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  • Addiction To Social Media Addiction

    The American Addiction to the Internet Today in America there are a plethora of issues that have derived from great ideas. Awesome innovations and laws almost always become abused by a few, thus ruining it for the masses. In the past it was alcohol consumption, which had to become regulated by the government, today social media has become America’s newly abused innovation. Chapter seven of M. D. Bowles’ Introduction to Digital literacy educated me on social media sites but also acknowledge that “sites such as Facebook have a monthly reported active member list of over one billion”(Bowles, 2013, Ch. 7.3). Social media sites can be anything from Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, instagram, and blogs. The usage of such web pages and apps, like Facebook or Twitter were once the social tool of adolescence, but are now the addiction of everyone. People…

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  • Exercise Addiction

    When thinking of the word addiction you often relate it to drugs alcohol or tobacco but sometimes other things have the same addictive aspect. Activities such as shopping, internet, food, exercise are known as a behavioral addiction. Behavior addictions include salience, conflicts, mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal symptoms and .loss of control(Brown,1997). Exercise is mostly known to be a positive addiction because physical activity is known to be beneficial. There is however harmful…

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  • Internet Addiction

    The two main forms of this are internet addiction, and the effects of too much time spent online (mainly being depression and isolation). Many people are doubtful of internet addiction because, like what was mentioned in the beginning of this paper, the internet isn’t a specific thing so there’s some confusion about what people are actually addicted to. Most addictions specify the activity but not the medium, but with internet addiction it’s the opposite. Even though many people are skeptical of…

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  • Zoey's Addiction

    beautiful kids together. Would it be worth losing all of that for an addiction? Zoey loved her husband Jason, and was happy but she felt something missing in her life. She felt as if her sexual needs weren’t fulfill. Sex with Jason would happen two to three times a day but she still wasn’t satisfied, after sex she would feel the need to masturbate. Zoey reached out to get help from Dr.spencer, a counselour that would help with this addiction. Zoey had a business and would recognize people’s art.…

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  • The Dangers Of Addiction

    You may ask yourself what is addiction? Addiction is a habit that is hard to quit. Whether or not it is pleasurable or unpleasant, can heal or harm, define or break you, you still continue to do it because it makes you feel on top of the world. The control that addiction can have over you is something that is often underestimated. Users are usually unaware that their behaviors are out of proportion and causing problems not only to themselves, but also to their peers. Regardless of the negatives,…

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  • Addiction Habits

    Addiction is a habit that is filling a psychological or physical need where a person feels uneasy without it. Generally addiction is a word used to negatively to describe someone and their habits. In society addiction is common and a person can be addicted to almost anything. Addicts do not have the ability to accept their problem and usually struggle with asking for help. With professional help, specialists can regulate or completely control the situation. Overall, an addiction can be triggered…

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  • Consequences Of Food Addiction

    The addiction to a type of substance is the excessively use or intake of that particular substance by an individual. Though not many would bother to learn about addiction but addiction is a commonly daily issue for many individuals. Food, for instance, has been an addiction for many years, however, no one has clearly identify the consequences or dangers surrounding the issue of food addiction. Nevertheless, food addiction can create health issues that can affect the body. There are many…

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  • Internet Addiction Essay

    Gina Prakide Professor Barrier EG101 12 November 2015 Internet Addiction Most people all over the world use Internet as an escape from reality, or from boredom. But how do people know if they have an Internet Addiction? In the book Hamlet’s Blackerry, by William Powers he says“ In fact, there’s a great deal of ongoing research about connective technologies and how they’re affecting individuals, families, businesses, and society at large” (17). Most people have different kinds of addictions,…

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  • Addiction Experiment

    Addictions can lead to the worst in people. Those who have an addiction do not have control over what they are doing, taking, or using. It has the power to hurt the individual mentally, physically, and emotionally. According to Lauren Slater, “Rat Park: The Radical Addiction, scientists, Old and Milner were stating that an addiction is a “physiological inevitability”(6) which causes them to conduct experiments in finding the pleasure center. Another scientist who was very fond of finding the…

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  • Essay On Tv Addiction

    television show, or Sunday night football. Turning the television on is quick and easy with just a few buttons. Not everyone can become addicted to watching television, there is plenty of people who watch it in healthy moderation. There are many who do gradually become addictive to watching television. Television addiction is the need for the medium on the television. The medium that is being portrayed is what keeps people from not the television off when we should. People use watching…

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