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  • Exemplification Coming Into English 1210

    Coming into English 1210, I really did not know what to expect. As we received are first essay on exemplification, I was already worried, due to the fact that I have never even heard of exemplification before. After reading about exemplification in our textbook, I started to understand what it takes to write a successful essay. “Exemplification is the act of using specific examples, or instances, to clarify a point, add interest, or persuade.”(pg.234). I have noticed an improvement in my writing due to this because I am now starting to use examples to get my point across. For instance, in are exemplification essay I used an example to prove computers are one of the best sources for entertainment. Using exemplification in my writing has helped…

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  • Nicholas Carr Rhetorical Techniques

    Everyone has their strengths and everyone has their weaknesses. In the sport of soccer for example, everyone on the team can spend the same amount of time practicing the same skill or move but this does not mean each player does not complete the move as successfully as the other. Similarly, this is also the case when it comes to authors and their use of rhetorical strategies, diction, and the Aristotelian appeals. Some authors use these writing strategies more successfully than others. In the…

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  • Schlosser's Why The Fries Taste So Good

    Within the book, Schlosser uses a variety of rhetorical organization methods to present his work. While the use of classification is the most noticeable at first glance, the use of exemplification, description, and narration also exist within the work. Through the use of these organization methods, Schlosser delivers an effective and well-organized exposé. At first glance, the reader can clearly identify the use of classification within the work. At the smallest level of division, Schlosser…

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  • Analysis Of Richard Nisbett's The Geography Of Thought

    entire society. Nisbett uses comparison and contrast, studies and statistics, and exemplification, to explain how and why the world’s communities conduct themselves in specific manners. To begin,…

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  • Why Does Hitchens No Longer Have A Voice

    effect, comparison and contrast and exemplification, Hitchens told us in a story like form the journey of losing his voice. Authors choose certain methods to use in their writing because each method has a different effect on the reader. One of the methods Hitchens used were quotes to help portray what he is feeling through words of other authors. He starts this passage with a quote from T.S. Eliot stating, “ ‘I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker, And I have seen the eternal Footman…

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  • This Is Your Brain On Music Essay

    By breaking down the text and understanding how Levitin wrote the book, a reader can understand that his reasoning is to really educate his audience about music’s fundamental changes on the human mind. He uses methods such as exemplification and rhetorical questions to prove this point. Throughout the novel, he talks about his own life and experiences because he is a very well accredited individual in the field of music. He talks about his life at a young as he grows older and older, this…

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  • Analyzing Jhumpa Lahiri's My Two Lives

    In the Disney Channel’s hit TV show Hannah Montana, actress Miley Cyrus was living ‘the best of both worlds’, yet in reality everyone who has two worlds does not necessarily enjoy it. In Lahiri’s My Two Lives she discusses her two lives and the struggles that come along with it. “Like many immigrant offspring I felt intense pressure to be two things, loyal to the old world and fluent in the new, approved of on either side of the hyphen” (Lahiri 97). Combining the methods of narration, compare…

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  • The Secret Sauce

    time you’re given the opportunity, it will bump up your work ethic, you will get more work done, and also has proven to be healthier for you. Schwartz begins by building credibility with a personal experience and providing statistics to prove his argument. In Schwartz’s article he uses logical appeals, emotional appeals, and use of exemplification to support his argument that vacation benefits us and is well needed for us. In Schwartz’s article he begins with a personal experience, he writes…

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  • Example Of Rhetorical Analysis In Accounting

    business have to usefully describe the truth, and nothing with the truth in financial reports. The authors are using description, exemplification, comparison and contrast strategies to express their purpose on…

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  • Richard Dawkins Memetic Ideas

    Dawkins’ ideology regarding the nature of ideas, for example, affects the philosophies of numerous theorists, three of whom are Kuhn, Popper, and Lakatos. Those philosophers provide distinctive theories as to how paradigms arise in science. Despite the differences in their ideologies, however, Kuhn, Popper, and Lakatos all demonstrate Dawkins’ memetic ideas. Kuhn, for example, crafted a systemic, three-step ideology consisting of “pre-science,” “normal” science, and revolutionary science. Kuhn’s…

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