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  • A Reflection On A Family Vacations

    For this assignment I choose to write about a family vacation. This family vacation may not have been anything too spectacular to anyone looking in from the outside. However, to those who were fortunate enough to be part of the vacation, it meant everything. This family vacation story also shows how important family really is. In the 13 years that my husband and I have been married we have never really gone on a vacation, besides just going home and visiting family. However, in 2013 we received a call from my father in law where he told us that we had to be available for a particular set of dates and that we had to go to New Mexico during that time. We made all the arrangements necessary and we headed to New Mexico. Once in New Mexico we found out that we were going on a big family vacation. This family vacation included my husband, me and our children, but also my mother and father in law, my husbands brother and his family, my husband’s aunt and uncle with their family, my husband’s three sets of cousins and their families and my husband’s grandparents. For this vacation we all loaded up and headed to Ruidoso, New Mexico. The entire family all stayed in two vacation condos right next door to each other. These condos were amazing, each one was four stories tall and they each had two kitchens. Even though we had our choice of four different kitchens, we all ended up in eating together almost every meal. The location of the condos allowed us to watch the local wildlife,…

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  • Importance Of Vacation With My Family

    I will be telling you of a time that I had a life death experience, when I went on vacation with my family last summer. Just right after my brothers got out of school, also after I and my dad got done with a job we had at the time. On Monday, just before we started to make reservations and planning our vacation we all had a talk to my little brother (Brandon) because he is very energetic and we had to make sure that he didn’t swim out to far, also the dangers of the ocean. Oh! I forgot to…

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  • Essay On Family Vacation

    Have you ever been able to enjoy a vacation with more than just your family? In 2008 my family went on a vacation to Colorado and along with us were our neighbors. My neighbors are Carol and Gene Winter, and their kids are Tanya, Tracy, and Brad Winter. Both of our families did the same activities while we were on vacation in Colorado. The time we spent in Colorado was spent sightseeing, traveling, and doing activities we can not always do in Iowa. We only had about five days for sightseeing and…

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  • Family Vacation Essay

    How to Plan a Family Vacation “A penny saved is a penny earned.” “A job worth doing is worth doing right.” We apply both of these sayings to the working world all of the time. Why not apply them to our vacationing world as well? Like most people, I look forward to a vacation, but planning it can become overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Planning a vacation should be fun and exciting. Vacationing is not always a priority to many families due to economic distress, but as little as…

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  • What Is A Family Vacation Essay

    Nothing bad was expected to happen on a family vacation. During the summer of 2014, my tight-knit family took a trip to Panama City, Florida. We anticipated this vacation for 3 years. We planned, made reservations, and finally went through with our trip. However, none of us flew in a plane before, so my family decided on driving instead. Leaving around 6 in the afternoon and only stopping a couple of times gave us an expected arrival time of 9 A.M. the following day. I decided to stay awake…

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  • My Family Vacation To Maui

    In the month of February, in 2013, my aunt decided to plan a family vacation to Maui for her 50th birthday to mark the celebration. As we arrived in Maui, we were met with lush, green grass, a sweet, gusty breeze, and direct sunlight which was prime for Vitamin D deficient Seattleites. Since it was my aunt’s big 5-0, she decided that we, as a family, should all go zip-lining because it would be fun. So that’s exactly what we did. On the day of this glorious zip-line occasion, we got up at the…

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  • Real World Negotiation: A Family Vacation

    Real World Negotiation - A Family Vacation All Inclusive, 7 night vacation in the Mayan Riviera; heaven… with family! A total of 15 people decided to plan a vacation. Throw a few people that are extremely stubborn with a few that are picky and some that are price sensitive and you have a messy multiparty negotiation. Luckily we all agreed on the location quickly as most of the group has not travelled there before. Out of the 15 people, 7 were the decision makers / negotiators – those are…

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  • I Dislike Summer Vacations With The Family

    Internal and External Vacations I hated summer vacations with the family. Summer has beenwas always my favorite time of year, I just didn’t like the people that came along with it. My therapist says I’m a misanthropist, a pyromaniac, a drunk, and a nymphomaniac. My father can’t agree. He says I just need more time away from volleyball, basketball and track and more “family bonding time”. I didn’t want to bond and I didn’t want to make time for family. I don’t like to bond. I don’t like my…

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  • Narrative Essay About Family Vacation

    We loaded up the Volkswagen GTI with beach chairs, suitcases, boogie boards and enough snacks to last a few days and headed out at approximately 9:30. My family was headed to St. Augustine for a week long family vacation. We were a little concerned about spending quite that much time with family, but we still could not wait to get to the beach. The seven hour and thirty minute drive was fairly uneventful except for the last half hour when my sister, Emily, and I got bored and began annoying…

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  • My Family Vacation : The Hot, Humid, And Sweltering Heat

    The hot, humid, and sweltering heat that ran through out Orlando, Florida was all that people could feel. At some points you could actually see the heat waves rising. For as far as you could see, there were kids eating all kinds of sugary treats that were abnormally priced but the parents would do anything to keep their kids hydrated and happy in this heat. My parents were doing the same thing to my family that day too. We were there for an extended family vacation to reunite after years of not…

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