When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Teacher Essay

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  • Importance Of Expectations In The Classroom

    classroom. As the teacher of the classroom, it is my duty to let the students know what the expectations are for the routines and procedures of the class. For behavior, my expectations for the students are responsible, respectful, honest, and to give their best efforts. These are important because they are essential traits to becoming a well rounded citizen. By having these traits, it helps students follow the routines and procedures. For learning I expect students to come to class, be willing to look foolish, and accept failure and grow from it. These are important because I cannot teach students that do not show up to class! They are the reason…

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  • Characteristics Of Servant Leaders

    Leadership develops over time as we grow and mature. Our first teachers are the people we are surrounded by during our formative years (Willard, n.d.). Although we can’t always pick the people we grow up around we can certainly choose the good traits and characteristics they possess. Ethical leaders use the body, mind and soul to provide internal direction so they can be at their best. As I reflect on my ethical body and leadership, it becomes clear that I am a combination of a…

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  • Characteristics Of A Secondary Art Teacher

    thoroughly explain why I want to become a secondary art teacher and my motivation for it. I discuss the purpose of public education and the beneficial factors teachers have to offer at public schools. Characteristics of mine that’ll make me an excellent teacher, which are being resourceful, an advocate and having a great sense of humor. Constructivism and Humanism are included and explained as the philosophies and techniques I will use in my classroom. How students learn best by being taught…

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  • A Career As A Teacher

    that teachers want to teach? I would say the number one reason why teachers want to teach is probably being able to teach students to expand their knowledge and watching them grow is a very honorable feeling for a teacher. As a child it was my dream to be a firefighter but found out that it was not a career for me after seeing some horrific scenes on a ride along with a local fire station. So that’s why I decided to pursuit teaching. I knew as a teacher I will be able to make a big impact in…

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  • What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do A Lesson Plan?

    Elementary I have found myself learning a lot about the student’s in and outside of the classroom and the multiple special interests they have. During recess and lunch I have conducted informal interviews with the student’s to learn about their interests they may have. Above are the questions I asked for each grade. Since the two grades vary I made sure to ask the first graders simpler questions and then the third graders more challenging questions. Some of the answers I got for them were…

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  • College Essay About Kindergarten Teacher

    elementary education teacher takes extra special patience, in kindergarten many children are leaving their mothers and fathers for the first time, this is scary and a huge adjustment for them. I remember my kindergarten year vividly, I cried every day until March 18th! Yes, you read that correctly, March 18th! My teacher would make me sit in the closet while I was crying so I would not disturb the other students, sure she would check on me periodically, but when she asked if I was done crying,…

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  • A Career As An Early Childhood Teacher

    I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. I want to be an early childhood teacher because it is important for children to know that learning can be fun and exciting. I know that it is important to have a student-teacher relationship. Having a positive relationship between the student and teacher can be difficult to establish. However, a good relationship will require good communication and respect in the classroom. Having this type of relationship between my students…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Dancer Essay

    they want to improve upon. I say this, because for an artist to become comfortable in their work, often means they have not pushed themselves to grow. I also believe that being able to see how far you have grown shows an artist their potential to continue to grow. For me, simply being in Iowa City with new teachers has helped me to grow exponentially as a dancer. Intermediate Jazz has helped me grow in a short eight weeks for a variety of reasons. First, I was able to learn how I learn best in…

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  • Community Band Speeches

    shaking as I, a soon to be junior in high school, have decided to conduct for a community band. I had stepped up since the band was going to have a "year off" and had been working for several weeks with a small group of students. I found the venue, rehearsal hall, times, and the arrangements. The students and myself had put in long hours and the day had come to perform in front of the community. As I stepped up, I saw the nervous faces that I taught and smiled, turned around and introduced the…

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  • Philosophy Of Inclusive Early Childhood Education

    My first grade teacher left a lasting positive impression on me; she was kind, caring, loving and always there for each and every student. That impression, the positive impact and those memories have stayed with me each and every day; it is so rewarding to know that a teacher can have so much influence on a young child. This is one of the main reasons I have chosen a career in Inclusive Early Childhood Education. Being a teacher, I know that I too will be able to provide a young child with the…

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