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  • Business Management Case Study

    Business Management is a vigorous, exciting, hardworking profession, “it is the art of getting things done through people” (Kinicki &Williams 2013). Every organization and aspect of modern human life requires of management in some degree. Individuals that pursue a career in management will acquire a set of critical skills and abilities, which will serve them as a solid foundation for economic, political, and administrative careers. Additionally, studying management provides students with common knowledge for most businesses, regardless of the area in which they perform in the future. Business Majors combine theoretical studies with practical real life applications, in which they analyze and interpret how to address and solve different problems…

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  • Business Case Study: Costco's Business Strategy

    Business Strategy (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Business Strategy Question 1 Costco's adopts a business model that is based on a best-cost strategy. Basically they utilize low-cost provider approach which consolidates that with making quality for the different partners by concentrating on incredible client benefit, a strict code of morals, regarding suppliers, remunerating shareholders, treating representatives like family and an in number feeling of ecological stewardship.…

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  • Business Case Study: Inventify's Business Model

    Business Model Inventify’s business model allows for the creation of various revenue streams and also caters to the fact that it is often difficult to obtain capital for startups. Inventify is modelled not only to work for cash, but depending on the project length, difficulty and the financial situation of client, Inventify can receive payment in the form of fees, equity stake, and profit share. Unique Selling Point Inventify’s unique selling point would be the people at the firm, since it is…

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  • Business Environment Case Study

    1.1 Objectives: After going through the chapter, you will be capable to: i. Understand the concept of Business Environment ii. Appreciate the significance of of Business Environment. iii. Define the nature of Business Environment iv. Delineate the various internal and external environmental factors affecting business. v. Understand the nature of ‘internal environment’ of business. vi. Describe the complexity of ‘external environment’ in which business operates. vii. Understand how businesses…

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  • Non Family Business Case Study

    In a Non Family Business, recognizing and resolving conflict can sometimes be easier, but also could potentially be more difficult than resolving conflict in a Family Business. For example, in a family business, the family members sometimes live with each other or have at least a small idea of what that person is going through in their personal life. As with Non Family Business, most employees are there for the job and may have a few acquaintances, but sometimes lack the understanding that…

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  • Case Study Of Cognizant Business Consulting

    PLAN AT A GLANCE: Vision: Cognizant Business Consulting is an agile, progressive and creative organization which enthusiastically shares information and knowledge throughout the entire enterprise to provide valuable and efficient consultation solutions to the industry’s toughest business challenges. Mission: Enable effective knowledge creation and sharing throughout the entire Cognizant Business Consulting enterprise in order to improve organizational effectiveness and create competitive…

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  • Costco's Business Model Case Study

    COSTCO 1. What is Costco’s business model? Is the company’s business model appealing? Why or why not? Costco’s business model refers to a protocol used to generate a high turnover of sales with high volumes of purchase by reducing the cost of products for only a limited stock or commodity. The model articulates on quality management through a move that aims at luring the attention of new members and retains existing customers. Costco uses the value of membership to create a bond with their…

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  • Case Study Of The Business Strategy Game

    BSG Lessons Learned How did the key theories and concepts in the course relate to the simulation? The Business Strategy Game (BSG) was the practice of strategic management that offers virtual executive experience. The assigned team could analyze the market, set the direction, and make strategy for company’s growth in BSG. To complete this simulation successfully, we had to use many key concepts, which were acquired in the WPC 480 course, to manage company’s strategic decision. External analysis…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: Diversity In The Workplace

    BUSINESS ETHICS Topic: DIVERSITY ISSUES Final Case Study: I have chosen my case study as Diversity issues, the world is full of diverse, rich and full of interesting people and their cultures, here they should be treated with respect and have large scope to learn about different things. An ethical response to diversity begins with working in a different environment with people following different religions, cultures and able to enjoy the workplace that values their…

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  • Case Study: Buber's Business Model

    1.) Buber describes itself as a technology company rather than a transportation company. It’s business model revolves around the idea of the sharing economy. The sharing economy is a new idea in which entails people sharing their time and resources. Hoover’s approach was to build a platform in which riders and drivers could connect rather than provide them with the physical transportation. In this way they can exploit a loophole in which their drivers would not be required to be properly…

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