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  • Addiction And Technology Addiction

    People are actually addicted to many things and don’t even realize it. Addictions are dependency on something or someone, because a person feels inadequate without it. There are multiple types of addictions some of the most common addictions of which people are not aware of are to food, technology and to people. In order to understand the reason people are attracted to those substances there must be an analysis of the brain’s response and as to why people accumulate addictions. Although addictions are pre-conceivably a bad thing, some addictions can be good because of the positive affects they can have on the brain in relieving cognitive dissonance. Addictions are mainly considered those of drugs and alcohol abuse, Caroline Davis exams…

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  • Mindfulness Addiction

    Mindfulness and Addiction Addictions are the side effect of a grasping mind. When we try to cling to things beyond or reach or moments in our lives that have passed, it can sometimes lead to negative emotions or trigger unhealthy feelings. Generally, it is when an individual feels excessive helplessness toward situations in his or her life, addictions and other coping mechanisms can form to help deal with the emotions. Unfortunately, in many cases it can be hard to truly see what is causing the…

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  • The Dangers Of Addiction

    You may ask yourself what is addiction? Addiction is a habit that is hard to quit. Whether or not it is pleasurable or unpleasant, can heal or harm, define or break you, you still continue to do it because it makes you feel on top of the world. The control that addiction can have over you is something that is often underestimated. Users are usually unaware that their behaviors are out of proportion and causing problems not only to themselves, but also to their peers. Regardless of the negatives,…

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  • Addiction In Shameless

    drinker to go unconscious so no more is consumed. Also, if having one drink triggers the user to have many more with little to no self-control another red flag of alcoholism is tossed up. Having self-control while drinking allows the mind to stay alert, unimpaired, and responsible. Lastly, if the user drinks and drinks and neglects all responsibilities, their priorities are not in order. Mr. Gallagher has six kids who had to learn to fend for themselves because his responsibility to them…

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  • Addiction And Social Media Addiction

    Social Media ties to addiction It is believed that using social media can be addicting and can cause substance abuse and addiction. This is completely incorrect, social media does glorify drugs and alcohol and can be an addiction in itself but it may not cause drug and alcohol addiction. It can contribute to an addiction, because addiction is developed over a period of time and cannot be caused by one thing, such as social media. The addictive qualities of social media, including the…

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  • Nicotine Addiction

    and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly 20 percent of adults smoke and 70 percent of them want to quit. But only 3 percent of smokers successfully quit for their whole lifetime (CDC, 2015). For last 20 years, researchers have been trying to figure out what were the causes of addiction and solutions for helping to quit. It is believed that people get addicted because of biological factors. However, more and more recent researches showed cigarettes addiction is more…

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  • Alcohol Addiction

    irritability, and anxiety. Since alcohol disrupts sleep, the individual would continue to be affected for more hours as their body tries to adjust to its natural rhythm. Moreover, the hygienic standards of the individual would fall due to instances of excessive sweating and discomfort. Cravings of alcohol would occur particularly in the form of thoughts and urges and might be intense lasting for more than 20 minutes. At this point, the individual would engage in distraction activities, such as…

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  • Substance Addiction Vs Behavioral Addiction

    Behavioral addiction is a psychological disorder in which an individual fails to resist an impulse, drive, or temptation to perform an act that can cause harm to the person or others. It is characterized by a repeated pattern of behavior (Grant, 2011). These behaviors may include compulsive buying, pathologic skin picking, sexual addiction (non-paraphilic hyper sexuality), excessive tanning, computer/video game playing, and internet addiction, among many others (Grant, 2011). Feelings of…

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  • Sex Addiction Vs Love Addiction

    Sex and love addiction is one out of eighteen titles that describes an addiction where love passion, or sexualized behaviors become more excessive and compulsive through. Sex and love addiction comprises love passion, love addiction, and sex addiction. Each of these concepts differs from one another in forms of excessive behaviors, meanings and patterns faced (Fisher, & Harrison, 2013). For this research paper, love passion and sex addiction information supports the understanding of the…

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  • Addiction Habits

    Addiction is a habit that is filling a psychological or physical need where a person feels uneasy without it. Generally addiction is a word used to negatively to describe someone and their habits. In society addiction is common and a person can be addicted to almost anything. Addicts do not have the ability to accept their problem and usually struggle with asking for help. With professional help, specialists can regulate or completely control the situation. Overall, an addiction can be triggered…

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