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  • My Experience At Vacation Bible School

    Over my high school’s spring break, I went on a mission trip through my church with my family to Jamaica. When there, I had multiple situations where I had some misunderstanding in communication, most commonly when speaking with the native Jamaicans. On our second day there, my church group had planned out Vacation Bible School sessions for the kids in Jamaica. I was talking to one of the boys there, who was around the age of 13. We were sitting at one of the tables and some of his friends were around too, chiming in and adding comments. In Jamaica they speak English, however they speak it very fast and have slang words and phrases that I wasn’t familiar with and didn’t understand. I felt very bad and a little stupid for having so much trouble…

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  • My Experience Essay: A Whole Year Vacation

    A Whole Year Vacation My pleasure to introduce myself first before I’m going to tell my memorable experience I’ve ever had in 2013. I’m Adinda Siti Khoirunnisa, but just call me Adinda. Now, let’s begin my trip begin! In December 28th, my family and I had planned our family vacation in some places for 1 year. In January we were going to Singapore for 2 weeks. In the middle of February, we were going to Bandung for 2 times in last 2 weekend of February. At March, we were going to Surabaya for 10…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Experiences Of Vacation In The Caribbean

    I have done on the vacations I have taken during these breaks. Every year my parents take a four day to weeklong vacation somewhere in the Caribbean or Central America, and every other year I go along with them. Vacationing in a foreign country is a very interesting time for sure, and having been to Mexico three times (all in resorts), Costa Rica twice (once in a resort, and once in a rent house), The Dominican Republic (In a Condo we rented), Belize (Living in a rented house with an in-house…

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  • Peter Lik: Panoramic Landscape Master

    quality, and it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so, as he currently holds an impressive four spots on the top twenty for most expensive photographs ever sold, including allegedly, “Phantom” the most expensive photograph in the world, sold at a mind blowing 6.5 million dollars to a private collector. Quite impressive for a self-taught photographer from Melbourne, Australia, who when asked what his favorite photograph is, humbly always replies, “I haven’t taken it yet.” Since his 8th…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Trip To Florida

    the people around me were not having the same experiences. Different people go different places for different reasons. There’s the tourist who sticks to the well beaten path and doesn’t like to be outside of their comfort zone. Then there is the stereotypical family vacation, exhausted parents with toddlers in tow. In direct contrast to the tourist is the adventurer who tends to forge their own path into the unknown. Finally there’s the over prepared who needs to schedule their trip down to…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Kids Have A Summer Break?

    Familyshare, 2017. 7 Mar. 2017. (Bitsko) Cox, Michelle. “Gods Gift of Summer and Family Time.” Guide Posts, Guide Posts, 1 June 2016, Accessed 15 Mar. 2017. Klein, Rebecca. “Summer Learning Loss Study: Can 'Summer Slide' Be Prevernted.”The Huffington Post, The Huffington Inc, 2017,…

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  • Narrative Essay About Coming Of Age

    This variety of experiences creates numerous memories that can be shared amongst friends and family. Each of these memories that are shared have the potential to be inspiring to someone else, or can even bring the lessons that were learned to resurface, showing the reason for coming of age. When memories are created, you are then able to share experiences with others, which can also help you see what you have learned. Memories are an important factor when relating to coming of age. It can be…

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  • Social Identity And Social Location

    world that puts us with others. We form certain relationships through our social location and have certain experiences that relate to our social location. Through many personal experiences I realized my social location. I realized my social location through race, through gender, and also through ability/disability. All three of the experiences made me realize not just where my position was in society but it made me understand other people’s social locations. When I was young I never truly…

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  • Saint Elizabeth's Vacation Bible School Experience Report

    In the August of 2016, I volunteered my time, talent, and skills to help “instruct the ignorant.” This is a Spiritual work of mercy, as instructing the ignorant helps us grow spiritually and emotionally while helping our neighbors. During this week long experience at Saint Elizabeth’s Vacation Bible School, I spent my time helping young, innocent children learn music that lifts praise to God. The whole experience was exhilarating. While this might seem trivial to some, it was a very fun and…

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  • The San Francisco Earthquake By Mark Twain And Jack London

    Mark Twain and Jack London both wrote stories titled “The San Francisco Earthquake”, which tell of their experiences in San Francisco during an earthquake. Both men were physically present in San Francisco during the earthquake, and witnessed the effects of the earthquake firsthand. Although both Twain and London experienced a similar event, the two writers approached the subject very differently in their writing in order to portray their messages. Mark Twain describes his experience of the…

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