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  • Educational Goal

    My goal for pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership is to increase my knowledge of research and theory methods as it relates to education. I especially want to perfect my research skills as I feel that the significance of gaining research expertise is vital to becoming an enduring learner as I get ready for a career in Education. I realize the significance of this degree for gaining credibility with my future associates and individuals that I will be serving in this field. I grew in a family of Educators. Having a career in education has always been my goal, in fact, 10 years ago, the night before my grandfather passed away, among all other things, he shared his wish to see me as an educator. From that day, my resolve grew even stronger. Being the breadwinner of our family, I had pushed the timeline till now. My mother is my inspiration as she received her doctoral degree at the age of 63, and I am certain that I can be successful in my goal. I have a particular interest in the…

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  • Educational Goals Research Paper

    My Educational Goals While Attending Colorado Christian University I am currently attending Colorado Christian University to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Entrepreneurship. This degree was chosen for the purpose of fulfilling the calling that God has placed on my life, to begin a ministry for the homeless. This ministry will help build them up naturally and spiritually, to help them with food, clothing, and shelter, as well as to help them to do for…

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  • Compare And Contrast Career And Educational Goals

    My educational and career goals aren’t distinct from one another. My career goal is to become a computer science and learn how to how to make computers do new things and accomplish tasks more efficiently. My educational goal is similar to my career goal because not only will I be engaged in figuring out how to create programs in computers run software more efficiently but I will also be gaining a greater understanding of new things. Technically speaking I want my educational goal to be…

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  • My Classroom: My Educational Goals And Philosophy Statement

    In my philosophy of teaching, the major goals for my classroom are effective classroom management, considering and incorporating diversity, and creating a motivating environment. I am in early childhood education, and one day hope to teach second grade. Approaching classroom management is extremely important to me because I am generally a quiet, non-confrontational person, and this is an area of teaching with which I could potentially have the most trouble if I am not appropriately prepared. My…

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  • Future Educational Goals

    As my high school career comes to an end, I am constantly thinking about my future and what I aspire to accomplish in my lifetime. In the upcoming years I am going to attend college to study art within the marketing/communications field. Art has made a significant impact on my life, therefore I wish to cultivate my knowledge and skills through a higher education. Also, I plan to learn a foreign language to broaden the scope of opportunities available to me as well as immerse myself into another…

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  • Educational Goals Essay

    white, suburb) I appreciated it as it was. It was not until much later in my life that I realized a college degree was a privilege I had, rather than a given. Once this self-efficacy was established, I was forced to redesign the reasoning behind my educational pursuit, to become the architect of my education. I was reoriented toward this higher goal that promised some vague success to be saved for the future. This transformation from necessity to wonder spurred my desire for a vocation, not a…

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  • The Importance Of Educational Goals And Career Goals

    education is I want to learn new things and keep abreast to changes. Another big concern of mine is that new ideas and solutions to problems are discovered every day through technology. Being that I am closing in on 50 in a couple years, the things I have learned have become out dated. So in order to be successful at anything people have to stay abreast of the things going on around them. Before I returned to school I felt like I was not keeping up with the things that were changing around me in…

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  • My Educational Goal

    My educational goal long term is to complete my Master’s degree in Health Information Management. Defining goals is the single matter that keeps me focused or shall I say my eye on the trophy. Beginning my academic journey of short-term goals by earning a Career Diploma from Penn Foster Career School in Medical Coding and Billing; then moving on to pursue and obtaining my Associate of Science Degree in Health Information Technology with Kaplan University. At that stage, I immediately re-enrolled…

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  • Three Educational Goals

    In school, I believe that there are three essential goals that teachers and professors should strive for in their classroom. These three include: the development of rational, well-rounded individuals, the teaching of cognitive and critical thinking skills, and finally the global improvement of the quality of life. There are many other goals that should be reached, but I consider these are the three major ones. It’s hard to come by a rational human being who actually thinks about what he or she…

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  • Educational Goals And Philosophy

    What makes a good teacher is a tenderhearted person who enjoys teaching students and will do anything to help their students. What makes a great teacher is a person who has a passion to teach students and will get down and dirty with their students. A great teacher also knows their teaching philosophy; in which mine is essentialism. All teachers should know their teaching goals for a few reasons. First they need to know who they are before they can teach anyone anything. They also need to know…

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