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  • Short Term Career Goals Essay

    What are my short-term career goals? What are my long-term career goals? Planning a successful future will need to start with goal setting. A person greatest achievement did not come over night. I have always put goals in place and set to achieve them. When I say goals I mean accomplishment not too easy to obtain but a little challenging to appreciate the hard work. My short term goal to being successful both in the military and as a civilian is to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree this April 2015. Educations has always been a part of my development but to apply it towards a degree completion is hard work and dedication. My degree mean so much to me because I know I will have the knowledge and skills to help individual live a healthy and successful life. My long term goals is to obtain my master degree in Health Care Administration. I always love working in the health field and once work as a certified nursing assistance before for joining the military. To understand the brains of the operation is what I am aiming for. I understood and enjoyed working at the lowest level making an impact caring for my patients. I will retire from the military in 5 years and will be ready to take on a different care path. What are my objectives that I want to accomplish? My objective in achieving my goals of accomplishment are to receive much knowledge as possible. I will take courses like personal trainer certification, another management course to ensure I am proficient. In the…

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  • My Short-Term Goals For A Career In Corporate Finance

    My short-term goal for post-MS is to find a job as a financial analyst or a job in corporate finance and to acquire a CFA credential, which can assist me in becoming a more competitive employee. In the long term, I wish to open my own financial consulting company in Shanghai. And given the economic cycle, If unfortunately, there is a economic trough when I graduate from Olin Business School (OBS), I will seek an unpaid internship and build my network in the meanwhile. Therefore, I can keep…

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  • Personal Reasons For Your Short-Term Career Action Plan

    Professional Unit 9 Career Action Plan Assignment ------------------------------------------------- Name: Lisa Tannery Two-digit Section #: ------------------------------------------------- Instructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 9 dropbox. Develop your own Career Action…

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  • My Short Lived Career As A Female Wrestler By John Koster Analysis

    Megan Keoster was trying to interpret in the article “My Short Lived Career as a Female Teenage Wrestler” how females can be has power as men because of their skills, courage, and strength to overcome difficult times. People in the future will look back on how people who struggle through life and find way to inspire them to do better things by wrestling or doing something productive. Seven billion people around the world today and maybe more in the future will all look back on this one girl and…

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  • Short Summary Essay: The Career Of Dentistry

    “Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is dental” (Ogden Nash). Dentistry is both physically and mentally torturous because not only do they work on patients while they are fully awake but the tremendous amount of pain that it causes could be life traumatizing to some patients. The main reason as to why most people are afraid and hate going to the dentist would be because they know the pain they are about to face and acknowledge how expensive the procedures…

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  • Short Story: The Exciting Game Of Career Girls '

    from the ranger, Laurence thanked Jim and wandered towards the armoire, Laurence, stepping over stone doorstops and several bags of potting soil as he walked. He had never heard of most of the board games housed on its shelves. Laurence pulled a particularly aged box from the faded cardboard stack, the game was called: The Exciting Game of Career Girls, and Laurence thought this was a game his mother would have a hard time cheating at. He placed the board game on an adjacent table and began to…

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  • Importance Of Personal Learning Plan

    The SACE stage 1 subject of Personal Learning Plan (PLP) has played a prominent role in presenting me with the opportunity to plan out my future and to identify goals for my study, work and higher education. PLP is a compulsory SACE subject which is taught throughout year 10/11 in all schools in South Australia. The main focus of this course is to aid students with the exploration of the 5 SACE capabilities (Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work and Learning) and help them to…

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  • Case Study: Love Animals: What Career Is Right For You?

    Love Animals: What Career is Right for You? For an individual who is looking into an animal career, he needs to know about the careers he is interested in, what to expect from those jobs, and he needs to know what to look for. He will also need to be in touch with his personality, skills, interests, and he will need motivation in perusing a career with animals. It takes a real commitment and a real passion to go through with this type of career and the responsibility this type of career has. In…

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  • My Duties And Responsibilities In Deployment

    to better support my current and future units mission. What are your career goals? My career goals are divided into long term, short term, and near term goals. I want to be sincere; in my opinion, our families are a very important and crucial part of our career and more importantly our lives. Therefore, they were a key consideration in developing both my long term and short-term goals. My long-term goal is to achieve a senior logistician position in a Theater Sustainment Command (TSC) that…

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  • Social Learning Theory Of Career Decision Making (SLTCDM) And Systems Theory Case Study

    Theoretical Framework This study turns to Social Learning Theory of Career Decision Making (SLTCDM) and Systems Theory as the theoretical framework to discuss the process that learners take in making both short-term and long-term career choices. Individual decisions are made on the basis of personal experiences that occur in social settings. Additionally, schools and educational institutions also provide an environment that can be influential shaping the career decisions. These theories outline…

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