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  • The Importance Of Educational Goals And Career Goals

    to problems are discovered every day through technology. Being that I am closing in on 50 in a couple years, the things I have learned have become out dated. So in order to be successful at anything people have to stay abreast of the things going on around them. Before I returned to school I felt like I was not keeping up with the things that were changing around me in the work place and academia. Educational Goals and Career Goals Setting goals are the most important thing that a person can do. I really feel like without a road map or GPS a person cannot reach a destination. Educational goals and Career goals are the same way. The GPS in educational goals are the syllabus and the course curriculum. Me as a student must navigate my way thru the classes to achieve academic success by passing the classes in a satisfactory manner. Career goals are the same way as an employee I must navigate my way thru the job requirements to satisfy my employer. I can be promoted and make more money to pay bills and support my family. So my educational goal is to maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. My career goal is to finish all my Defense Acquisition Courses (DAU) to obtain my warrant so I can advance to a GS-11. The writing process that we discussed is going to help me communicate my message at school and work in a number of ways. The formatting of our papers is vital in my success at the University of Phoenix. Learning how to navigate the tools provided by the University for current and future…

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  • My Career Goals: My Goals And Educational Goals

    doing what I love. Until I get to where I want to be in life, there are some goals I must achieve. My educational goal, I want to become a more motivated person. Ever since I can remember, school has been a drag. It’s hard for me to concentrate, which leads to bad grades. I hope to one day break this awful habit of mine. My career goal, putting my talent of numbers to good use in order to aid the people in my community. Last but not least, my personal goal. I want to make enough money to be able…

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  • My Personal Educational Goals

    1. My educational goal consists of acquiring a Bachelor 's degree in Civil Engineering. I am preparing to do this by taking High School classes that are providing the basic concepts I need to learn before I take an Engineering course in college. Some examples of classes that have helped me get prepared are Physics by teaching me the basic principles of motion and concepts of energy and force, AP Statistics by giving me rigorous assignments, Intro to Engineering Design that taught me how to…

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  • The Importance Of Career And Educational Goals

    What does one do when they find themselves with all the experience in the world, but without credentials to back it up? They’re stuck. Sometimes, they 're given advice: "the simple answer is, go back to school." I’ve struggled with this “simple” answer for more than ten years, and I 've even taken a stab at it myself, once or twice. What I’ve come to realize is that my educational and career goals aren’t necessarily a sequential order of charted events. Instead, they’re a marri-go-round of…

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  • My Educational Goals

    and a part of a regular classroom environment on a daily basis. This is my goal as I move into teaching elementary school, hopefully on a 2nd grade level or above. Students with high incidence disabilities are just like typical children. They need to feel like they are similar to their peers and can be included in daily activities. The first step I will take in my classroom to make this possible is to start the year off with a class discussion on compassion and treating others with respect. …

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  • My Educational Philosophy Goals

    Before beginning EDCI475, my educational philosophy goals were to support my students, make learning appealing, and prepare my students to accomplish great things. I aimed to accomplish my goals through establishing a strong rapport with my students, letting my students experience other worlds through the written word, and providing rigorous coursework to prepare students for college and the work world. My experiences as an African American female growing up in a suburban, non-diverse school…

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  • Importance Of Educational Goals In Education

    after entering the program of their choosing (New, 2014, para. 1). Faced with this reality, it is crucial that the student set clear and attainable goals to support the end goal of acquiring a degree. To combat this staggering statistic and understand the risks and challenges ahead, I have identified three educational goals that I would like to achieve in my time at CCU. Firstly, to finish a bachelor’s degree in a timely manner, effectively managing the available resources. As a result of…

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  • Educational Goals In The Art Institute

    I aspire to be a photojournalist, I chose the Art Institute as my place of education because of my short experience in this location during a summer workshop I attended one summer while still in high school. This school exceeded my expectations regarding classroom size, teaching style and overall presentation.I believe this institute will help me achieve my educational goals as well as fulfill my life goals. I plan to fully immerse myself in studying photography, it is a passion I have had for a…

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  • Educational Goals And Career Goals In Early Childhood Education

    When people think of a good teacher they think of one that is nice, encouraging, trusting, and many other adjectives. Unlike most people, who change their mind on the career they want, I knew from the start that I wanted to be a teacher. I have many goals I hope to achieve when I am a teacher for example, making class a fun and exciting environment for the students and have them look forward to coming to class. I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was young because I had a teacher that I had…

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  • Magodo's Educational Goals: Sustainable Development Goals

    ACADEMIC ANALYSIS As stated earlier in the beginning Magodo’s main goal is to provide a place for under-privileged children by providing for them not only in a physical capacity but also a mental one. Furthermore we saw how they have set up an educational center for the community to enrich the children within that area. This analysis will cover various mechanisms that have been put in place, not only nationally but internationally. Moreover we will look at first, whether Magodo have adhered to…

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