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  • Personal Narrative: College Realization

    College Realization As a freshman college student, I never imagined how college will make a huge impact in my life. I always thought of college as being mature and experiencing a glimpse of the adult world, but I never thought that it would be more different. It has only been a quarter or less and throughout those months, weeks, or even days it made me realized that college is far more than maturity and the adult world, it is about valuing education. When I was in high school, it was not a problem to commute, considering that it was only seven minutes away. The only problem that I have to face was bus’ schedule and the crowded bus stop, which made most of the students uncomfortable once we all stepped inside the bus. Being on a crowded bus and having to deal with it for almost three years, made me feel lazy to go to school. It was all luck and a huge boost when my dad bought a car and started dropping me off to school. I didn’t have to deal with busy bus’…

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  • Narrative Essay On My Experience For A Community College

    Student Holly CC092 14 Nov. 2013 Narrative Essay For me, this is my second attempt at earning a college degree. My experience with college prior to this semester was right after high school, when I enrolled at a community college in my hometown in California. I was supporting myself, working full-time at a restaurant where a lot of my other friends worked. Because of my demanding work schedule, I only took a couple of credits each semester and missed a lot of class. I also spent a lot…

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  • Narrative Essay About Going To College

    Robel Haile English 160 10/10/2017 Sylvia Wolak Never Give Up Seven years ago, the idea of going to college seemed impossible to me. Back then, I had just moved to the United States(US) and did not speak any English. I had also been absent from school for three years before I moved to Chicago. College not only seemed impossible due to the language barrier but because no one in my family had ever gone to college before. Yet, I decided that I was going to go to college, and worked hard ever since…

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  • Narrative Essay About College Life

    Knowing that all of us just got done with high school is a big relief to me. This is because we can all relate in some way to know that starting college is a huge move in life. Throughout high school we all had are ways. My way was being apart of the softball team and graduating in the honors program. I know my way is different than everyone else 's because not all of us are the same. We all had our things we did well and we all had our struggles too. Even with these well 's and struggles we…

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  • Narrative Essay About Moving Into College

    some, I knew what I was getting myself into when transitioning into college, and therefore my emotions consisted of excitement rather than fear. On September 2, 2016, I arose at the early hour of 6 am with ease, and was ecstatic to finally break out of my quaint house in the lonely town of Shelton. The journey up to Amherst was somewhat what I expected-- my concerned aunt gave me the generic lecture regarding safety, my father was already planning for my next visit home, and my sister, who I…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Moving In College

    August 14th, the day when it really hit me that I would be moving into college in one week. Up until that point I was really really excited! Although I was still excited the nerves started to kick in, I felt that I was not prepared to start a whole new chapter of my life and that there was still so many things that I needed to do, so honestly I started to panic a little bit, but that is just between me and you, no one else knew that I was stressing so bad. The Monday before move in day comes…

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  • Narrative Essay About Stanly Early College

    was not what I expected when coming to Stanly Early College. At that time, I was only fourteen years old with no friends at Stanly Early College, which made me feel very out of place. It made me regret choosing Stanly Early College because at first I thought I would get to know different people, but I only ended up being alone. My loneliness made me feel as if things would not get better, but I did not lose hope. As time went by, I started to get used to the environment because I knew that it…

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  • Narrative Essay About My College Journey

    Starting my college journey was very stressful and scary for me. I’m so little. I still look like I should be in high school. So many questions crossed my mind. Was I ready? Was I prepared? Did I know where I was going? Did I have all my resources? So many things. I felt as though my world was going to just crumble at my feet. I hate change, and I’m not the best at meeting new people. The transition process is what was the worst. I got so stressed out right before I started. I had to assure…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: I Am I Going To College

    I can't believe I am already going to college, it seems like it was just last week I started high school. I got accepted to UCLA and I'm so happy because of it which means I am finally moving out. The only thing that sucks is that I get on a long flight from Pearland, Texas to Los Angeles. As I finished packing everything I needed My mom yelled out for me to come outside. We put all of my suitcases in the trunk of the car and I said my final goodbyes to my younger siblings Ana and Jay. Mom and…

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  • Personal Narrative: The College Basketball Hall Of Basketball

    I had just woken up feeling cold. I looked out the window of my dorm to see the dark, cloudy day outside with the rain pelting down on the window pane. I was still really tired after the late night of getting praised on my amazing basketball skills, finally I had been recognized. The college basketball Hall of Fame plaque hung on the wall. It had just recently been updated after the Hall of Fame presentation on Saturday. Everyone was telling me that I needed to declare that I’m joining the NBA…

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