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  • Management And Management: The Importance Of Management

    Management is a concept people sometime in the business industry do not realize how important it is in the success of an organization because without good management a company will fail. Our textbook states “to be successful, every organization needs good managers”. First of all we should define what management is and our textbook defines management as is “the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources”. Managers essentially have fives roles they perform and those are set objectives, organize, motivate and communicate, measure, and develop people. All these roles managers perform help run the business as smoothly as possible. Setting…

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  • Management And Management: The Importance Of Time Management?

    amount of work in a day while others feel that they did nothing, so this depends on time management. Summary What is time management? Time management refers to the way people organize and manage their time and how long they spend on each activity depending on the importance of the activity. In this way, the results will have greater productivity and less stress. The concept of time management started with Frederick Taylor’s scientific management technique where he had a goal which was to…

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  • Supplier Management: Supplier Management

    Supplier Management JIT systems aim to have the best quality at low costs when ordering inventory. To achieve this goal, a company relies on long-term contracts with few suppliers that are able to supply them according to their immediate needs. Additionally, since a company operates with very minimal inventory under JIT, close relationships with suppliers are imperative. In today’s competitive market, a company’s economic performance depends much on its relationship with its supply chain. A…

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  • Islamic Management And Islamic Management

    The under developed nations are currently in quest for formulas that could help their economic development and social progress. This has given much limelight to the area of practice and management of institutions which have been the key contributor to a state. Efficient management, sound economic institution coupled with great strategies is essential to erode the root of backwardness (Ali, 1988). The conventional view management as a process towards organisational goal by engaging in four major…

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  • The Principle Of Management (Global Management)

    Principle of Management (Global Management) Global Management is concerned with the techniques and practices that are involved in directing and controlling international organisations. Thus, it covers all the issues that arise as a consequence of international and global strategies. In practice, strategy and management at the senior level of a company are inter-related. Global management also refers to the way an organization manages its business internationally, including its sales,…

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  • Scientific Management, Administrative, Bureaucratic Management And Organizational Management

    Effective modern management skills are derived from management theories of the past. When the industrial revolution began managers recognised a necessity for a division of labour in obligation to meet customer desires and excel in company performance (Waddell, Jones, & George, 2013, p. 36). The importance of the division of labour was argued by Adam Smith in his economic treatise The Wealth of Nations in 1776. Smith discussed the positive effects job specialisation would have on organisational…

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  • Road To Management: The Road To Management

    The Road to Management is tough processes of selecting someone to successfully manage a group of people. The theory that many believe is that a manager with successful performance in the past can be an effective manager in the future. However, this isn’t always the case because you will as a manager should focus on people, not just tasks. I also learned that even experience managers periodically should be given a refresher course on successful management styles and techniques. The training…

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  • Ethical Management

    The management should be very open on issues that affect the company positively or negatively. The management should see into it that all the rules and regulations of the company are followed to the letter. Excellence means that each and every employee ought to deliver the highest quality of services to customers regardless of the time, date or day. The employee should always be ready to serve in an excellent manner. Respect is vital to everybody in the business organization, and this includes…

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  • Management Theory

    Today the Theory helps people interpret the present, allowing us to understand the history and be able to learn from the right and wrongs of others. The Management theory additionally helps people develop a set of principles and becomes a good source of new ideas. While assisting people to understand the outcomes and decisions the firm makes. There are many attributes of the Management Theory and the evolving viewpoints. Different approaches to Management theories are Classified Theory, Behavior…

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  • The Importance Of Management

    During the industrial age, strict management practices, rigid hierarchies and direct forms of control are necessary to increase productivity, because all employees need to do is to perform defined roles with specific duties, such as screwing nuts on an assembly line, the only duty of the factory worker Charlie Chaplin played in “Modern Times”. He was deemed valuable only for his usefulness as a means for the interests of the employer, subjected to such indignity as being forced-fed by a machine…

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