Congo and Tanzania Essay

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  • China And Tanzania Case Study

    goods (37%) and the Chinese behavior of engaging in business activities or taking jobs that can be done by local people (20%) (Sofie Geerts et al, 2013 & REPOA, 2015). In that regards it is necessary to survey various societal groupings to understand their perceptions towards the existing China- Tanzania economic engagement. It is against this backdrop that the main question to be uncovered by the study remains to be why Tanzanians have developed mixed reactions towards the existing Sino Tanzania economic engagement? 1.4 Problem Statement As noted in the preceding paragraphs, China and Tanzania have enjoyed cordial bilateral relations since its inception in the 1960s. China has extended to Tanzania a number of economic supports in terms of direct aid, loans and investment in various areas such as military training and support, health, education and infrastructure development, just to mention a few. Among the iconic Chinese projects in Tanzania include the provision of ¥988 million RMB (equivalent to a $500 million USD) interest free loan for the construction of the TAZARA railway line. The railway can now facilitate exports and imports from Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, DRC Congo, the great lakes region and Zimbabwe, hence it helps to ease trade connection in the region. China aided the construction of Urafiki Textile Factory in Dar Es Salaam. China supported the construction of Mahonda Sugar Factory in Zanzibar. It also supported in agricultural programmes such as…

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  • Essay On The Importance Of The Telegraph

    Abel Habte HIS 323.001 Prof. Chakravartty 4/16/15 King Leopold’s Ghost Response Paper With an estimated death toll of ten million people, King Leopold’s conquest of the Congo is recognized as one of the bloodiest holocausts in human history. The sheer brutality of this gruesome process triggered the world’s first international human rights movement. However, unlike the holocaust of Jews committed by the Nazi regime in mid-twentieth century Germany, the Belgian extermination of the Congolese has…

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  • Forced Migration Essay

    influence the countries development. Forced migration: Rwandans Rwanda is a land locked country located in central Africa. It is bordered on the east by the Democratic Republic the Congo, on the north by Uganda; on the west by Tanzania; and on the south by Burundi. Half of Rwanda's population 4.5 million people were forced to migrate. Reasons for this migration was that there was a civil conflict between 1990 and 1992. Furthermore drought caused rural to urban migration. There also was…

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  • Advantages Of Refugee Children

    (Horn et al., 2013). Similarly, secondary school enrollment from the refugee children remain low with the highest being 57 percent in Rwanda and Malaysia having the lowest rate of 1.4 percent (Horn et al., 2013). Such figures show that most of the refugee children are neglected by the host nations and UNHCR; thus, are denied their fundamental right to education. Also, for the few percentages that enrolls in schools, their learning remains ineffective due to frequent disruptions suffered earlier…

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  • Historical Migration Flow Analysis

    Rate and Explanation of Current Migration Status: Kenya has a net migration rate of -0.2 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2017 estimate). This is due to the emigration rate of Kenya being higher than immigration rate. Throughout Kenya, there is a slow but steady number of rural citizens moving to urbanized areas in search of employment. Some Kenyans who do not wish to move to urban areas have emigrated to other African countries such as Uganda (44, 359) and the United Republic of Tanzania (27,481).…

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  • Ecological Footprint Essay

    88.72 1.30 0.62 -0.68 Laos 6.09 1.28 1.58 0.30 Liberia 3.63 1.26 2.47 1.21 Kyrgyzstan 5.35 1.25 1.34 0.09 Zimbabwe 12.45 1.25 0.75 -0.50 Benin 8.39 1.23 0.78 -0.45 Morocco 31.22 1.22 0.61 -0.61 Indonesia 224.67 1.21 1.35 0.14 Sri Lanka 19.88 1.21 0.45 -0.76 Tanzania 41.28 1.18 1.02 -0.16 Cape Verde 0.49 1.17 0.51 -0.66 Kenya 37.76 1.11 0.59 -0.52 Ethiopia 78.65 1.10 0.66 -0.44 Senegal 11.89 1.09 1.20 0.11 Lesotho …

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  • Baka And Hadza V. Urban European Society Analysis

    Baka and Hadza v. Urban European Society: A Rebuttal of Thomas Hobbes Statement Regarding Life Outside of European Life Throughout existence, all sides of the globe have had ever-growing communities with different worldviews and perception of what society should look like. Communities like the ones seen in “The Baka: People of the Forest” and “The Hadza: Last of the First” widely differ from what westerners are used to seeing. The Baka people of the Baka community live in the southeast rain…

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  • Differences Between Hutus And Hutis

    led by the Hutu extremist party, MDR Parehtu. From 1959 to 1961, riots were all throughout Rwanda. During this time tens of thousands of Tutsis were killed and if they were so lucky to get away they would flee to the surrounding countries. Under the Belgian rule, the first election was held in 1960 with an outcome of a sovereign Republic of Rwanda. A council was formed with a majority of Hutu extremist. This led to the riots against the Tutsis to continue the Hutu extremist stripped Tutsis from…

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  • Compare And Differences Of The North American Free Trade Agreement

    rules and this agreement is specifically between the countries involved with no purpose to include other nations yet. However, there are many south American countries that would benefit from joining in the future if NAFTA would allow and see potential mutual benefits. The South African Development Community (SADC) prior to August 17, 1992 was known as the Southern African Development Coordinating Conference (SADCC) and later took on its current name after an adoption and refining process took…

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  • Essay On Mombasa Port

    Ports are a key link in the logistics supply chain, and significant economic drivers. The Mombasa Port is the main linkage to East and Central Africa. It is the largest port in the country that connects the Northern Corridor Countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Tanzania, South Sudan and Ethiopia (See map 1 below). The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) mandate is: regulation, development, and operation of all the ports along the Kenya’s coastline. In…

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