Something Nobody Knows About Me Essay

  • Personal Essay : Strong Enough

    said, “You are ugly, and nobody will ever speak with you”. “No, you are wrong. You will see” I screamed to him, and ran away. Every day people overcome obstacles. There are different problems that people need to overcome. Some people are strong, and they get what they want, but others are weak, and they don’t get what they want. Strong people go straight to their goal, and they don’t look at hard times. Although, my eyes were getting watery, I still didn’t want anybody to see me crying. Everything

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  • Graduation Speech : Elementary School

    kindergarten to second grade. I felt like nobody cares about me because everyone treated me like if I was their trash. When I was younger I was more talkative to everyone. When I was in kindergarten my teacher always screams at me or get me in trouble for no sense. Back then I was more careless with my education because nobody told me how important was for me. In first grade, wasn 't a great for me because I was a loneliness at school and I did play with kids that know. I had problems with my education

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  • Narrative Essay About Bullying

    authority over me. When I was in high school I got bullied so much about my nose after a while I just stop completely going to school because it was happening every day. I would have to go to the office because I couldn’t take the pressure of hearing about something that was true and something I couldn’t control so I always took it further. I was always with a group of friends until they started bullying me I found out that they really wasn’t my friend until they started bullying me. And then wanted

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  • Summary Of ' A Big Lost '

    A Big Lost Who would know that I would be so hurt when I lost my Grandfather. I was never so close to him, but losing him made a big impact in my life. I think about his death day and night. I sometimes catch myself blaming his death on myself. My parents say it wasn’t my fault but i will never forget the day he started not feeling well. My grandpa lived with us again after my grandma passed away. He was so confused after her death. One day he realized that my grandma wasn’t there no more and he

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  • The Spiritual Awakening - Original Writing

    own way. The greatest spiritual awakening I 've ever experienced was the moment I realized that other people are just as fragile and emotionally incapable of being alone as I am. I grew up Catholic. My father and mother were Catholic; they raised me to know God. I was methodically reminded that I couldn 't hide anything from the Man in the Sky and that I could always find forgiveness in Christ, but I was also told of the dangers of sin and the eternal punishment of Hell in the afterlife. At the age

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : Finding My Strengths

    I'm trying to find my way out of this living hell, this shitty place with horrible people. I was feeling lost, I still do sometimes. I need direction, and I didn't care what direction it was, I just needed a path to take me to the right destination. It's hard, it's hard to try to hide your problems and all your flaws. It's hard to because in a person that's all people look for, their flaws. When people see my flaws they just point them out to everyone whenever they get the chance. People don't think

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  • Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's Writing

    had her own thoughts and beliefs which is something I love about her which brings me to one of my favorite poems by her: “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” I 'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you - Nobody - too? Then there 's a pair of us! Don’t tell! they 'd advertise - you know! How dreary - to be - Somebody! How public - like a Frog - To tell one 's name - the livelong June - To an admiring Bog! When reading this poem I instantly know that this poem is talking about the them of individualism and conformity

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Best Part Of Being A Teenager

    As a teenager I have never thought about what the hardest, or best part of being a teen has been, I usually just live with it because it is my life and it is everyday. Sitting here, thinking about it, being a teen is one of the hardest stages of life, but it's also one of the best. I would say it's hard because you are expected to act like an adult, all emotions are everywhere and everything you do as a teen defines you as an adult. It could be the best because your not treated like a baby no more

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  • A Person Who Is Wrong And You Kept Walking?

    Have you ever seen something that was wrong and you kept walking? I have I will not lie it has happened to me many times in my life. Why is that? Maybe because we aren 't educated enough, even because we are scared or people telling you not to do anything? But first, let’s make sure we know what a bystander is. A bystander is someone who is present at an event or incident and does not take part in stopping. I can tell you my first time I was a bystander and then I realized it was wrong, it happened

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  • The Existence Of Free Will

    Thousands of years ago, Philosophers began to argue about the existence of free will. People are questioning if free will exists, or if it is merely imagined. Do humans have control over their actions, behaviors, choices, desires and emotions? Some philosophers believe that humans have self-control over their actions, and others say that there is no such a thing as self-control. According to determinism, humans cannot control themselves, and everything is out of our control. Imagine that my friend

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Aspects Of My Childhood

    their names and faces are lost to me now. As a child, the only friends I had were spoiled brats. My father was an alcoholic who beat me often and my mother was never home because she worked at a motel most of the day and into the night. Even at school the teachers and staff hated me. My sister, the only real friend I had, couldn’t even express empathy or sadness. From that short description, you’d probably suppose I’d turn out rotten, full of hatred or something like along those lines. Well, more

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  • Well, That 's Good

    to put something out real quick. They were trying to get in and have me shoot a music video in the studio and edit it and put it out. And I was like, "Absolutely not. We worked too hard on this project, and we really need something to represent this blood, sweat and tears and this dream of mine." And everybody 's on board now. So it 's really nice to hear that from you 'cause that 's truly all I want. If I had the chance to put my mark on anything in the world, I just want everybody to know that I

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  • Food Is Everything : Chinese Nation

    need to know how to cook a delicious food. Why I loved food because I have a intersting story about How I interested cook food. Life have many for the first time, pregnant with sorrow, the first is worth you cherish. I also have many for the first time, took it to cook, I put my kitchen make is a mess. When I was young, my parent always was so busy everyday. Some time nobody cook food for me, so cook food was big problem for a nine years old kid. "Oh! Today who is cooking?" Nobody answer me. I searched

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  • short story Essay

    THE FAMILY & THE AMERICAN DREAM WALTER: DREAMS OF SUCCESS: • Walter talks about the missed business opportunity with Charlie Atkins. P.32 • Complains that he has nothing to pass on to Travis. “I have been married eleven years and I got a boy who sleeps in the livingroom -- and all I got to give him is stories about how rich white people live…” p. 34 • To Mama: “Do you know what this money means to me? Do you know what this money can do for us? Mama—Mama—I want so many things.” P. 73 • Mama:

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  • Argumentative Essay About Scary Movies

    been attracted to scary movies, like the bees are attracted to pollen and nectar in flowers. I do not know where this attraction for these indescribable and sometimes unbelievable movies come from, but I am sure that I like them. I have been watching scary movies since I was a child, not as often as now when a new scary movie comes out and everybody wants to watch it but somehow like that, I know you might wonder why every time a new scary movie comes out in theater almost everybody wants to watch

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  • Food Is The First Necessity Of People

    was so busy everyday. Some time nobody cooks food for me, so cook food was a big problem for a nine-year-old kid. "Oh! Today who is cooking?" Nobody answers me. I searched through family and there 's nobody in sight. What is this? A note with a very casual write "noon we can’t go home, eat something". I was silent for a moment. Then, head appeared a word "I can 't cook?" My stomach began to complain, can 't, do it by yourself! I reached into the one that makes me uneasy kitchen. First open the refrigerator

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  • The Night Of Remember : A Night

    badly I wish it would. It caused me great pain and worry, but I will always remember it, because it was a sign that I wanted to get better. It was a sign that there was something more inside of me than just those terrible, awful things. This day was a priceless crystal vase slipping out of somebody 's clumsy, fumbling hands. Trying to keep it from falling, even though it looks almost suspended in midair for a moment. You 're stuck knowing that it isn 't something you would be able catch, then being

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  • So, What Do You Think, Cary?

    “So, what do you think, Cary?” “About what?” “About, Phillip,” Krista said despondently. “What do you think about what is going on with our son?” “I don’t know, he’s just going through a phase, I guess. He’ll get over it. He just needs time.” “This is not a phase, Cary,” Krista countered gruffly. “Something has happened to him. He’s changed Something did happen to him when he had gotten sick, I just know it. He’s different now, he’s…” “He’s a kid, who’s going through a rough patch,” said Cary

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  • A Different Type Of Interview

    do a different type of interview. Not about the acts of success, rather the thinking process behind the ideas and pillars that build success. Something you can replicate at your own pace and thinking. On those thinking lines, here is my interview with a successful blogger on Linkedin, Karthik Rajan – a geek whose writing is laced with emotional contours. 1. We can express ourselves in many ways. Why blog? The advent of Facebook and LinkedIn did something subtle and important. If we dial back

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  • Theme Of The Song Of 'Pocketful Of Sunshine'

    song during the chorus, which is “Take me away, A secret place, A sweet escape, Take me away, Take me away, To better days, Take me away”. It is also used in the beginning of the song, “I got a pocket full of sunshine I’ve got a love and I know that it’s all mine” and “Do what you want, but you never gonna break me, sticks and stones are never gonna shake me”. A key is the hierarchy of tones in a musical piece. Key is used in this song when it says “And nobody cries there’s only butterflies” and “Oh

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  • The Issue Of Domestic Violence

    so very horrific to me, that is one thing that surprised me , that how we have such a high rate of murders and yet there is nothing being done to stop this abuse before it is to late.That helpless people whether it be male or female are losing their lives for nothing, this is one thing that made me think extremely deeply about domestic violence. The topic of domestic violence has always been a very touchy subject to me, I am a survivor of domestic violence, this is not something that I usually open

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  • Analysis Of Belong By Gnash

    Musical/Poetic Message “Belong” by Gnash ft. DENM As you can see this song is called Belong and it is sung by Gnash and features DENM.Everyone knows that most songs have meaning to them because what’s the point of writing lyrics or verses that you don’t care about whatsoever?When I just looked at the title it gave me an idea about that Gnash is trying to find himself and where he belongs; whether it’s alone, or with some people.The overall meaning of this song is that everyone will find where they

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  • The Most Memorable Event From The United States

    I was five years old and more confused than a deaf person at a symphony. Little did I know that one of the nation 's biggest terror attacks just happened. The most memorable event from my childhood that affected my life, and the entire world, was the attacks on September 11, 2001. All of a sudden it was like the world stopped and everybody in the United States of America became united as one. Nobody cared about political affiliation, race, gender, or anything else besides recovering as a country

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  • Narrative Essay About First Love

    commuting myself to somebody. I was young so when the first person showed me the love that I thought was real love I took it now knowing what I was getting my self into. When I met him I thought things differently then how I look at things now. I've always been the girl to give my all. At a young age I was giving my all and all my love. Not even knowing what the real meaning of love was I still gave it. There's many things that led to me thinking he was my first love , because he was the first one I gave

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  • My First Semester Of My Freshman Year

    relationships with my family, I thought I would never have friends anymore, and I never wanted to make any mistake like this for the rest of my life. Because of somethings in my life have been hard, I have changed from careless to caring. My freshman year of highschool, was wild and also nervous about being the younger ones in high school. I didn’t care about anything, beside my grades in school. I was a great student in school, I made excellent grades, and I got along with everyone. The first semester of my

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  • Essay on The Death of my Father

    Everyone has milestone days in his/her life that change the direction of his/her life for better or worse. Let me tell you one of my experiences that I will never forget from when I was 12 years old. It was Friday night, I took a shower, and one of my aunts came into the bathroom and told me that my dad was sick but he was going to be ok. She told me that so I did not worry. I finished taking a bath, and I immediately went to my daddy’s house to see what was going on. My

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  • My True Friend By Ellen Goodman

    My True Friend Lynn Smith- Lovin a Duke University sociologist and Co- author to “Friendless in North America” written by Ellen Goodman is about a face-to-face study of 1,467 adults. Goodman’s study reported that one-fourth of these adults have nobody to talk to about important matters, a quarter reported they are only one person away from nobody, and the number of people who have no one to talk to has doubled from 1985 to 2004. Also, the number of confidants of the average person has, has

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  • I Am Proud That I Have Never Done Before When Taking Global Crossings, Borders

    Before taking Global Crossings, borders were never something that I was interested in or was even concerned about. I would describe myself as being very close minded because of the limited knowledge and my lack of energy to actually gain knowledge on borders. I am proud that I did choose this course to be in because it is allowing me to think critically and efficiently, something that I have never done before. Enrolling in this course expanded my outlook on many different situations such as immigration

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  • My Future Career For The Medical Field

    motivation 3.0 kicks in autonomy is making our on tasks and techniques being more self-directed. Mastery and purpose come together because we need engagement to go through mastery and we need to have a purpose why we are mastering on something. Although Pink is right about using motivation 3.0 in a working force I cannot accept his overriding assumption because not all working force can change their operating system. There are many but my future career cannot. I’m going for the medical field and you

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  • Analysis Of 'Stay A Night' By Sophie Rubenstein

    and I or she could take nobody. “Fine, I’ll take nobody,” said Maise, but Maise is afraid of everything, especially anything exciting like gorillas or tigers, so here we all are, gathered around a kiosk that smells like lion piss, waiting for Call-Me-Arnold to open the gates and let us go wild. Along with Maise, Bane and I, three other kids pace outside the gate, saying things like, “I think I heard the howler monkey,” and “Mom, can you leave now? You’re embarrassing me.” Just as Arnold finishes

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  • The Road Cormac Mccarthy Analysis

    reader never knows where the man and boy are going. There is a foreboding sense of resignation. very few proper names are used, the location of the story in unknown, female characbters are scarce with the exception of the boy’s mother who is only present for a brief period at the beginning of the novel. McCarthy’s writing style is minimalistic. There is an absence of stylistic writing tools. The book has no chapters and very little punctuation is used. The reader never really knows where the characters

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  • Catcher In The Rye Analysis

    alone and not being able to cope with it. Many people get depressed when they have nobody to talk to and tend to feel alone and have no one to turn to. J.D. Salinger taps into this in his 1951 book, The Catcher in the Rye. This book has been banned in multiple libraries and schools all around the United States, and is very good at describing the life of one who has lost so much and has nobody to turn to. The book is about a depressed teen who, throughout the whole story, looks for someone to listen to

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  • Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

    ignorance and conformity to society. Montag attempts to prove how having freedom to think and gain free knowledge is better than living in ignorance. Ignorant people are free from thinking, worrying, and making wrong decisions because they simply do not know any better. In this particular society the government controls what people say and do. “It was a pleasure to burn books”, according to the main character, Montag. His wife, Mildred, shows ignorance by plugging herself into the seashell radio each night

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  • The Memoir Of Tuesdays With Morrie

    “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth” (William W. Purkey). According to Purkey people should live life how they want, and live life the way it make them happy. Morrie Schwartz would agree with what Purkey said to living life on what makes the person happy. In the memoir of Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie teaches others how to live life through accepting regrets, loving others, and to express

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  • Why Should We Be Paid For Helping People?

    Leaders or officials are people who are responsible to help their society and people. Society knows that fidelity at work is something that the person has to do. Therefore, he has to be punished if the he is not going it in the right way. All officials are getting paid for helping people. Moreover, he is getting more features rather than money. Officials have to come on time. This is a part of their responsibilities. For example, one day, I went to get my transcript from the ministry of education

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  • A Lesson Before Dying By Earnest J. Gaines

    Earnest J. Gaines novel, a Lesson before Dying, is set in a small Cajun community in the late 1940’s, where a horrible incident occurs convicting a presumed innocent man, to death. No one quite knows how long Jefferson has, however, in the time he does have, he must learn the most important lesson of all, and that is how to be human. There are many characters in the story that learn this lesson alongside, or even because of, Jefferson, such as Grant and his girlfriend Vivian. The entire community

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  • I Was A Little Girl

    When I was a little girl, I used to love to read stories. Whether it was long or short, it didn 't matter much to me as long as there were words on the page, if I could physically hold the book and if it had the occasional illustrated picture in it. I even loved to do the summer reading program that we had at our local library because it gave out prizes to kids for their achieved specific reading goals. But now I believed that I read stories solely for the purpose of not having anything else to do

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  • My Experience At Albee Dance School

    knew I wanted to do something within the field of art. I tried out for chorus and drama but those two arts worked as apart of a whole. If you were given a role in a play it was only for a brief scene. If you were picked to sing solo it was only for a limited amount of time. Nobody had a chance to really be seen or heard. I wanted all eyes on me. I was already an experienced dancer at Albee Dance School. I was enrolled in Hip Hop, Gymnastics and African dance. I wanted to do something outside of the box

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  • The Language Of Family And The Food Factory

    people know, getting into a new relationship can be difficult. Trying to get your in-laws to like you can be a challenge, and cause some anxiety. Our reading this week was to read stories that discussed the conflicts and difficulties seen when having a new family. These writings told the stories of women who struggled with being in a new lifestyle and their struggles they had to face between their in-laws. A couple of the stories, like “The Language of Family” and “The Food Factory” were about the difficulty

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  • A Reflection On The Recreation Center

    atmosphere; the dark of night blanketed the landscape outside the massive windows of the building, and all I could hear was the sound of my music playlist through my headphones. Nobody was around to watch. Nobody knew about the work. Nobody was there to ask me about my 22 mile ride just before the Rec closed. It was just me. But this memory, it 's redundant. I spent lots of late nights in the TCU Rec, riding that stationary bike. The same setting. The same atmosphere. The same music. The same heavy

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  • My First Of All, Happy Anniversary Babe

    everything – my first boyfriend, first kiss, first guy’s hands I’ve held, first… well, literally everything. You’ve helped me find a light in myself that I never even thought was possible, and I owe you everything for that. You’ve held my hand through some rough times and always let me cry on your shoulder when I fall into my random pits of anxiety and sadness. You put up with all of me -- my sadness, my anger, my happiness, my clinginess, my lovey-dovey-ness, my loopy self when I take my sleeping medication

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  • Character Analysis Of Holden Caulfield 's ' The Catcher 's The Rye '

    J.D Salinger’s novel, The Catcher in the Rye, is narrated by Holden Caulfield, a teenage boy who describes a couple days of his life in extreme detail while being a patient in a mental hospital. Throughout the novel the reader learns about Holden and gets an insight on how he sees life and deals with the problems that he comes across. Holden has a very different approach than most people on the way he thinks and does things. The way that he deals with situations leaves the reader questioning and

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  • The Glass Castle I Was Puzzled

    When we were assigned to read The Glass Castle I was skeptical of how I would feel about it. Usually when we are forced to read a book in class I never find it appealing and often don 't actually read the entire book, but I was pleasantly surprised. This story was so capturing and interesting to see how Jeanette lived. She was put through so much and was raised by parents who were unstable, she struggled every day of her life but somehow she found a way to see the positives in her life. Never once

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  • Should Prisoners Be Rehabilitated?

    some people even any crime people won’t want them in the same area as them because they’re afraid they might do something again and they won’t nothing to do with it so the Government makes laws to make it so if someone commits a crime there either put in jail or a prison to be separated from society. This is where rehabilitation comes in especially in prison because if there in prison you know there serving a year or longer where they could have enough time to be treated or get some help by maybe seeing

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  • Should Drugs Be Legalized?

    laws that are being enforced now are good to control drugs. “There will also be more unpublicized fatal and maiming crashes, more job accidents, more child neglect, more of everything associated with substance abuse”(M. Kendrecke). This is something that nobody wants, but are some of the consequences that come along with drug legalization. I do not feel that the American people are ready for things like this, but want drugs to be legalized. Some politicians like Bunny Calvin think that drugs should

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  • It Is Something Big Or Small

    things about themselves that not a lot of people know. Whether it is something big or small. Whenever someone asks me “what is something nobody really knows about you” I always immediately know my answer to their question. One thing people do not generally know about me is that I am adopted. When my biological mother, Tasha, was 15 she ran away to New Orleans to get away from her drug addicted parents. While she was there she met an 18 year old guy named Glen. She stayed there with him for about a month

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  • Essay on I'M Awesome

    I’m Awesome!! Life really sucks when one has nobody to talk to and very little friends. It makes days seem like months and months feel like years. One always is left to feel like only songs and family and truly bring you to your happy place in your darkest hour of need. You want to feel accepted, but many people just don’t understand how you could possibly be trapped and not express yourselves to them. Little do they know that expresses oneself to them is as horrible as dropping a 50 ton

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  • Technology And Its Effect On Society

    Today in our modernized society having technology around us is a necessity. It allows us to connect to loved ones on the other side of the world and let us know events that are happening. So, how is this technology making us feel more alone? Technological devices such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras, iPads, televisions and much more were created to help us stay connected. But, is this really happening? people are continuously reducing the importance of talking to others because they would rather

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  • The Importance Of A Disability That Not Everyone Can See

    everyone can see. Unless I’m wearing one red sock and one green sock, there’s not a lot that people can do to prepare themselves for my red-green colorblindness unless I let them know about it immediately. What’s more, even when people do know, they never seem to truly understand. The questions they ask, even, prove this to me more than anything. I always like to refer to the questions I get as the “Burch Questions” in reference to a skit done by Ashly and Anthony Burch for their show “Hey Ash Whatcha

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  • What Makes A Habit?

    improves my physical and emotional health positively. Being caring allows me to give my heart to others when they need it, which makes me feel good emotionally. The physical benefit of being caring is knowing I don’t have to hold or hide my emotions in, which makes me physically stronger than others. Lastly, being caring and warm hearted makes me feel comfortable where I’m at in my life no matter the situation, because I know in my heart I did everything I could to make the best of my situations, and

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