Addiction Habits

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Addiction is a habit that is filling a psychological or physical need where a person feels uneasy without it. Generally addiction is a word used to negatively to describe someone and their habits. In society addiction is common and a person can be addicted to almost anything. Addicts do not have the ability to accept their problem and usually struggle with asking for help. With professional help, specialists can regulate or completely control the situation. Overall, an addiction can be triggered by anything and can cause several problems in a person’s life.
An addiction is a type of habit that depicts psychological or physical dependence. Addiction is not having a drink once a week or going to the casino once a month. One
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Sometimes the addiction is physical, sometimes the addiction is psychological or both; physical addictions may include: gambling, sex, shopping, video games, etc., psychological addictions may include: alcohol, nicotine or any drug, etc. Most psychological addictions are addictions that one thinks their body needs but in actuality their body could do without. Also, most psychological addictions can also be considered physical addictions because the body becomes accustomed to having the particular substance, becomes immune to it and in the end the body feels the need to have excessive amounts of the certain substance. Physical addiction can be defined as a habitual involvement in an activity. Therefore, an addiction to shopping, an addiction to sex, an addiction to gambling are only some examples of activities that can become addictive. A shopaholic is a person with an addiction to shopping; it gives a person a sense of fulfillment and feels rewarding when they have spent loads of money on several pieces of clothing. Another main physical addiction that is often seen in society is gambling, this activity causes people to lose excessive amounts of money when these people are only participating in the …show more content…
These meltdowns are due to the lack of a substance or the lack of a habit, typically an addict knows when they need more and will do anything to get more if they don’t have any already. These meltdowns can look insane to the addict’s peers if they do not know about the addiction. The lack of substance or activity creates a feeling of emptiness and the only way to fill that need to have or do more. Another main sign that a person has an addiction is when the person starts to hide the substance or becomes very protective over an activity they are participating in. For example, if a person is addicted to alcohol usually they will try to hide their addiction by hiding alcohol bottles around the house or have a flask to carry around for a quick fix. People with addictions can appear to be completely normal, but in the end an addict is an addict and needs to seek professional

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