Tsotsi Essay

  • Tsotsi Essay

    also intended by the director to relate to the audience. As he says in the ‘Making of Tsotsi’, “but for the roll of a die, Tsotsi could be you or I.” Light is also used symbolically in the film to signify hope and goodness. The light contrasts with Tsotsi’s appearance which is dark (he wears a black leather jacket) and aggressive. His crimes usually seem to take place under cover of darkness. When Tsotsi follows a woman with a baby home in his township, he lurks in the shadows. Once inside

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  • Essay about Psychoanalytical Analysis Of Tsotsi

    uses meaningful pathetic fallacy to portray the view that viewers should have on Tsotsi. The long shot emphasizes his insignificant effect over the controlling outside forces, and lighting illuminates the sky, while Tsotsi is still left in darkness; symbolizing his dark exterior. In addition to being strong influences that have caused Tsotsi to become who he is, his friends also aid him in his path to atonement. Tsotsi looks for redemption against such poverty-induced inhumanity in a place that seems

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