Example of Exemplification Essay

  • An Introduction To Rhetorical Strategies

    Everyone has their strengths and everyone has their weaknesses. In the sport of soccer for example, everyone on the team can spend the same amount of time practicing the same skill or move but this does not mean each player does not complete the move as successfully as the other. Similarly, this is also the case when it comes to authors and their use of rhetorical strategies, diction, and the Aristotelian appeals. Some authors use these writing strategies more successfully than others. In the argument regarding the Internet, technology, and social media and how it is effecting humans, three authors make different claims that will be examined in this essay. Author Nicholas Carr, argues that the Internet is resulting in a decrease in the cognitive abilities of humans, danah boyd, argues that the term addiction does not apply to humans and their interactions with the Internet, and finally, Clive Thompson claims that the human brain and the Internet are the most powerful working as a single unit as opposed to individually. All of these authors address similar concerns with the Internet and the effects it is having on humans, however not all of them use the same writing strategies or use them equally as successfully. In this essay I will be examining the literary works of authors: Nicholas Carr, who specializes on issues regarding technology in today’s cultures, danah boyd, youth researcher and social media scholar, and Clive Thompson, journalist for the New York Times, to…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies In The Spirit Of Accounting

    Rhetorical Analysis I. Introduction Rhetorical analysis defines how the author writes rather than what they actually wrote. This paper breaks down an article into pieces, and explains how the article informs to the audiences. This article written under business is report with misleading over the proliferation of various Non-GAAP and GAAP in the company. GAAP stands for General Accepted Accounting Principles and the purpose in this article is to point out what is wrong with financial reporting,…

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  • The Importance Of A Voice

    How would one feel if they woke up one day and realized that they no longer had a voice? In this passage, Hitchens doesn’t realize what having a voice means and how much it impacts his life until it’s gone. Creating this passage with multiple methods primarily using quotes, narration, cause and effect, comparison and contrast and exemplification, Hitchens told us in a story like form the journey of losing his voice. Authors choose certain methods to use in their writing because each method has a…

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  • Analysis Of Richard Nisbett's The Geography Of Thought

    different societies: Asian and Western. Nisbett’s purpose is to examine why the world behaves as such and how different outlooks on life can skew an entire society. Nisbett uses comparison and contrast, studies and statistics, and exemplification, to explain how and why the world’s communities conduct themselves in specific manners. To begin, Nisbett’s entire book is centered around the comparison and contrasting of Asian and Western lifestyles, ideals, morals, etc. Nisbett effectively…

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  • Staples, Black Men And Public Space, By Dresus Colon

    In today's society many of the people are still accustomed to the culture of that many years ago in which people of color are seen ass less or not important. Throughout the years the prejudice views towards people of color has began to lessen in some ways but surely many of these prejudice views carried into the centuries after it. Brent staples Exemplification essay "Black Men and Public Space" and Jesús Colon's Narrative essay "Little Things are Big" both deal with the problems of prejudice…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Old Spice Ad

    launched a series of humorous commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” They are incredibly successful commercials, albeit strange. Portrayed in them are grandiose and lavish lifestyles featuring costly belongings ranging from gondolas to horses to yachts. The commercials were an overnight success and quickly became a cultural phenomenon, generating significant word-of-mouth buzz online and offline. In its commercial, Old Spice effectively convinces its…

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  • Importance Of Rhetorical Analysis

    article in a specific major area, so it's difficult to understand completely by people who are not in this area without the description. For instance, the author explains that CPA practitioner is critical professional qualified faculty for the university. The article showed that CPA practitioners have real-world experience and credibility as members of the teacher. Another that reason CPA practitioners as faculty can become heartening role model to encourage students to encourage students…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Skinner's On Dumpster Diving By Lars Eighner

    Lars Eighner’s “On Dumpster Diving” explains how anyone can adapt to Dumpster diving. Eighner expounds on his experiences with Dumpster diving. The original version of the text was in a book known as “Travels with Lizbeth (1993), an account of Lars Eighner’s life as a homeless person” (Goldthwaite et al. 13). The intended audience is the United States population that is middle class or higher. Two rhetorical patterns used are process analysis and exemplification. Eighner uses all three…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Spirit Of Accounting

    The purpose of a rhetorical analysis is to define how the author writes rather than what they actually wrote. We are trying to know how the writer written, and not trying to summary a story or an article. Rhetorical analysis requires us to apply our thinking and reading skill instead of trying to understand the article. I’m majoring in accounting, and there is an article that I’m interesting “The Spirit of Accounting” by Paul B. w. Miller and Paul R. Bahnson. The authors are using description,…

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  • Mary Wollstonecraft: The Separation Of Power

    those right, which makes men and women are equal, no inequality between them. She worked hard to make the women’s life more better in the 18 centuries. If take a look of the status quo, compare to 19 centuries, women’s standard of living become way better. They got the rights to own property, rights to participate in politics, rights to get educated. Also, in some countries, they give women new facilities that men do not have, like women only parking lot, women only apartment, or even women…

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