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  • What Is Free Time In High School?

    It is move in day; many incoming freshmen cannot wait for the day to come. Students are no longer stuck in high school and Mom and Dad are no longer watching over them 24/7. By week 2, walking down the residence hall hallway many students are in the same situation. Students are hungry, have homework, laundry to do, possibly practice or work, all in the same day. “I have an essay due tomorrow and I haven’t started any of it.” Can become something frequently said by a student. Many incoming freshmen find himself or herself procrastinating and what they choose to do in their free time can have an impact on their education. Freshman are in a new learning environment; they are no longer in high school in more. They have to learn to adjust to their new surroundings. With a workload that does not compare to high school, many freshmen find himself or herself struggling balancing their schedule. A high school senior receives the acceptance letter from the college of their dreams. The student is no longer stressing. Well, they think. The transition from high school to college is not as simple as high school seniors may think. Students are required to learn how to become more independent. Summer before move in, students are purchasing everything for their dorm. Many incoming freshmen find himself or herself over packing. If a student is living on campus, they no longer have a parent or guardian to wake them up for class, do their laundry, or cook dinner. Students are now responsible…

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  • The Habits Of Free Time In High School

    When I was in junior high, up to my sophomore year in high school I never cared about school or my grades until I was expelled from coon rapids high school for allegedly distributing marijuana to other students. I was then transferred to an alternative school called Crossroad which I hated because I felt like I was around dumb criminals all day. Later that year I had an IEP meeting at my new school at the time, with my family, case manager and principle of crossroad and talk about my how I can…

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  • Free High School Education Case Study

    should offer free high school education from money collected from general tax covers that will cost $300 billion. To begin with, in the past education was free for public colleges and this is because of the Morrill Act of 1862. At the time the number students who could go to colleges and universities without paying tuition was relatively small. However, as years went by the number of students attending public colleges increased the government was forced to reintroduce the tuition fee. Therefore,…

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  • Should High School Athletes Get Free Equipment And Equipment?

    In this paper research paper should shoe companies give high school athletes get free shoes and equipment. This is a strong topic to talk about because all schools can not afford equipment and shoes like other schools can . So that is why it will be good for all schools should get free shoes and equipment in its athlete department in every school. Shoe companies should give away free shoes equipment and shoes it will be easier cause some schools can not afford it , it will be fair to all…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Free College

    “Free” College Tuition “A good society provides opportunities for everyone. We need educated people” (Wiener 1). High school graduation comes and many students prepare for their next semester of schooling, college. College is now free for every person in the U.S. Yet, some eligible poor students still get left out from going to college. College is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly or as a “mess around” time of someone’s life. It is to be treated as a step up from high school and…

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  • School Should Be Free Essay

    whether school should be free for all American citizens has been ongoing for the past 139 plus years. “In 1877, Rutherford B. Hayes became the first president to make a strong case for universally available public education” (Bernie Sanders). Today, Americans around the country are given the access to free public school from kindergarten up until 12th grade (Bernie Sanders). There are a lot of people graduating high school, while kids are graduating jobs nowadays are requiring more from people…

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  • Tuition Free College Essay

    from high school making the high school dropout rates decrease. Private will have to reduce their tuition cost. Students who comes from low income families are able to attend college with worry free of spending the rest of their life paying off student’s loans. Many other countries have adapted for students to attend college for little to no tuition cost, Germany and Finland are just a few tuition free colleges. Students are going to have little to no debt after graduating from college. For…

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  • Free College Should Not Be Free Essay

    a student finished high school said student was able to get a good job maybe have a family. In the past a high school diploma was not taken for granted, a high school diploma was a big deal. Sadly over the last decade or so the value of a high school education has fallen. Next college was a valuable level of education for a young person. College was considered valuable and employers stressed having a college degree over a high school diploma. Seeing the new trend partnered by tremendous costs…

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  • Post Secondary Tuition Essay

    Post-Secondary tuitions are extremely high for just about all of the provinces. This is a huge issue because, after the completion of Post- Secondary, students still aren’t guaranteed jobs. So what basically happens is you take out a huge student loan, and you are left unable to pay it back because you are jobless. This is something that is a huge problem for our youth as Canadians. If post-secondary is so expensive then why is the cost of high school significantly less. It’s not like the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Tuition Free Community College

    Tuition free community college is an important subject that is should be discussed early in a student’s educational process to prepare them for future expectations, beyond high school. A study conducted by Pew Research indicates that, “College graduates ages 25 to 32 working full time are earning about $17,000 more than employed young adults with only a high school diploma” (Greenblatt par. 62). There is a need to emphasize the high school diploma is inadequate to support a standard of living…

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