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  • The Alchemist: Dreams: The Theme Of Dreams In The Alchemist

    The Alchemist: Dreams Dreams are the theme that ties together the whole significance of omens and Personal Legends in The Alchemist. Santiago, the main character, is a boy shepherd who is constantly questioning himself as to what his purpose in life is and how he can fulfill it. Throughout the book, he learns that dreams are indications of his own Personal Legend, or inner desire. The author’s message about dreams is that it takes much diligence and desire to fulfill them but it is all very worth it in the end. “‘..Dreams are the language of God. When he speaks in our language, I can interpret what he has said. But if he speaks in the language of the soul, it is only you who can understand..’” (12) In this quote the old gypsy that Santiago sought out for a dream interpretation is explaining that dreams are the language of God and in this language God tells very important messages which she can interpret. However, everyone interprets dreams differently according to their own lives. The gypsy tells Santiago that if he visits the Pyramids in Egypt, according to his dream, he will find a great treasure that will make him a very rich man. This quote supports the author’s message because it explains how dreams are…

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  • The Alchemist Analysis

    oasis in Egypt, to attend to his dream once more. As he pauses in the desert, a horseman dressed in black rushes him, with a sword raised to kill. "Who dares read the meaning of the flight of the hawks?" he demanded. He does not flee nor does he attempt to fight and protect himself. Instead, Santiago bows his head for the blow and says, "It is I who dare to do so. Many lives will be saved because I was able to see through to the soul of the world." The man in the black slowly lowers his sword…

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  • Alchemist Essay

    Due to today’s media which has sensationalized and embellished the more magical aspects of alchemy, the layman may imagine dark spirits and flasks overflowing with noxious chemicals. The layman may also think of alchemy as a trial and error process, in which the aspiring alchemist fumbles blindly towards his next success or failure. This is far from the truth. The infancy of alchemy is located in a Greece influenced Egypt ("Alchemists, Ancient and Modern."). Ancient Egypt, Alexandria, had…

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  • The Alchemist Reflection

    Everyone, in some way, is on a path to seeking joy. While people can achieve their goals along the road and be flooded with joy, there is an equivalent sense of fulfilment in the lessons that are learned along the way. An insightful fable of a young boy within Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist highlights the lesson that the subtle nuances of a journey, along with the choices one makes, are what shape a person; this lesson is illustrated through the contrasting experiences of Santiago, the…

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  • The Alchemist Symbolism

    The Alchemist is a brilliant novel that focuses on Santiago’s journey to his Personal Legend. It shows all the hardships this protagonist faces along the way and how he almost loses sight of the reason for his journey on several occasions. However, this novel is not just about the complicated and long journey that Santiago takes throughout the novel, but the great symbols, motifs, and themes that are shown throughout the storyline. There are many elements of fiction that bring this novel…

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  • The Alchemist: Democritus

    The famous alchemist, Democritus, had several views on life and how it worked and was made. “Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity.” (“Democritus Quotes”). Nothing in this world is planned out and if anything is necessary to happen it will happen. According to John J. Mark, Democritus made it seem like life happens on its own and takes all the human’s decisions for their own life, yet he actually believed humans could make their own decisions within the range…

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  • The Power Of The Alchemist

    of everything, his fear will leave him, and he can continue on. As Santiago’s fear increasingly consumes him, the Alchemist recognizes the damage that this fear could cause him. The Alchemist expresses to Santiago, “Don't give into your fears… If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart” (Coelho 146). The Alchemists purpose of stating this is because he understands how…

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  • The Alchemist Reflection

    of the Novel The Alchemist is a very exciting novel, through the adventures that the main character has surpassed; we can say that it shows excitement. It also shows optimism, that we can do all the things that we’ve wanted if we really desire of it. It teaches us that everything we need to know, we learned it through our own journey. The novel is all about a boy named Santiago who desire to interpret his dreams about the Egyptian Pyramids. He wanted to know what does really a…

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  • Reflection On The Alchemist

    The Alchemist The whole book «Alchemist» is about, probably, one of the most difficult questins of human`s existence. They are like destiny,voice of our hearts, universal language and dream. Paulo Coelho chooses the young boy-shepherd as a main hero. He was absolutely ordinary boy without any special possibilities,but with a great dream. As only Santiago decided to follow his dream, the universe began sending him different omens,which helped the boy not just to achieve his dream but also to be…

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  • Themes Of Santiago In The Alchemist

    In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the reader accompanies Santiago on his journey to find a hidden treasure. Along the way, he meets several characters who help him and teach him important lessons in regards to his Personal Legend. First, there is the Crystal Merchant who is a prominent example of someone who did not fulfill his Personal Legend. There is also the Alchemist who adds to Santiago’s knowledge of alchemy, and he plays a key role in him being able to pursue his dreams. While Santiago…

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