Ethical Management

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The relevance of ethics in the professional life is paramount as it acts as a guideline in the business activities. The ethics state the things to be done and not to be done. It also states the possible punishment for going against the set laws. The rules are followed by everybody in the company that is the employer as well as the employee. Some of the factors to consider while coming up with business ethics include the company’s expectation in the next five or ten years and the policies or the rules that have been set by the government for that particular industry. These are the most basic factors that govern the ethical rules of the business (Hoskinson & Kuratko, 2015). A company that aims at succeeding ought to have good business ethics …show more content…
The management should be very open on issues that affect the company positively or negatively. The management should see into it that all the rules and regulations of the company are followed to the letter. Excellence means that each and every employee ought to deliver the highest quality of services to customers regardless of the time, date or day. The employee should always be ready to serve in an excellent manner. Respect is vital to everybody in the business organization, and this includes the language of communication. Everybody should communicate in English as it is the common language to most of the employees. The employee as well as the employer should avoid the use of slang words and abusive words. Courteous words should be embraced be everybody so as to make the business environment favorable. Everybody that is in the organization should be loyal to it. This means that the business secrets are not exposed to the external environment this aids in preserving a good business environment (Agle, 2012).
A company that has poor business ethics suffers from severe consequences. Some of the results of poor business ethics include misinformed decisions that lead to the company incurring significant financial losses. Employees may get hurt or injured while on duty with things that could have been stated in the business ethical to be harmful to the human body. These issues increase the organization’s legal cases as the employees want to receive

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