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  • Analysis Of My Grandma The Poisoner

    “My Grandma The Poisoner” is an online article written by John Reed and posted by VICE. The content in this article recounts the story of a grandmother who took up the habit of poisoning people. The author tells of his childhood, and the strange and seemingly impossible occurrences that plagued his life. Mysterious bagged bodies of dead animals, people sleeping for 72 hours consecutively, and the most disturbing piece of the puzzle is the fact that 5 people found themselves talking their final breath all while living under the woman's roof lead to a gruesome conclusion that the boy would eventually reach, but not understand why. The most plausible conclusion one can draw as to why a grandma would attempt to murder her family, various animals, and occasional guests is this: she was so traumatized by the grief the Great Depression left her with, and only knew one way to cope-- or it is more likely in her mind she thought of it as means of survival-- and that was to murder her problems. As mentioned is before, she was a child of the Great Depression, and carried the weight and superstitions of the era with her all her life, wherever she went. Everything was a burden to her; the mouths she or her grandchildren had to feed, activities her children enjoyed, down to saving the last penny by buying, or more likely dumpster-diving, for recalled and therefore, cheap, products. Additionally, she went out of her way to remind everyone to save money in the most extreme of ways,…

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  • My Traveling Grandma Madeline

    My traveling grandma Madeline I am going to discuss about my traveling grandma Madeline living situation these days. My grandma now lives in San Diego, California she has lived in United States for the past 16 years now. Before coming to the United States she lived in Jordan for 4 years and prior to that she was living in Bagdad, Iraq independently she had own her own apartment. The city that she lives in currently is El Cajon, CA, which is a city in San Diego. Which has the largest culture of…

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  • Summary Of My Grandma The Poisoner

    When I signed up to read “My Grandma the Poisoner” I did so because the title jumped out at me more than my other options. When I went into reading it I wasn’t quite sure if the title was going to be an accurate representation of what I was about to read, or if it was a more abstract, attention-seeking move. I was slightly shocked when I found that the title was a direct, even blunt, representation of the story that I was beginning to read. This title is an interesting move on the part of the…

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  • The Importance Of My Relationship With Grandma

    When I think of Grandma, now that she is gone, the words that come to mind are, “Oh, what a great!” I know it sounds odd because we normally think of famous athletes as “The Greats”. Grandpa was one of “The Greats” at OSU in football, but to me, Grandma should be considered one of “The Greats” according to how people live their lives. She lived her life to the fullest, while all along teaching us so much. If I think of the different times in my life and how grandma impacted them, they all had…

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  • My Grandma Mac's Life

    When I was about five years old, my parents ' got divorced. My dad moved back to the state I was born in, while I stayed with my mom in Arkansas. Every once and awhile I would have visits with my dad, he would come pick us up and take us back to Iowa. I mean, I understand now why my sister and I had to spend time with my dad there. But then, I was 5 and all I knew is that daddy wasn’t around for the past month. I was without a doubt, the biggest mommy’s girl and I hated having to leave her. I…

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  • My Grandma The Poisoner Analysis

    In My Grandma the Poisoner, the author John Reed gives a hook to the reader right away. The beginning scene and title is an image of the Reed as a child watching his grandmother weeping in her bedroom. The scene is set up to show the reader what is going through Reed 's eyes and then moves to another scene. It starts with the house and how Reed spent most of his childhood there, the diction he uses sets the tone of a reflective acrimony, describing it as “disgusting” and shows the reader in…

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  • My Grandma Role Model

    “As a man thinketh so is he”, a verse from the bible noted by my Grandmother in the interview. Providing the listener with some of my Grandma’s strength as a person and view on her life. Being able to overcome alcoholism is one thing, but becoming a counselor for chemical dependency is another. My Grandma is a very strong lady and has been a great role model for many to look up to, even me ever since I was a little kid. Simply looking at my Grandma’s history: being sober for 51 years, beating…

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  • Description Of My Great Grandma

    Mayme Chase Most people do not get the pleasure of knowing their great grandmother. I am one of the lucky few that had the chance to meet my great grandma, Mayme Chase. Mayme Chase was 99 years and 9 months old when she passed away. My parents named me Elizabeth Chase so that I could be named after her. She was not like the ordinary elderly person though. Most people in their 90’s are sick and dying but she lived like a teenager until her last day. Mayme Chase was a very persistent lady. She…

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  • The Significance Of My Grandpa And Grandma Kidd

    As you have read my all time favorite lullaby, let me explain to you the significance about this meaningful lullaby. To start off, my grandma Kidd was my all time favorite she was there for me whenever i needed her. I remember as a kid my parents would take us kids on a weekend trip to my grandma and grandpa Kidd’s house. We lived in Piper City which is towards Champaign area. My grandparents were living in Peoria, so we had a decent drive to see them. Sometimes one of us four girls would get…

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  • I Admire My Grandma Essay

    I do not think I could admire anyone more than my aunt Sam. With all that she has been through I am happy to call her my idol. Every since I was younger, I have always envied her children; I am not saying I wished I had a different mom. What I am saying is that I wish she could have been more like Sam. Sam may have been younger when she first had Cody, but she had a good head on her shoulders. My aunt herself, never really had that motherly figure. To my grandmother, work was a little more…

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