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  • The Importance Of Academic Study

    with challenges from diverse aspects of life, about my academic study, about making new friends and about caring for myself when I am parted with my parents. But it turns out that I can always manage to balance my life both academically and daily, due to my extra effort and thanks to the support of professors and friends. However, getting along with others, I find the most challenging thing is to keep my confidence while trying to fit in and socialize. The confidence shows in various features—when we speak and chat using another language that we are not really familiar with, when we experience and adjust to culture shock and conflicts from new customs and mood of behaviors. Long have my friends and I assumed that fitting in a new life in a different country would not be that hard as long as we speak English fluently and learn enough about American culture. But later I found out that actually my English is too limited to satisfy daily conversations and the culture difference is too enormous for me to even start filling to the full. With the restriction about language and the lack of sense of belonging, I started to lose my confidence and bravery, weighing all the sentences I want to speak, being afraid of making mistakes and always standing outside of real American life. The first challenging and discouraging thing I encountered is speaking English, and this must be a big issue for all international students as well. I thought I was prepared enough.…

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  • Paragraph On Life Of An English Teacher

    Life of an English Teacher As a student, many people think all English teachers are the same or maybe even use the same methods. But while interviewing Mrs. Taylor, one of my English teachers from High School, I was intrigued by the different methods, activities, and even the classroom environment. During this day I took the time to spend a day on the teacher’s side of the desk and see what I can learn from someone in the profession, and might I say I was exceptionally impressed. To start…

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  • The Differences Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

    non-Standard English and Standard English. Tan views non-standard English as her mother tongue language because her family can communicate better with her. She views Standard English as the formal way to communicate with professional people in a daily basis. English is the formal language in the United States of America, however, not every individual has the knowledge, the education or ability to speak or express themselves using the formal English Language. In our society, the non-standard…

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  • The Importance Of College And Future C. E. O

    assertive leadership, being able to learn from your mistakes, being able to challenge myself, and being able to work in groups. These skills and abilities will be important in the future, especially in college and in my career as a C.E.O., because they will personally improve myself and how I problem-solve situations. Resilience will be necessary to my future because I will need to continue working hard when I am struggling. In college, I may struggle in grasping a certain concept that I’m…

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  • Reflection Essay: The Crazy Ride Of English

    The Crazy Ride of English 112 I have been a student at Fayetteville Tech Community College now for two semesters, and over the course of my progression, I have grown, and learned more than I thought imaginable. I enrolled into this school with the idea of completing classes along the way, and hopefully getting closer to my Associates of Science degree so I could eventually take my big steps into applying to a university. I have not done much in regards to college work, and I usually find myself…

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  • My Bad Experience

    Another bad experience that made me the writer I am now, was the English class I took my senior year. Everyone painted senior year to be the easiest year of all and that the teachers are not as demanding since it is your last year. The completely opposite happened to me, of course, I had put myself through another high level class, this time it was not honors but AP! What the hell was I thinking? I had chosen to take an AP English class with Santa Claus. Santa Claus was my English teacher’s…

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  • Reflective Essay In Kash

    do love to read until my heart is content. I remember reading every single Harry Potter when they came out and I would fall asleep reading them every night. Until now, I’ve been really weary of college English classes. I went to ISU back in 2009 and I took two English classes that were absolutely horrible. When I was told I had to take, two more English classes at the same time, it was déjà vu; I was baffled and dreading the long 3 hour night classes, at dinner time and during precious family.…

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  • Importance Of My College Level Writing Assignment

    writing assignment in English 101 at Community College of Philadelphia was one of the most important moments in my literacy development. Literacy has not always been my strongest subject which stemmed from my experience in high school. However, after receiving recognition for writing one of the best essays in English 101 at the Community College of Philadelphia, it gave me the confidence I needed and showed me that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. During high school, writing was my…

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  • Transitioning From My Country To The United States

    I was alone in this obstacle of my life. The kids in school knew English and I didn 't. I was a new student. It was like I was in an ocean full of new fishes that were strange to me and I was the only fish that was immigrating . Things got to the point where I had to use a translator so I could understand what the other kids were saying. It felt horrible that no one wanted to talk to me. I was used to my country and my friends and with people that could understand me for example I would had…

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  • Reflective Essay About Learning English

    “The greatest obstacle to those who hope to reform American education is complacency.” Just like other immigrants, I am struggling to learn English, and I sometimes doubt whether my struggle will ever end. Despite the many circumstances that I have already overcome, my ability to understand and to write well in English remain my hardest challenge. I am proud of what I already learned and will keep it up as my personal goals. However, English has never been easy for me to improve my skills.…

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