When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Teacher Essay

  • My I Became A Teacher

    When I was a little girl, my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, just like every other kid is asked. They asked me this question constantly throughout my life, and the answer never really changed. I wanted to be a teacher, and I truly believed that there wasn’t anything else I would enjoy doing as an adult. As I grew older, I believed more and more that teaching was my calling in life. I helped out in Sunday school at my church, I became a PAL in high school, and I tutored kids in

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  • Becoming A Secondary Art Teacher And My Motivation

    This essay will thoroughly explain why I want to become a secondary art teacher and my motivation for it. I discuss the purpose of public education and the beneficial factors teachers have to offer at public schools. Characteristics of mine that’ll make me an excellent teacher, which are being resourceful, an advocate and having a great sense of humor. Constructivism and Humanism are included and explained as the philosophies and techniques I will use in my classroom. How students learn best by being

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  • The Importance Of A Smooth And Successful Classroom

    and successful classroom. As the teacher of the classroom, it is my duty to let the students know what the expectations are for the routines and procedures of the class. For behavior, my expectations for the students are responsible, respectful, honest, and to give their best efforts. These are important because they are essential traits to becoming a well rounded citizen. By having these traits, it helps students follow the routines and procedures. For learning I expect students to come to class

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  • Why I Should Be A Teacher

    I am a senior in high school and it is ideal to know what major you would like to take up when you go to college. I have an interest in being a teacher when I grow up. I am not concrete about my decision because I do not want to cross out the possibility that I may like something else but, I want to be a teacher for now. To be a teacher you have to have a secondary education and pursue for a master 's degree or doctorate degree in graduate school. I am taking online courses in college now so that

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  • The Importance Of Being A Good Leader

    Leadership develops over time as we grow and mature. Our first teachers are the people we are surrounded by during our formative years (Willard, n.d.). Although we can’t always pick the people we grow up around we can certainly choose the good traits and characteristics they possess. Ethical leaders use the body, mind and soul to provide internal direction so they can be at their best. As I reflect on my ethical body and leadership, it becomes clear that I am a combination of a participative

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  • Reading For Freedom : Read, You Will Be Forever Free

    lives. When we learn to read, we open ourselves up to so many possibilities. Reading is the key to success in everything we do in the world of education. Without reading, students cannot write. They cannot study history. They cannot read a word problem or even manage a science experiment. I believe that education and freedom go hand in hand, and reading is where the basis of learning begins. Therefore, teaching children to read is one of the most important things we can do. Ever since I was a young

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  • My Career As A Teacher

    rang true to me until I became a teacher. Five years ago I worked as a manager in the financial aid department at a local technical school. Prior to that job I spent 17 years in the business industry in various leadership roles. However, it was not until I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and someone encouraged me to pursue my dream of teaching that my world became complete. The first time I taught a lesson as a student teacher I wanted to pinch myself. I could not believe

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  • Why I Am A Teacher

    students. So why is that teachers want to teach? I would say the number one reason why teachers want to teach is probably being able to teach students to expand their knowledge and watching them grow is a very honorable feeling for a teacher. As a child it was my dream to be a firefighter but found out that it was not a career for me after seeing some horrific scenes on a ride along with a local fire station. So that’s why I decided to pursuit teaching. I knew as a teacher I will be able to make a

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  • My Motivation For Becoming A Great Teacher

    As I continue to keep growing through the Education Department here at Concordia, I see myself becoming more and more like a teacher each day. I have become to make up some of my own ideas and strategies on different ways of teaching. I feel like the key to becoming a great teacher is having your own ideas and thoughts on teaching. A teaching philosophy is a statement of our personal beliefs about education. We all might have different opinions and techniques with the way we teach, but it is our

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  • My Dream I Had A Dream

    From a young age, I had a dream. I had the want to be a teacher, to spent my time in front of a classroom with a group of children listening and learning. In my free time I would sit in my room, a book in hand, reading stories out loud into the abyss. My free time was spent teaching an imaginary class, with homemade assignments, and random picture books off my book shelf, alone in my bedroom. A passion grew with in me to instill knowledge into the minds of children. This desire to teach began to

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  • Factors That Affect A Student 's Education

    neighborhood your child grows up in could determine how a child progresses in school. The family a child grows up in can impact a child dramatically. They may get everything they want, but if the parents are not together or fighting all the time do you really think the child is happy to see that. A child who may not get everything they want, but has a loving family will be one of the happiest kids you will meet. Lastly, teachers really do want to see every student succeed. I believe teachers are some of the

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  • My Life After High School

    you want to do with your life is another question that never fails to pop up.  Many people think about it every day and right now I am thinking about it also. What is there to do? Where do I want to go? It can be a stressful time, trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. It is a step that has to be made after high school and sometimes it doesn’t come easy to everyone. Some may know what they want to do but later change their mind while some do not know what they want to

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  • Reflection Paper On Practicum Experience

    Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed playing school with my younger brother because I was always the teacher. I also enjoyed being an assistant teacher at my dance studio. From a young age, I was involved with teaching, but specifically interactions with younger children. I thrive in environments where I can interact and help others. Having the opportunity to work in the classroom through practicum experiences has helped me understand how I can use my gifts and passions to benefit

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  • Why I Learn From A Graduate Student

    what they want to improve upon. I say this, because for an artist to become comfortable in their work, often means they have not pushed themselves to grow. I also believe that being able to see how far you have grown shows an artist their potential to continue to grow. For me, simply being in Iowa City with new teachers has helped me to grow exponentially as a dancer. Intermediate Jazz has helped me grow in a short eight weeks for a variety of reasons. First, I was able to learn how I learn best

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  • A Teacher 's Role Model For The Younger Generations

    I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. I want to be an early childhood teacher because it is important for children to know that learning can be fun and exciting. I know that it is important to have a student-teacher relationship. Having a positive relationship between the student and teacher can be difficult to establish. However, a good relationship will require good communication and respect in the classroom. Having this type of relationship between my students

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  • My Experience At A Young Age I Loved Learning

    At a young age I loved learning. I was interested in patterns, reading, numbers, and shapes. That love of learning has carried on through my experiences at school. Since kindergarten, I have had many teachers who have taught me to love getting an education. They have taught me curriculum and they have taught me character. Their examples of teaching not only lessons found in textbooks, but lessons found in every day life continue to inspire me. I want to, like them, help children see their importance

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  • Personal Narrative Hill Elementary I Have Found Myself Learning A Classroom And The Multiple Special Interests They Have

    Munger Hill Elementary I have found myself learning a lot about the student’s in and outside of the classroom and the multiple special interests they have. During recess and lunch I have conducted informal interviews with the student’s to learn about their interests they may have. Above are the questions I asked for each grade. Since the two grades vary I made sure to ask the first graders simpler questions and then the third graders more challenging questions. Some of the answers I got for them were

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  • I Am A High School Teacher

    Most kids are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a kid, the sky was the limit, and growing up was an eternity away. I never put much thought into what I’d grow up to be; I figured I would cross that bridge when I got there. “That bridge” came sooner than expected. During my freshman year of high school, I was asked to write a legacy that answered the following questions: What defines you as a person? What are the most important things in your life? Where do you see yourself in five

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  • Why I Would Want to Be a Teacher. Essay

    BECOMING A TEACHER Page 1 Why I would want to be a Teacher Jamie Croneberger Grand Canyon University- EDU 310 August 16th, 2012 BECOMING A TEACHER Page 2 I want to become a teacher because I, one day, ant to open up my own Day Care Center where I can teach and help the toddlers and babies learn and grow before they start in Pre- Kindergarten. I have always wanted to help younger kids ever since I had my son Anthony and my daughter Kaitlynn. I am having trouble finding a decent

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  • My Personal Philosophy : My Independent Personality

    personality. Ever since I started school I have been an independent person. As a teacher I want to show students how I will support them, but I also I want them to learn how important independence is. I want to develop students that are able to carry on their successes for the rest of their lives. After learning about all of the different types of philosophy I do not relate to any particular one, but I definitely like to pull aspects from many of them. As for my teaching philosophy, I put together this

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  • My First Grade Teacher Left A Lasting Positive Impression On A Young Child

    My first grade teacher left a lasting positive impression on me; she was kind, caring, loving and always there for each and every student. That impression, the positive impact and those memories have stayed with me each and every day; it is so rewarding to know that a teacher can have so much influence on a young child. This is one of the main reasons I have chosen a career in Inclusive Early Childhood Education. Being a teacher, I know that I too will be able to provide a young child with the

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  • Reflection Of A Community Band At High School

    front of a crowd, nerves shaking as I, a soon to be junior in high school, have decided to conduct for a community band. I had stepped up since the band was going to have a "year off" and had been working for several weeks with a small group of students. I found the venue, rehearsal hall, times, and the arrangements. The students and myself had put in long hours and the day had come to perform in front of the community. As I stepped up, I saw the nervous faces that I taught and smiled, turned around

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  • Child Development Reflections Essay

    early childhood educator plays the role of primary influence in the child’s life, encouraging relationships between parent and child and establishing relationships between parent and teacher, helping the child’s skill set expand and they’re mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities to grow. The feelings I get when I become a influential force in a child’s life along with there thirst for knowledge and life around them is what excites me about working with young children, t touching them spiritually

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  • My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Montesori's Educational Philosophy

    the arts and encourages personal growth and opinion. I look to Rousseau for his learning environments, Montessori for his use of sensory skills to engage students, and Frobel for his focus on the arts. When it comes to roots, I take from many society’s like the Preliterate why emphasized on skills and identity, as well as the Greeks who created leaders and emphasized literary skills. However, I find the Renaissance time is the one closest to what I teach, due to its emphasis on the music and arts. Educational

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  • Being An Elementary Education Teacher

    education teacher takes extra special patience, in kindergarten many children are leaving their mothers and fathers for the first time, this is scary and a huge adjustment for them. I remember my kindergarten year vividly, I cried every day until March 18th! Yes, you read that correctly, March 18th! My teacher would make me sit in the closet while I was crying so I would not disturb the other students, sure she would check on me periodically, but when she asked if I was done crying, I would start

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  • Personal Development ( Morals And Ethics )

    others. A good teacher has the ability to look past oneself and reach each student. Breaking the cultural standard that each individual has to fend for their own. Keeping students accountability to standards that they set for themselves and to achieve even greater expectations (2.0). The influence the world outside of individual lives can determine how a day will go for someone. Even being around someone who had a bad day can make someone else’s day bad as well. As a child growing up, we did not have

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  • My Personal Philosophy Of Education

    committed, educated, understanding, teachers. Children have the potential to change the world and offer something unique and new. They are all special individuals. Each student has many different talents and abilities. I will help them find these talents and abilities and I will help them mature so they can use these talents and help them grow. Not one child is the same, but they all do possess the power to make a difference. I have a very strong passion for teaching, and I believe in what Aristotle stated

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  • Teaching And The Education System

    semester in Foundations of Education I have personally learned many things regarding education and how to better myself for my future students. This class stretches you to go completely out of your comfort zone to truly see what teaching is going to be like. The methods and strategies that we have discussed in this class have given me a different perspective on teaching and the education system in the United States. One of the very first methods/strategies that I hope to incorporate in my future classroom

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  • My Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy

    evolving. I am always learning new things and re-evaluating previous assumptions, so I do not have a fixed philosophy, and perhaps never will. I believe that learning has all potentialities: it can involve hard work, fun, creativity, frustration, intuition, disbelief, wonder, and those rewarding “aha” moments. Although I do not adhere to a static or fixed philosophy, there are a few important ideas that I hold to be true. The strongest part of my teaching philosophy is seeing the teacher as one small

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  • Graduation Speech : Elementary Or Secondary Teacher

    What do you want to be when you grow up? This question has been asked to everyone, numerous times. When we were little and excited to grow up, and when we are older. Although, when we grew older, the question changed from what do you want to be when you grow up to, what are you going to major in. At the age of five I would 've exclaimed, "a teacher", to my mother as she set up my new easel. As the pre teen age set in, I would start to call my aspire of a teacher to a Resource Teacher or Special Education

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  • I Was A Great Teacher

    When I was in the seventh grade I had an English teacher who was not bad at her job, but she was also not amazing. I do not remember her name as it has been years since she has been my teacher. The thought of her does bring back memories, though. English was my favorite subject, so I really enjoyed that class. My memories had nothing to do with the class, however. Often times I found myself in that class thinking about all of the ways that I could improve it. Instead of calling names by my choice

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  • Essay on The Misinformation of Our Education System

    method. In the tradition type of education, however, the teacher stores the information the student listens. The goal of banking education was to immobilize the student within the existing structure, conditioning them into memorize the materials. I felt the ability to overcome the fear of memorize lessons. In a sense, we all are a result of “banking” education. Freire concept of education, he conveys the student do not think for themselves. I feel a student should have the initiative to ask questions

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  • My Goals For A Teacher

    Over the many years I have attended school, I have noticed that being a teacher is a profession that I have always wanted to be a part of because of the direct influence they have on the future and current generations. As a student, my past teachers created goals for me and established what they wanted me to accomplish for them and for my generation. These goals that were once created for me have affected the goals I will one day create for my students. There have been many influences for me to

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  • A Tree Grows By Betty Smith

    In the novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith writes about a girl, Francie Nolan and her family. Smith writes about the circumstances in which Francie’s family is in and how they struggle every day, in many ways. Even though the Nolan family is constantly fighting the struggles, there is only one answer to their problems and it is education. Francie is encouraged by many people to keep learning because education is the key to helping her grow and to obtain more knowledge to help her survive

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  • The Privilege Of Interviewing A First Year Teacher At My Son 's School

    I had the privilege of interviewing a first year teacher at my son 's school. Ms. James is a first year pre-kindergarten teacher at White Bluff Elementary School. She was one of the teachers assigned to welcoming the kids to school every morning; that was how I got to meet her. She enjoys teaching the pre-kindergarten because she wants to put a lasting imprints on the educational sojourn of the kids as their first ever teachers apart from their parents or guardians, furthermore, she cannot resist

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  • White Teachers Diverse Classroom Documentary

    The documentary White Teachers/Diverse Classrooms was an informational video about how white teachers can become better at connecting with their students that come from other cultures. Based off of the book White Teachers/Diverse Classrooms, edited by Julie Landsman and Chance W. Lewis, this documentary shares the voices of parents, teachers, students, and administrators. As well as hearing from different perspectives, the documentary also provides important numbers and information regarding racism

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  • My Experiences Of Being A Part Of The School Of Education

    “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” (Benjamin Franklin). From the beginning of my education courses, I was able to see the importance of being involved in education. As a teacher it is important to get to know your students in order to help them to reach their full potential. The program has given me the tools and advice to become a successful teacher, now it 's my turn to use them in the classroom. I could go into student teaching today knowing that I am able to

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  • Why I Should Pursue A Career

    I have been very fortunate to grow up in a very loving and supportive home. My parents have always told me that I should never try to get a job just because it pays well, that instead I should pursue a career in something I love. From a very young age I have had a passion and a love for children and teaching. As a child I would play “school” and have my sisters sit in desks as my “students” while I taught them and gave them classwork. As I grow older I began helping tach Sunday School and Vacation

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  • The Education System Has Given Students With Disabilities

    As a special education teacher, my philosophy in education is to challenge students to grow as individuals. Allowing them to see what they are capable of doing regardless of their challenges. I want students to have confidence in learning, because they recognized the opportunities education has for their future and personal growth. Every student with or without disabilities has the right to an education system that challenges them to learn, and does not give up on them when student face with an obstacle

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  • Becoming A Teacher Is A Career Path

    Becoming a teacher is a career path I came across while working for the Realizing Amazing Potential (R.A.P.) before and after school program. In my undergraduate program I always knew I wanted to working with children, but it was a challenge for me to choose one career path I felt my work would make a difference. The defining moment for my career was the passion I found working with special need students, and the hard work to help them succeed academically. Being part of the education growth for

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  • Becoming A Teacher : The Essential And Noble Profession

    Becoming a Teacher The reason I want to teach is because of the essential and noble profession. Next to parents, teachers are the most important foundational element in our society. Being a teacher would show me the value, knowledge, and character to be a figure for children to look up to. The important thing is the proper preparation and the fundamental to living a full and rewarding life. A teacher is defined as someone who gives instruction and communicates skills. Teachers enhance the lives

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  • Don 't Get Too Comfortable

    Don’t Get Too Comfortable How many people like change? I have found that people don 't like new experiences because they feel that they don 't have control of their life, there is excessive uncertainty, or concerns about their competence. In other words they feel like they will fail or be a failure. New situations may be stressful or overwhelming. They may make their whole body feel paralyzed, their hands clam up, put a lump in their throat, and make them feel like their heart is pounding so hard

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  • The Importance Of A Developmentally Appropriate Education

    guided in the right direction. These children are vulnerable to the world around them so it is important to teach to the needs of all students in order for them to be successful. The middle school is comprised of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Teachers in the middle school should have a shared vision for their students and collaborate to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their students. Students have core classes which include; English, Social Studies, Science, and Math. They also have

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  • Principals Have A Big Influence On The Behavior Management Of The School

    roles to the teachers and intervene when necessary. But principals can also have a say on the type of discipline the teachers can use. I was interesting in reading more about what roles principals play when it comes to behavior management. I have seen over the past three years how behavior issues have changed at our school, and a lot of it has to do with our changes in principals. All teachers can agree behavior management is one of the hardest parts of their daily work. Also, most teachers can say they

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  • Graduation Speech : Being A Middle School Math Teacher

    are asked is what you want to major in or what they want to do after college. This can be a difficult question for most students to answer because most of them are still teenagers and have just left high school. There are many assessments one can take in order to help with the process of choosing a major or a career. After taking all five assessments on FOCUS2, I noticed that education came up a lot and have chosen to research about being a Middle School math teacher. When I took the work interest

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  • My Personal Statement On My Life

    do was play school. I didn’t just want to play school; I wanted to be the teacher. Individuals have many different motives to why they want to become teachers. I have known my whole life I have wanted to teach for many reasons. I have chosen this career because I love being around children, I want to be able to affect their lives in a positive way, I like the environment of a school setting, and I am able to spend time with my family while doing what I love. My favorite thing I ever did in high school

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  • Career Essays : Career Essay

    Career Essay Research “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a child, we have all been asked this question throughout our school years. and as unrealistic children most of us were, we all had dreams dreams of being a superhero, princess, cowboy, or astronaut. In kindergarten, I can remember in my homeroom class every student was assigned to draw what we wanted to be when we was all grown up. Crayons danced across sheets of ­paper to illustrate our dream occupations. Our drawings were hung

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  • Being A Middle School Math Teacher

    As an 18 year old coming into college, I was faced with many decisions that would determine my future, and one of them being that I needed to choose a career path. Coming to college students must adjust their entire lifestyle and habits, including living with someone, harder classes, and being on their own. But, one of the most important questions that students are asked is what you want to major in or what they want to do after college. This can be a difficult question for most students to answer

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  • Cultural Diversity Class As A Multicultural Educator

    I have learned a lot from this Cultural Diversity Class. This class have made me think deeper and have a better understanding of a diverse classroom and how this country is going to keep being diverse and grow every year. As I was taking the class I was discovering myself learning new ways on how to treat or understand people from other countries. I still remember how the journey of reading this book started. When you assigned this book to read it I honestly thought it was going to be a boring book

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  • What Makes A Teacher?

    teaching. I want to become a teacher because I feel every child deserves a quality education. A teacher’s job is not only to teach content but the ability to connect with each student as an individual learner and person. Building community within our classrooms helps each student feel valued. I want to touch the lives of others in the great ways that mine has been touched through exceptional educators. I want to become a teacher in order to better Horry County schools. Growing up in this area I have seen

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