical and emotional effects to smoking marijuana regularly. Once addicted you go through many

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  • Teen Internet Addiction Essay

    for the teen, but this solution should only be used in extreme cases (cgolembi 1). Along with the first Internet issue, teens also use the Internet to escape from the problems in their life, such as poor relationships, peer pressure, etc. “Like addiction to drugs and alcohol, the internet offers children and adolescents a way to escape painful feelings or troubling situations. They sacrifice needed hours of sleep to spend time online and withdraw from family and friends to escape into a comfortable

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  • Nurses with Addiction Essay

    after the investigations are concluded can the Risk Management team work to repair the reputation of the hospital and its employees. As a result of this incident, workplace respect, reputation, and ethics have been violated at the expense of drug addiction. Nurses and other healthcare professionals have a responsibility to the patient’s and the workplace to uphold a standard of care that will not jeopardize the position of the hospital, its staff, the patients or the community. When serious issues

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  • Smartphone Addiction Essay

    The signs of addiction include using it in the bathroom, feeling a brief moment of panic when it’s misplaced, feeling like a friend has been lost when it is broken broke it and you feel like you lost a friend, a full battery charge barely lasting the day, and the addicted person cutting back on necessities to afford the cell phone bill. Too much intervention of phone to our lives can cause problems both in the life of the phone user and irritate others. We need to control its uses not to intrude

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  • Phobias and Addiction Essay

    due to an operant conditioned response. Operant conditioning involves the idea that the actions that we take lead to either rewards or consequences. Within operant conditioning, there is environmental response provoked. How does this relate to addiction? The feelings that one might get when they are doing something that makes them "high", whether it be drugs or base jumping, it's a feeling that they are unable to achieve when they are in their normal

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  • Bupropion, Naltrexone, and Food Addiction Essay

    217), is the most widely used tool for examining food addiction. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012), an adult who is considered “obese” has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher according to their height and weight. Turning to the relationship between food addiction and obesity, an increasingly accepted view of this relationship is that food addiction can cause overeating, which can lead to obesity. A selection of recent experiments can support this perspective

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  • Codependency: Addiction and Broad Term Essay

    When thinking about the moral-legal perspective I do not think that drugs should be legalized but I think a lot of the reason is that it would be hard for the government to tax it. Alcohol and cigarette smoking are the two most deadly addictions and they are legal and taxed. I think that a lot of the drugs that are being abused are licit drugs. They try to keep people from getting these licit drugs by using punishment. If people want the drugs they are going to find a way to get them. People

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  • What Are the Disadvantages of Computer Addiction? Essay

    The newly diagnosed computer addiction has gained much press attention recently, as children have also been affected. Talk shows are full of people whose relationships have been torn apart by one partner’s computer addiction. Spending hours chatting online, surfing the web or playing computer games can cause relationships to deteriorate as other parts of a person’s life are neglected. A recent research study showed that some children suffer from computer rage when they are forbidden to play computer

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  • Essay about Social Networking Addiction

    While social network addiction is not included in the DSM IV, many researchers advocated its inclusion in DSM V, which is currently under way. For example, in a 2008 editorial for the American Journal of Psychiatry, IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder) inclusion advocate Dr. Jerald Block cited the case of South Korea, stating that: After a series of 10 cardiopulmonary-related deaths in Internet cafés and a game-related murder, South Korea considers Internet addiction one of its most serious public

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  • Reseach Paper About Drug Addiction

    analyses the effects of drug abuse on individuals to help develop a proper understanding of the effects of drug abuse and therefore counter measures that could be implemented to ensure the negative effects are dealt with or avoided. Teen Drug Addiction The life decisions we make currently in our individual lives ultimately will effect, be it better or for worse, the futures of our lives. For instance one who neglects to learn how to read will be handicapped by their inability to read for the

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  • Essay Government Addiction and The Illegal Trade

    government and the abolishment of Capitalism and the free-enterprise system. Most act like escapees from a liberal-progressive animal farm. These mostly college- educated, life-skills challenged, young people are products of a lifelong indoctrination and addiction. Awash in a Marxist sea of economic and constitutional ignorance, they bob aimlessly along hoping to be transported to a left-wing, Garden of Eden. Additionally, corporations, businesses and mega-farm owners spend more money, manpower, and toil

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  • Government Addiction: Politicians and Bureaucrats Essay

    government, the abolishment of Capitalism, and the free-enterprise system. Many act like escapees from a liberal-progressive animal farm. These mostly college-educated, life-skills challenged, young people are products of a lifelong indoctrination and addiction. Awash in a Marxist sea of economic and constitutional

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  • Should Addiction be Considered a Disease? Essay

    findings. According to Jack, D. Blaine (1977) the psychodynamic model has been successful in shedding light onto the importance of early childhood development and parental influences as possible origins of addictive behaviour. Behavioural models of addiction on the other hand base themselves upon the theory that the continued use of substance abuse will create elation and which will then intensify the need for the using to continue. The need to ease withdrawal symptoms can be explained by reinforcing

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  • Addictions Counseling - Avoiding Burnout Essay

    Counselor Wellness,” 1996). I also find that exercise really is a stress reducer for me. Furthermore, to maintain physical health, I will keep up on my own medical appointments and obtain regularly occurring physicals. It is also beneficial for addiction counselors to engage in general

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  • Drug Addiction- Physical vs. Psychological Essay

    continued use of physically addicting drugs, but several drugs taken chronically and abusively by a great number of people are considered non-addicting drugs, at least from a physical standpoint. According to Lance Dodes, M.D., author of The Heart of Addiction, “The human body physically reacts to a few kinds of drugs, like alcohol or heroin, by adapting—changing itself for instance—neurotransmitter levels in the brain are altered to compensate for the drugs’ effects” (69-70). The body has found a way

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  • Role of Addiction Counselors in Community Prevention Programs

    WHAT CAUSES ADDICTIONS AND OTHER COMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS? The causes of addiction or impulse-control disorders are widely debated (McNeece & DiNitto, 2005). Many people have strongly held views about what causes these problems. Social workers should carefully examine their personal views of these problems before proceeding to help clients. Some people see addictions as moral problems that result from a lack of willpower or the wanton acts of individuals unwilling to change and become responsible citizens

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  • Medicalization of Sex Addiction: Society's Obsession with Medical Diagnosis

    dependency caused society to write off sex addicts as moral failures. Sex addiction is one of the more recently medicalized disorders, with numerous media references and a more sexually educated and oriented society to thank. Media popularization of sex addiction in various films, coupled with safety net claims by professional athletes and prominent political figures have contributed to the medicalization of sex addiction. Public scandals involving visible figures such as professional golfer Tiger

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