Disadvantages of Studying Abroad Essay

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

    Studying abroad creates better students There have always been various matters of concern in our modern society, and one topical issue is studying abroad. According to Scott (1998), studying overseas has become a global trend, especially in English – speaking countries. As a matter of fact, when people’s standards of living improve, they often think about increasing their knowledge so they could have a better life. To do that, they are eager to study for higher education (i.e: university education) overseas. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and studying abroad is not an exception. To my way of thinking, the advantages of studying abroad far outweigh the disadvantages. This essay is divided into 3 parts. The first part will discuss the academic benefits, and then introduce the effects of studying abroad for interpersonal development; the latter will describe future job opportunities of studying abroad. To begin with, the Georgia Learning Outcomes of Students Studying Abroad Research Initiative (GLOSSARI), a research which is started in 2000, points out that the academic performance, knowledge of cultural practices and context and the graduation rates of studying abroad students have been improved simultaneously (Redden, 2010). When studying abroad, students can reach numerous opportunities which are engaged first-hand language practice on the streets, in restaurants, in shops, at homes of native speaker friends. The extensive authentic…

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  • Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad Essay

    Studying abroad is becoming very common in America today. Studying abroad is when students go overseas to study. There are many types of advantages to studying abroad. For example, students learn to be independent and expand their mind. They are in a new environment and they must learn to adapt on their own. Studying abroad can lead to new interest and new hobbies that students would never have known if they hadn’t gone over seas. Going abroad can also teach a person a lot about…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad Essay

    | Continues to influence interactions with people from different cultures | 97% | 93% | 92% | 92% | 94% | Career development | Acquired skill sets that influenced career path | 82% | 73% | 74% | 71% | 76% | Ignited an interest in a career direction pursued after the experience | 70% | 57% | 59% | 59% | 62% | #1 Disadvantage of studying abroad: You are not a genius Reality is hard, I know. Studying in another country does not mean you will learn English or other languages magically. I…

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  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

    Studying abroad is one of the biggest advantages a college student can experience during his/her college career. While studying abroad, a person can learn valuable lessons and take those experiences home to create and contribute to the society of their homeland. Students all over the United States has taken advantages of this experience and study abroad for a once in a lifetime opportunity. A student might be better off staying elsewhere because the long term effects of a student coming back…

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  • Essay Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

    concern about studying abroad. This is because the thought of the certificate they’d be getting after they have graduated overseas are much more valuable than the one from their own country. They believe that if they can get a bachelor or higher degree certification of foreign universities, it will be more convenient for them to find a good job. Considering the advantages, it's easy to see why many people dream of studying abroad, but studying abroad also presents several notable disadvantages…

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  • Benefits Of International Education

    my research focuses on study abroad. However, not everyone regards study abroad as a totally correct choice. Although study abroad generally is considered an excellent choice for people to enrich intercultural experience, some people consider that study abroad might not be a good choice for all students. When I researched my topic, I found two significant different opinions on study abroad. One is that international students can acquire many benefits through studying in different countries…

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  • Advantages Of International Education

    Today, the record number of students studies abroad all over the world. More and more young adults try to spend some time in different countries during their college years. There are many obvious reasons to do so. However, some still afraid to take such a huge step. LR helps students to understand all the privileges of exploring the world through the office of international education. So what, to go or not to go? According to the International Organisation for Economic Co-operation and…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spending A Year Abroad

    are a lot of advantages,but also there are some disadvantages.I think that we should work a certain period before going at university,because we`ll earn money to pay our education.Most of the student`s cant go at university because their parents are in bad financial situation.But If they work a certain period they`ll earn enough money for going at university also they`ll gain experience that will help them when they`ll decide to find a job. On the other hand they will learn how to live…

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  • Multinational Corporation And Globalization Case Study

    more. One of the most common problem that arises when multinational companies establish a branch on another country is the problem of Culture Shock. Over the last decade there has been a significant increase in multinational corporations that have operations all over the world and is common for the main office to send managers to the companies abroad. Multinational companies appoint staff from both the original country and the host country. It hires higher level authority from the main…

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  • Advantages Of Studying Abroad

    Studying abroad has become really common this days. A long time ago, there weren 't many people leaving their own home town to study in a different country due to various aspect but, today it is very typical. In order to be successful in many countries it is necessary to have a good education, reason why there are so many international students today. They leave everything behind, life, family and friends, looking for a better future. there are many issues that international students encounter…

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