Environmental Problem Essay

  • The Environmental Problem Of Electronics

    What do you plan on doing with your old one? These are some questions that should be asked about any new electronics. Many company’s work to make the new great electronic device for the year, but this can lead to some serious environmental issues. When someone gets the new iPhone it is not uncommon for them to simply throw away the old one. The same can be said for many other goods such as video games, TVs, printers, etc. However, this leads to a huge amount of the old electronics piling up and many of them are difficult to recycle. Besides the issue of what to do with old electronics many of them contain hazardous materials that are dangerous to plants and wildlife. Then, as the old goods continue to pile up, new electronics are produced, but the amount produced uses many raw materials and can be harmful to the environment. When trying to recycle old electronics, it can become rather difficult depending on the object going to be recycled. For instance, according to a lecture from Dartmouth, optical fibers are much easier to recycle than say a microchip. However something needs to be done to recycle this “e-waste” because according to an article from prb “Roughly 40 million metric tons of electronic waste are produced globally each year”. The problem is getting bigger but there have been some possible solutions. There are sites that take old electronics and recycle them and many of these sites are common stores such as BestBuy or Staples. Stores like these will take old…

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  • What Are The Most Significant Environmental Problem

    The question asked is, “what are the two most significant environmental problems in the World?” Well the answer to that question is what you make it. While there are some problems that are more pressing than others, most are about equal and it is a matter of your mere opinion. When I researched, “the most significant environmental problem,” hundreds of sights popped up, each listing a different issue as the most significant problem. So, I took matters into my own hands and I have formed my own…

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  • Importance Of Environmental Quality As A Social Problem

    Environmental Quality as a Social Problem When we speak of environmental quality, we are speaking about the quality of our total environment, not just the natural environment. “Environmental quality is the measure of the health of that environment itself (including the plants and animals it supports), and of the effects it has on the health, comfort, and psychological state of the people that inhabit it.” We all agree that the environment people live in has a noticeable effect on their health,…

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  • Social And Environmental Problems Of Juvenile Delinquency

    The Social and Environmental Problems that Contribute to Juvenile Delinquency and Solutions Many juveniles are raised in homes with a history of drug use, poverty, physical and emotional abuse, violence, and neglect as a way of everyday life. This is an issue for our criminal justice system because majority of these youths commit violent crimes. In the 2002 report conducted by The Federal Bureau of Investigation 1.5 million youths under the age eighteen are arrested each year for crimes ranging…

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  • Allen Geer's Article: Technological Solutions To Environmental Problems?

    In the article ‘Fewer people would mean fewer worries’, (Geer 2008, p.1) biologist Allen Geer contended that 1. technological solutions to environmental problems are inadequate, and 2. that stabilizing the population at present or lower levels is a durable and easy solution to implement. Therefore, stabilizing the population should be implemented as a solution to environmental problems such as climate change, either in tandem with, or in place of technological solutions. 1.1 In support of main…

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  • Landfills And Environmental Problems Of Landfill In South Africa

    Contents I. Introduction II. Open dump and environmental problems III. Early landfills IV. Modern landfills V. Mariannhill Landfill, South Africa VI. Conclusion Introduction Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), also known as refuse, trash, rubbish or garbage, refers to a type of waste that comprises of items that are discarded by the public every day. The management of this waste has evolved over the years. This forms the basis of this essay. Open dump and environmental problems Open dumps are…

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  • Effects Of Environmental Racism

    research on the environmental damages currently taking place in our society as a result of “environmental racism”. One thing I found out was the level at which underdeveloped countries were being treated as a dumping ground for chemical waste in the world today. Environmental racism, which constitutes uneven exposure to hazards and the methodical exclusion of society from environmental and ethical assessment pose a serious threat to poor communities because they have long been unreasonably…

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  • Garbage Wars, And Silent Spring, By David Pellow And Silent Spring

    the environment becomes increasingly more in danger, problems start to arise within human communities as well as within the communities of all living organisms. The impact of these complications prompts the need for establishing a solution. However, the results of these human created solutions can lead to further social and environmental crises. For instance, the two excerpts from the books, “Garbage Wars” written by David Pellow and “Silent Spring” written by Rachel Carson, display how…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Environmental Education

    generations were concerned about civil war, anti-war protests, etc. today the moral crisis of our generation is the environmental deterioration and how we can fix it. The damage is already done, but now the environmental weight of the world is being placed on the shoulders of today’s younger generation. What is the proper way to educate the younger generation so they learn from our destructive lifestyle? This is a popular controversial topic among educators today. Out of the classroom students…

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  • Environmental Attitude Essay

    2.4. Environmental attitude Attitudes towards environment is defined as cognitive judgment is closely related to environmental protection, it also will reflect personal ecological world view of human relationship with the nature or environment. (Stern,2000). According to Amstrong and Kotler (2009), attitude is a person‟s consistently favorable or unfavorable evaluations, feelings, and tendencies toward an object or idea. Irland (1993) mentions that a consumer’s purchasing intentions are…

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