Management And Management: The Importance Of Time Management?

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Sometimes you may feel that the time you have in a day is not enough to do something; however, all people around the world have the same amount of hours,24 hours/day; however, some people feel that they achieved many amount of work in a day while others feel that they did nothing, so this depends on time management. Summary
What is time management?
Time management refers to the way people organize and manage their time and how long they spend on each activity depending on the importance of the activity. In this way, the results will have greater productivity and less stress. The concept of time management started with Frederick Taylor’s scientific management technique where he had a goal which was to increase the worker’s productivity
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First, with time management you can accomplish more tasks, assignment and work with less effort because when you learn to take control of your time, focus more where with focus, thus work will have more efficiency. Second, it makes you feel calmer and more in control. Learning time management skills matter because it reduces the amount of unhealthy stress you feel, so you will always have more enough requests and demands to deal with. Time management is also important because it will make you get more free time to do other things; you can’t create more time, but you can manage your time and use it in a better way. The third thing is that you will be happier and healthier, following a good time management routine will allow you to have more time, which will lead you to live a healthy lifestyle by sleeping well, eating right and exercising regularly. In addition, time management is important because things will be easier on you, to your friends and family because bad spent of time causes relationship conflicts. And finally, you will become more flexible and spontaneous, because good time management habits can give you extra time to organize unexpected activities or changes to your schedule, such as enjoying a quick lunch with an old friend, so these steps could help us to organize our time, to live a better life and easier work in our …show more content…
When a student learns how to manage his time, it relieves him a lot of effort and pressure. For this reason, all students and staff should know what are the ways in which you can organize your time and feel comfortable. You will learn through this report the ways in which we have learned time management. Make a list; each person must make a list of work to be done, all the work next to a specific time all the work must be next a specific time. It will be able to accomplish comfortably and quickly. Use your downtime; using all of your downtime for planning lead to increased stress. You can do something else when you are sitting waiting for something but you must remember to not tire yourself and be relax. Stop multi-tasking; we always know that multitasking is a kind of intelligent, But in fact when I focus on one thing and we are doing at a given time this will help us to accomplish your work in a positive way .Reward yourself; the person should be rewarded for performing best thing, when celebrating the occasion with yourself that you completed all the work on time this will help you to organize your time forever. In fact, time management is the one who gives you the opportunity to celebrate with yourself because it saves you a lot of time. So these are some ways to time your management in your

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