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  • A Short Story: Ariana's Friends And Family

    I stood awkwardly in the living room with a bunch of Ariana 's friends and family. She sat beside me, holding onto my arm. It was Thanksgiving and she invited me there, since my family never celebrates Thanksgiving, I decided to go. "Yeah, we 're leaving for Michigan tomorrow to go meet my dad." Ariana smiled, looking up at me. "Are you nervous?" Mac asked her and she nodded her head fast. "Of course, I haven 't seen him in five years. I wonder if he looks different, I want to know what his wife is like, I 'm definitely scared." She laughed slightly and her aunt put her hand on her knee. "It 'll be fine sweetie, I know he misses you." Ariana smiled slightly at her, not letting go of my arm. She knew I was nervous, I was practically meeting her whole family. I suddenly heard the front door open. "Oh my god! Mom, it smells like heaven in here." I heard a man 's voice as Ariana screamed, jumping up and sprinting to the front door. I watched as a man with blonde, spiked hair stepped in, opening his arms as Ariana jumped, wrapping herself around his body. I recognized him as her older brother. "Frankie! I missed you so much!" I heard her sobs into his shoulder, making me smile. "You missed me? I missed you like crazy, Ari!" He spun her around before setting her back down and she kissed his cheek. "You 're here! I can 't believe you made it!" She smiled, wiping her tears away and hugging him again. He laughed and looked over her shoulder at me, he looked confused and I bit…

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  • Short Story: Having Arlene As A Friend Made School

    Chapter Four Having Arlene as a friend made school a little more tolerable for Hunter. She would meet him at their table every lunch hour and they’d say goodbye at the end of the day. That didn’t mean the mornings were any better, by any means; some of Frankie’s friends would say shit about him in Geography. It didn’t hurt him or anything (so what if he was drawing the whole class? More entertaining than the actual lesson), but what did bother him was that Frankie would sit there and do…

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  • Short Story: Losing A Loved One: A Mans Best Friend

    Losing A Loved One: A Mans Best Friend Have you ever lost someone close to you? A grandparent? An Aunt or Uncle? One of your parents? Well, on July 19, 2014 I lost the keystone holding my family together, Wilson. Wilson was arguably one of the best dogs I ever had, he was my best friend and my wingman (because what girl can resist a cute dog?). I had no recollection of what it was like without having Wilson to come home to everyday as I had grown up with him for the last 10 years. If you grew…

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  • Short Biography: Penny Holland Cooper: My Best Friend

    Penny Holland Cooper is not only my mom, but also my best friend. She has many years under her belt that comes with a variety of different experiences and moments that I would like to share. She was born on June 8, 1961 at the Saint Mary’s Hospital, in Jacksonville, Florida. She weighed seven pounds one ounce and nineteen inches long. Her Dad and three brothers were there in the delivery room to welcome the beautiful sister they finally got. In my Mom’s first few years she spent her time going…

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  • Example Of Ethical Dilemmas

    immediately report the incident to the police without informing his friends or Mallo and his gang. This solution impacts each of the four stakeholders differently but the same laws and policies are being followed. In this solution Guy is following the law and the code of conduct from his school. In this scenario Guy is being honest, and is upholding his personal integrity as well as his responsibility to the school. However by reporting the incident in this manner Guy is violating his loyalty…

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  • Secret Rose Symbolism

    Response Essay The two short stories I chose to compare and contrast are “The Secret Lion” by Alberto Alvaro Rios and “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner. While reading them, I realized that both short stories are very similar in a lot of certain ways. The two short stories have a strong example of symbolism included in the whole lecture, both short sorties were written in first person point of view, and both short stories have the same theme. Which is that certain changes in life, such as…

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  • Contents Of The Dead Man's Pocket And The Story Of Damon And Pythias

    Throughout multiple short stories, various characters take extreme risks in order to improve their quality of living. The short stories “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” by Finney, and “Two Friends” by Maupassant, “Story of Damon and Pythias” by anonymous, best display how the main characters take gambles in order to obtain their desired life. One should take risks in order to improve their quality of life. A quality life was not determined by a little piece of yellow paper. In the short…

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  • Sample Questions On Learning English Through Short Stories

    HKDSE English Paper 2 Sample questions on Learning English through Short Stories Compiled by Melinda Lo I : Question types: A. on reading and appreciating short stories 1. A student at your school has posted this blog on the Intranet for your school: Write a letter in response to this, either agreeing or disagreeing with Keith. Do not give an address and sign your letter ‘Billy Ho.’ 2. ‘The best way to improve one’s English is to…

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  • Divorced Beheaded Survived Summary

    loosing someone special. Robin Black’s short story “Divorces, Beheaded, Survived” illuminate the troubles that death can bring upon a family. The main question in the short story is: How do you move on when a beloved person close to you dies? And when is it okay to let the memory of this person go? Robin Black’s short story is a great illustration of how these problems affect our every day life. ”Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” is a thought-provoking short story written by the author, Robin…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Short Story And Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

    This paper will compare and contrast the short story written by Joyce Carol Oates, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” and Joyce Chopra’s very popular film, Smooth Talk, which is based upon the short story. “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is told from the point of view of a girl with “long dark blond hair that drew anyone’s eye to it” (Oates) named Connie. Connie is told to be a very beautiful fifteen year old girl, which loved to go out with her friends and interact new…

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