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  • My Grandma Madeline Living Situation

    My traveling grandma Madeline I am going to discuss about my traveling grandma Madeline living situation these days. My grandma now lives in San Diego, California she has lived in United States for the past 16 years now. Before coming to the United States she lived in Jordan for 4 years and prior to that she was living in Bagdad, Iraq independently she had own her own apartment. The city that she lives in currently is El Cajon, CA, which is a city in San Diego. Which has the largest culture of

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  • My Grandmother, My Mother

    Jennie Mae Allen is my grandmother, my mother’s mother. When I go to see my grandparents in North Carolina my grandmother she has a; great spirit, big on her Christian faith and despite her health challenges has amazing grit. My grandparents raised three children my mom being the eldest, my Uncle James and the youngest my Uncle Tony. The oldest, my mom, has three children me being the oldest, my middle sister who is fifteen Mya and my youngest sisters Michaela who is six. My Uncle James has two

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  • Analysis Of The Book ' Grandma '

    go to visit their grandma every summer. Their grandma lived in a tiny town near St. Louis, a town that is very different than their own. Joey and Mary Alice’s grandma was a very bold woman. She was tricky and always new what she wanted. During their first few visits to their grandmother they was young and didn’t understand the significant. However, as Joey and Mary Alice grew they slowly began to love traveling to the tiny town to have one of a kind adventure with their grandma. One their first

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  • Why I Am My Grandma

    “Grandma Cooper has cancer.” My heart dropped to my stomach, my eyes stung with tears, my lungs stopped working, and everything hurt. Cancer is a word that causes great fear, sadness, worry, dread, and many more terrible emotions. For me, I have heard the word since before I knew what the real fear of it was. I do not think I truly understood the sadness that the word could invoke when I was younger, I never understood until I was old enough to know that I could lose someone I was very close to and

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  • My, My Time Favorite Lullaby

    As you have read my all time favorite lullaby, let me explain to you the significance about this meaningful lullaby. To start off, my grandma Kidd was my all time favorite she was there for me whenever i needed her. I remember as a kid my parents would take us kids on a weekend trip to my grandma and grandpa Kidd’s house. We lived in Piper City which is towards Champaign area. My grandparents were living in Peoria, so we had a decent drive to see them. Sometimes one of us four girls would get lucky

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  • Movie Report : ' Grandma Dodie 's ' House On Sunday Night '

    “stress reliever” for the weekend. I guess just like every other teenager, my friends and I live for the weekend, because we started planning the event for that weekend around Monday of that week. We had finally decided that we were going to throw a party at Summer Martin’s ‘grandma Dodie’s’ house on Friday night, since her grandma would be out of town that weekend visiting her son. The week went on and Friday had finally arrived! My friends and I were all jittery at school that day, being that we had

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  • Analysis Of The Song Grandma 's Hands By Bill Withers

    the love of a grandmother. “Grandma 's hands sooth the local unwed mother Grandma 's hands used to ache sometimes and swell Grandma 's hands used to lift her face and tell her, She 'd say, “Baby Grandma understands, That you really loved that man, Put yourself in Jesus ' hands.” Grandma 's Hands” (Withers). This is a prime example for that love a strong woman who keeps the kids in jesus hands. Growing up I had a complicated relationship with all three. Things is my mom passed away before I was

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  • My Family : My Life

    The Trifecta My family impacts my life everyday. The words they say, as well as their actions, influence my thoughts, actions, and opinions. They also challenge me to find my own ideas and believe what I do, not what they do or what I’ve heard. Everyone has people in their lives who affect them in some way. My mother, my aunt, and my grandma all influence me to find my own way just by being around me. To begin, my mother, Shelly, is an amazing woman. I’m sure most people would say that about

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  • Descriptive Essay About Grandma 's House

    to walk instead of taking a cab to my destination: Grandma 's house. It 's only a couple of miles and I know I can manage the weather for the time being. I stride along the perfectly paved cobblestone path that snow shovels have conveniently made for me. I take keen glances at every detail I see, as far as my eyes can wander. On my right, there are children in the city park building sideways, clumpy snow forts to protect themselves from incoming snowballs. To my left, there 's a little bakery with

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  • The Burial Of My Grandma

    morning James and I were in Atlanta for the burial of my grandma. Gamma was 80 years old when she died. Gamma 's maid Ms. Johnson found my grandmother, the morning after her bid whiz party she has once a week at her home. Gamma had been friends with the ladies on her block for many, many years and was known for her card games. Gamma stepped in and took care of me the best she could, when she found out I was being abused by my step dad and that my mom was on drugs off and on. I Learned later in life

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  • Life Trajectory Of My Grandma

    relationships of the individual have changed over time. For this assignment I looked at the life trajectory of my Grandma, Doris. She is currently 78 years of age and is currently married to my grandpa, Larry. She spends her days as a homemaker and a caretaker to my grandpa. I used to see my grandma at least once a week or more as a child because she was my babysitter; she lives only a few miles from my parents. Now that I am older and no longer need that interaction we don’t see each other as frequently

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  • I Am My Great Grandma Leonarda

    I interviewed my great grandma Leonarda, she was born in Mexico, 1918. When she was a little girl she didn’t play much, at that time kids had to work in the corn fields in order to provide money for food and shealter. But when she was able to have some free time, she loved to play hide and go seek and run to one to another to see who could run the fastest with her siblings near the fields. My Nana (as I like to call her) didn’t have enough money to buy brand new toys, but her mother was an amazing

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  • Analysis Of `` Behind Grandma 's House `` By Gary Soto

    paid child labor. The poem, “Behind Grandma’s House”, is of a little boy, possibly Soto, who seemed to crave the attention of others around them. He wanted fame as well as a bad-boy mentality, and this was all stopped short by the discipline of his Grandma. Imagery is the vivid description of words to paint an image in one’s head. Gary Soto used this poetic device to his advantage when writing this poem. He wanted to portray this little kid who thought he was too tough for the world, and from this

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  • My Family : My Grandmother

    The oldest living relative in my family is my Grandmother Lou on my mother’s side. All of my other grandparents on my mother and father’s side have passed on. I called my Grandma Lou and asked her about my ancestors. She proceeded to tell me about how we have a book that goes way back and traces our ancestors but, sometime admit the chaos of life, it has been misplaced. My Grandma Lou said she would tell me the most she can remember about my ancestors and hopefully that will do. He was french man

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  • My Life And My Family

    Waking up today was very different. My life and everyone in it has changed. I didn’t think the same anymore, it was like being in a dream that you wanted to wake up from. I knew from this day forward I would never have her back I my life. At eight years old, I felt like I owned the world. I did what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. There wasn’t a person that could stop me. In school and everywhere I went I was my own boss. It was finally Christmas break and my family was headed to the sun in California

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  • The Night At My Grandma 's House

    It was Friday, October 2, 2015, when I stayed the night at my grandpa’s house. I do this every so often to spend quality time with this funny old man. When I walked through the back porch door around six in the evening, I could already smell the sweet aroma of syrup wafting through the air. As I approached the sliding glass door, I could see that he already had pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs waiting for us on the kitchen table. It was a “breakfast for dinner” type of night. I slowly opened

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  • Grandma 's Worst Episode Summary

    safe even more so than the immensely powerful vibrations echoing from the door.“ I won’t let you in, Grandma. I’m sorry. You need to calm down. “, I say as I walk across the room and stand inches away from the trembling door. “ It’s me, Grandma, Brittany. I wouldn’t lie to you” “Let me in so I can see you! How do I know you’re not lying?” I sigh and look towards the opposite side of the room where my sister, Brook, is sitting in her chair. We both know what to do in this situation, and it involves

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  • The Memories Of My Grandma Will Always Be With Me

    The memories of my grandma will always be with me. She opened my eyes to just how paradoxical life actually is and taught me during our brief time together that a human being must be able to settle with their past, and live in the present, whilst preparing for the future. In her case it was death. I was six years old when I last saw her; two weeks before my birthday. I hadn’t known that it was the last time. I remember the time when my grandma was alert and active and how she played so many games

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  • Grandpa And Grandma 's Youth

    Grandpa Samuel and Grandma Dorothy were born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Grandpa was born in 1930, and grandma Dorothy Isabela Violet in 1926. Grandpa had no middle name and Grandma had two. I don’t know how that happened. During the days of my grandpa’s youth, World War II was being fought during the years of 1939 to 1945. Belfast, Northern Ireland was the target of many air raids. It was a mandatory requirement for parents to evacuate their young children to the country for safety reasons

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  • My Grandma The Poisoner By John Reed

    In My Grandma the Poisoner, the author John Reed gives a hook to the reader right away. The beginning scene and title is an image of the Reed as a child watching his grandmother weeping in her bedroom. The scene is set up to show the reader what is going through Reed 's eyes and then moves to another scene. It starts with the house and how Reed spent most of his childhood there, the diction he uses sets the tone of a reflective acrimony, describing it as “disgusting” and shows the reader in detail

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  • What I Admire My Grandma

    (Mitch, pg. 15) Who do you admire? Why?) I admire my grandma for many reasons, especially because she is someone who has always been there for me and always will be. One characteristic of my grandmother is that she is incredibly determined in every way. This year, my mom, brother and I, along with most of my mom’s family went to Glacier National Park in Montana. We went hiking on several trails, and even though my grandma is over 80 years old, she and my grandpa insisted on coming along. She hiked over

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  • Adventure At Grandma 's House

    Adventure at Grandma’s House I had never been so mad at my favorite grandmother in my life! It was after midnight on a clear starry night in 2005. Sitting in the dimmed light of my grandma’s living room on an oversized dark blue couch with an understated 90s geometric pattern constructed in pale blue lines I hatched a plan. I was just eight years old but I knew when I had been cheated! I had spent a lot of time with my grandma growing up. We always took her sight seeing, on vacation, and camping

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  • Narrative Essay - My Grandma Dying Was Something I Didn 't Understand As An Eight Year Old

    Position Narrative My grandma dying was something I didn 't understand as an eight year old. I was raised by my grandparents because my parents didn 't have a steady life for they were young when I was born. So my mum worked and was in college and for my dad he continued to work a job that required traveling. I had already began to know my grandparents as my parents by the time my birth parents were well off. So they continued to let me know them as sister and uncle. My first everything were what

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  • George Orwell 's ' Grandma '

    ‘Welch’, 29-34 They reached Welch in November and the woman who answered the door welcomed her son without a smile and said to Mom that it was nice to see her grandchildren before she died. When Jeannette called her ‘“Grandma”’, she asked to be called Erma. Grandpa and Uncle Stanley introduced themselves and Jeannette could see no similarities between these people and her father, so much she thought it was a joke. The wasn’t in the best condition so Uncle Stanley gave them his room in the basement

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  • My Grandma Is The Most Influential Person

    is my grandma. She has always been one that wanted to have fun and always to feel young. She hated when we would call her grandma because it made her feel old. So when my older sister was first born and couldn’t say grandma right away, she loved it and thought she had the opportunity to come up with a new name for herself. My sister beat her to it and came up with the name Papacel. My grandma is the most influential person in my life because she is brave, feisty, and strong. My grandma is one

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  • My Experience At My Family

    to watch my little sisters for hours while everyone was moving in heavy furniture and cleaning up the house really well. That night when everything was all moved in and the house was all set up, we put up our Christmas tree and since we didn’t have cable to watch TV we listened to the radio for a while. When it was time to go to bed, me and my little sisters, since we all shared one room, started to make our beds and It was really hard to see anything because there wasn 't a window in my room or any

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  • My Grandma On The Heary Side

    I interviewed my grandma on the Heary side and found out some interesting facts that I never knew before. We started talking about where the Heary family came from, and what she told me was that the Heary 's were German, Irish, and a little bit French. My grandma told me that she never knew we were French until one day my grandpa, who passed away this past fall, was talking about him having French ancestors. She also did not know that we had any Irish relation until my great aunt told her that our

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  • An Awkward And Valuable Conversation With Great Grandma

    An awkward and valuable conversation with Great-Grandma Like my mother says every morning, "If you never try, you will never know", I decided for this assignment to talk with my Great-Grandma about Sexuality through FaceTime. She is 87 years old and Panamanian. She grew up in a conservative Catholic family and got married at her 18 years old. She has 8 children, one of them is my grandmother from my mother side. I chose her for the interview because I wanted to know what she thinks about sexuality

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  • My Family, My Grandmother, And My Dad

    anything to have my family live with my grandparents from my dad’s side. I love my grandparents very much, and I always wanted to be there. Naturally, I thought this would be a good idea. As I have grown up, I realised that I would not want to live with my grandparents from either side of my family because I like my alone time. Everyone knows that when your grandma is in town, you do not get alone time. When I was a young kid, my family and I would go visit my grandparents in my home town a lot

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  • Grandma Should Be Considered One Of People Live Their Lives

    When I think of Grandma, now that she is gone, the words that come to mind are, “Oh, what a great!” I know it sounds odd because we normally think of famous athletes as “The Greats”. Grandpa was one of “The Greats” at OSU in football, but to me, Grandma should be considered one of “The Greats” according to how people live their lives. She lived her life to the fullest, while all along teaching us so much. If I think of the different times in my life and how grandma impacted them, they all had special

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  • My Time With My Dad

    unfortunately, my parents weren’t together, and I didn’t get to spend as much time with my dad. Although this should’ve upset me, it actually really didn’t affect me because I got to spend more time with my grandpa. Although I don’t remember everything we did, whenever I look back at my photo albums from when I was younger, I only smiled whenever I was with my grandpa. He was one of the most kind hearted people I ever knew. He always liked messing with me, because he said I was very serious like my grandma

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  • A Ragged Surrey : Remembering Grandma

    A Ragged Surrey Remembering Grandma “Papa was a good man,” said Grandmother, taking a pinch of snuff and placing it between lip and gum. Her voice was clear and concise, her eyes sad and misty as she talked about him. “No one could ever fill his shoes nor take his place in my heart. They wouldn’t no man fit to wipe his Boots,” she said with a huff. You set the bar high, Grandmother; so high that you never found true happiness… Pioneer life was hard, especially caring for younger siblings, trying

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  • An Analysis of Oranges by Gary Soto and The Night Grandma Died by Elizabeth Brewster

    displayed as they walked down the street “cold and weighted down with two oranges in my jacket” depicts how the boy was nervous. As being nervous would get you to notice every little thing that happens around you and notice even the slightest things. As a typical twelve years old lad, he did not know what to expect on his first date with his girl. The oranges are his burning love, desire, hence the “fire in my hands” or “the porch…yellow”. The orange in his jacket symbolized the loving and glowing

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  • My Mother Is My Grandmother

    grandmother and the grandmother 's name from the most sacred things that I keep in my entire life with her, the women in my life important is my grandmother. She was my pride and she is also in principle affect my life from childhood to now. I have a whole childhood memories associated with her that until now and the future I will never forget. My mom has 3 children, my brother, me and my young sister. That’s why I live with my grandmother when I was 2 years old. I slept with her, so I grew up from the

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  • A Good Man Is Hard And Find By Flannery O ' Connor The Grandma

    In the short story “ A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor the grandma isn’t just a regular sweet old lady. Through out the story she proves herself to be a lousy and conniving mother and grandmother. Not only does she deceive her family, but also herself. A close look at her words and actions show the grandmother to be manipulative, over critical, and over compensating in her own judgments of herself. The very first characteristic of the grandmother shown is how manipulative she is

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  • My Speech On My Life

    little kid my mom and grandma are the reason why I am in college and continue to pursue my dreams. They always told me Trey you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it! There my hero’s because they taught me how to be a better person and man as of today I am living my dream of being in college and doing real good in all my classes. Even though my dad was never in my life I will still be a better man then he ever was. One day when I have children I hope to give them the traits that my mom and

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  • My Memories Of My Grandparents

    Two things really stand out in my memories of holidays. One is that all of our family was always together on the actual holiday, and the other is the sounds and smells that filled the house. I can remember waking up to the smells of food cooking, hearing the laughter of my siblings and cousins echo through the house, and in the background some form of sporting event on the TV. Holidays were always eagerly anticipated as it was one of the few times throughout the year my entire extended family was together

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  • My Grandmother From The Drive Of Great Grandma 's House

    my grandmother (far left) in the drive of great grandma’s house. Furthermore, my great grandfather worked at the Oil Well and he cut Christmas trees and painted houses. He never drove in his life; he would always walk to work. While, my great grandmother worked at the Oil City Hospital doing laundry for the nurses and she worked at a cigar shop called Bowers Store. She drove a Big Lincoln Town car and drove that car until she was 96, she then sold it to my uncle and he still has the car, which

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  • Why I Love My Grandma

    Why I love my grandma so much My grandma is a very important person in my life. She is very loving and caring to everybody. She is the type of person that will “crack you up” every time she talks about something. I just can’t imagine how my life would be if she wasn’t around. She is such an inspiration to me and I’m so proud to be able to have her as my grandma. As the days passed by I started to appreciate her more and more every day. I’m so thankful for all the things she has teached me and done

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  • Relationship Between Emily And Her Grandma

    different from others. Another aspect of family interaction that I thought was interesting was the relationship between Emily and her grandma. Erin’s parents live right down the road from her and she thought it was going to be a great support system to have. At first Emily’s grandmother would watch her but as time went on and Emily’s behaviors got more intense, her grandma refused to watch her. This was another aspect that I thought differed from what our text said. “There is a high level of involvement

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  • My Experience On My Life

    experience in my life that changed my life. Sometimes when I think about it, it makes me happy and I realize how things happen in life. There are some persons in your life that are very important for you. You cannot know their importance until there is something wrong with them. I also have many persons that make my life. They are very important part of my life. Some of them are close to me but some are not. Those that are not close to me, they still play an important role in my life. But if something

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  • My Memories Of My Dad

    My little six grade body stood in shock, shaking from the words that just came out of my mother’s mouth, “Grandma is dead.” I was immersed in sadness, yet tears didn’t come at first. All my tears had been used from the news that my grandpa had died just two weeks ago. My mind was wrapped in confusion. What questions can you ask to your mother who just lost both of her parents. What questions can a girl who just lost two grandparents ask. I knew how they died. My grandpa died after his 3rd stroke

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  • Descriptive Essay : ' Grandpa ' And ' Grandma '

    Grandpa Levi and Grandma Emma had moved all the way to Georgia to take over an existing Peach Orchard. We moved to the Evan’s house to take care of it for a year in case they changed their mind and wanted to come back. My grandma always kept her belongings clean and had beautiful home furnishings I loved. It was an exceptional home. It was a ranch style home with a circle driveway out front. The garage was sideways so it made our house appear larger than it was. From the front door walking in was

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  • My Great Grandmother, My Grandmother And My Mother

    change over time. To prove this, I interviewed my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother. I asked them what their opinions of single parent families and stepfamilies were; I was really surprised at the results that I received. My great grandmother is ninety-five and she has actually been married several times. Most of her remarriages stem from her husbands passing away. My grandmother, her daughter, has had several step dads. When I asked my great grandmother what her personal views on

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  • Health Is Wealth Grandma 's Every Day Chant

    bag like everybody else in my school?” my daughter argued. Inconvincible, as I was running out of good reasons. I answered back to my daughter “Because this brown bag is very special.” Deep down my head, I was convince that perhaps the brown bags were out dated, cheap, and unquestionably out of fashion, but my countless memories behind it was worth any trendy, designer or expensive lunch bags everywhere. Health is wealth—grandma’s every day chant. Each morning, Grandma Paulina’s mantra was preparing—homemade—breakfast

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  • Christmas Dinner At My Grandmas

    Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year! All of the joy and happiness in the air, everyone smiling, the excitement of spending time with family and getting gifts! Remember when I had Christmas dinner at my grandmas for the first time. I was about 7 or 8 years old when we went to my grandmas for dinner. We didn’t have enough food at my house and my grandmother said that they had enough for my mom, dad, and I, plus the rest of our family! There were at least 20 to 30 people there. The

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  • Old Grandma, Mrs. Frances Clark, A Middle Class African American Woman

    individuals, but they are not invincible. However, when I was younger, I was convinced that there was absolutely nothing that my grandparents could not do. They arranged spontaneous day trips to parks, exemplified unconditional love, and provided a seemingly unlimited supply of sweets and candy. As I grew older I noticed that, though my grandparents continued to be very involved in my life, they were beginning to slow down. As time passed, they were not able to walk up and down the stairs as quickly they

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  • My Experience With My Grandmother

    In my life I have had many experiences with The Elderly. My Grandmother who is in her 70’s has taught me a lot about life. She has a lot of good advice that she likes to share with me, such as never stopping on the train tracks with your car and to never use your Iphone before you go to bed or it will take you longer to fall asleep because of the light. My Grandma has always been a big inspiration in my life she not only offers me very positive and useful life advice but, she was always positive

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  • My Life Of My Family

    birth but for my mother there was no other choice. As I clawed my way out of the womb my father, the devil, only wanted me to return. But with some form of luck I made it out and was then given the name Diana Lizbeth Alvarez. Although I don’t remember much of my birth, I was told that I was a miracle to my parents. My mom and dad raised me in the San Fernando Valley in the city of Pacoima. I was raised as an only child up until I was the age of 12. Although I enjoyed being with my imaginary friends

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  • My Grandma Was The Bravest Thing I Could Have Done At The Time

    but was also the bravest thing I could have done at the time.” While my grandma was finishing her sophomore year in online school, she got her first job with her dad, and two of her brothers and sisters. Vicki’s first job was in construction, although she did not get paid a substantial amount of money, it was great learning experience for her. In the next year of high school, junior year, she started taking school serious again and hung out with a smart and kind group of friends. This was the year

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